Wickedness Silenced!

Scripture Text: Psalm 107:33-43

Question of the Day: What will it be like to have the wickedness in our world silenced forever?

We live in an evil wicked world: the world around us is full of corruption and decay; the governmental systems that run our countries are corrupt; it seems that everything from the music industry to the movie industry to the news networks to the school system is corrupt, and to make matter worse, inside each of us—even us believers—is enough evil to destroy our own lives. Yet we have been spiritually born again and have begun a process that will thoroughly clean us up—this is what the Scripture calls “sanctification”, yet we wait for God to step into our world and clean it up and straighten up all that is crooked and judge all that is evil and to land us safely all cleaned up and righteous before God in His presence forever as His holy children.

But for now we must live in this evil corrupt world, and in today’s text the psalmist give us a clue as to some of the things that will happen when the LORD straightens out this world: “It is He (the LORD) who turns rivers into deserts, springs of water into dry parched ground, and productive farmland into a salty wasteland—and all because of the evil of those who live there. He can also turn a desert into pools of water and dry parched land into a place where there are springs of water. It is in these places that He lets those who are hungry live, a place where they build a city, plant fields and vineyards and reap a bountiful harvest. By His rich blessings they are productive and He does not let their cattle herds diminish.”

“But all of that productivity will be diminished and decimated when He allows oppression, evil, and sorrow to come your way. He will take the rulers and bureaucrats and scold them and make them wander in desert wastelands, but He will bring up those who are needy out of affliction and their families will be as numerous as a well taken care of flock of sheep. Those who are upright will see when this happens, and wickedness will have its mouth closed. So the person who is wise needs to attend to these things and consider carefully the steadfast and overwhelming love of the LORD.”

Note the restorative things that the LORD does: He turns desert wastelands into productive land; He brings water to dry places; He causes His children to flourish; when He blesses His children, they become very fruitful; and yet when He destroys the wicked who have been in authority in governments, He brings them very low and at the same time raises up the needy and downtrodden. The attentive believer will see these things and know that it is the steadfast love of our God that has set the books straight and, without that love covering our lives, we have no hope at all. Wickedness will be put down: righteousness will prevail!

Prayer: O God, when evil things happen to us believers here on earth, it hurts us greatly. We can’t see how You will ever set straight that which is crooked and make righteous and holy all that is evil and corrupt as You, the Final Judge and the One who brings righteous living to this world is established as King of kings and Lord of lords—and for that we wait! Amen!

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