Scripture Text: Psalm 108:1-6 Title: Love and Faithful Question of the Day: When my heart is fixed on God, what am I specifically to be fixed on?

When we enter the presence of our great God, we think many times of a few things that dazzle our thoughts about all the things He is and has done for mankind—from giving us life to giving us eternal life forever in eternity. But as we travel this earth, what can we, as King David did, focus on that we keep coming back to as the most important things in our earthly existence? We could marvel at His creation, His knowledge, His vast understanding and wisdom, the fact that we cannot comprehend Him, and so on, but while here on earth and living in the grip of a world that is bound by sin and sinful people, that is not the most important thing for us to “fix our heart on” (as King David said it).

Here is today’s text: “My heart is fixed on You, O my God! I will sing and make a melodious song to You with all I have. So wake up, stringed instruments, and together we will wake up the dawn. I will give thanks to You, O LORD, among all people, yes, I will sing praise to You among all of the nations because Your steadfast love is so great toward me—it is higher than the heavens and Your faithfulness reaches all the way up to the clouds. So be exalted, O God, in Your place high above the heavens, and may Your glory be seen all over the earth. That way Your beloved children will be rescued. Show us Your salvation by Your right hand and answer the cry of my heart!”

Once again in this psalm King David was overwhelmed with praise and thanksgiving to the LORD. And why was David insistent on having his heart fixed on the LORD in song? He was overwhelmed with the steadfast love of the LORD for him: in fact he proclaimed what it was “great above the clouds”. Men for centuries have tried to describe the height of God’s love for example in songs like “The Love of God”. Many reasons come to our minds when we ponder this great love: one is that He has redeemed us from the jaws of destruction; we all know and feel so undeserving of that love; His love stays with us; His love tells us so much about Himself, His mercy, His grace, His kindness, His forgiveness; it is His love that rescues and restores us when we have gone astray; and, because the LORD describes us as His sheep who need so much care, He is constantly demonstrating to us that care.

So how high is God’s steadfast love? How high are the heavens? David proclaimed that the steadfast love of God is higher than the heavens. We could try to measure how high the heavens (the universe) are scientifically and never get an answer. But Scripturally the point is this: His love is high enough to cover the sinfulness of fallen man for all of eternity! Now that is great, high, steadfast, and overwhelming love!

Coupled with our feeling of being overwhelmed by His love, we are taken back with His faithfulness. He is faithful to forgive us (I John 1:9), to be kind and good to us, so show us His great love, to rescue us when we are in trouble, to allow His love to quiet our hearts, and to always be there for us. When we think of all the character qualities of God that mean so much to us, it must be these two thoughts: The LORD shows us His love and mercy, and in His grace He saves us, and to poor lost sinners, this is the greatest news of a lifetime. And then coupled with that, the fact that He is always there for us! David specifically said that God’s faithful character “reaches to the clouds”, which means that it is quite adequate to cover all that we will ever need for all of eternity.

Our assurance that our God is faithful is worthy of our contemplation often: what if His love and mercy only lasted for a few hundred years, or for 10,000 years? We would live in fear and dread every day of our lives of what He would yet do to us someday, but when we are told by His authority that He will be there for us forever, now that is a double dose of good news! And so it is His overwhelming and steadfast love coupled with His faithfulness that made the music in King David’s heart really zing! In fact, he was determined to tell everyone everywhere about those two character qualities. I wonder how I will see His steadfast love and His faithfulness today!

Prayer: O God, my heart too is fixed on Your love and faithfulness. These two character qualities are two that I must develop toward others as You have demonstrated them to me. Keep me mindful of them today, and ready to pass them along—even in song—to others. Amen! David B. Virts has written a book called “Knowing, Seeking Worshiping — a study of the character of God.” It is available by calling 615-945-0611.

David B. Virts has written a book called “Knowing, Seeking Worshiping — a study of the character of God.” It is available by calling 615-945-0611.