Scripture Text: Psalm 108:3-5 Title: Introducing God!

Question of the Day: What does it mean to exalt God in worship and praise?

We live in a strange world: God is everywhere around us because He is a Spirit being, and His Holy Spirit is omnipresent—just as God the Father is; yet this world acts as though God does not exist, and the way that they describe the events of their lives and the world around them, one would think that God really doesn’t exist. Then we come to the task of believers: to introduce God to the world around us. So how do we do that?

King David wrote today’s text: “I will give thanks to You, O LORD, among all people, yes, I will sing praise to You among all of the nations because Your steadfast love is so great toward me—it is higher than the heavens and Your faithfulness reaches all the way up to the clouds. So be exalted, O God, in Your place high above the heavens, and may Your glory be seen all over the earth. That way Your beloved children will be rescued. Show us Your salvation by Your right hand and answer the cry of my heart!”

When a believer walks into a room, who walks in with him? Of course, God walks in with him because He indwells every believer. So what happens when a believer walks into a room or into a situation wherever he his? It is as though the presence of God has an immediate impact on the surroundings of every believer whenever they encounter people. This author is acquainted with a man who took a rather low-level job in a restaurant. He never came in a proclaimed with a loud voice that everyone needed to listen to the gospel and repent, but all he did was to speak highly of God often in conversation. Like this: “Isn’t this a great day that God has made? The weather is good today.” Nothing more was said, and when at work he rarely witnessed to people, yet when they were about to tell a dirty joke or swear, they would turn to him and apologize. Now why would they do that? I believe that it is because they were aware of the presence of God in that person’s life, and they were affected by it.

It is fascinating to hear how many people in our world today try to shut God out of everything: those who report on severe storms never say anything about God who created the storm; those in psychology and psychiatry try to explain man’s problems without dealing with man’s number one problem: sin; those who are scientists rarely give God credit for the massive amount of things that we have learned about our world and our universe; many schools and universities have shut God out a long time ago, and refuse to believe He the truth of His Word; and newscasters rarely mention God and the vast store of absolute truth that is available to explain world events.

So, if they have shut God out, how do we bring Him back into the conversation and into the world that we live in so that people will again be aware of His awesome presence? David informed us in this psalm to “exalt the LORD above the heavens and let Your glory, O God be over all the earth.” Yes, God must be exalted in our world “high above the heavens”. Does man naturally exalt God high above the heavens? We exalt Him by giving Him the praise and honor and thanksgiving and adoration that He deserves. Then David went on and said to “let His glory be over all the earth!” And how is the glory of God over all the earth? Does man attribute what is happening in our world to the God of creation and the God who sustains this world? It is up to believers to keep in front of our world the facts about God’s existence and His involvement in our everyday lives. When we do, and when we are the salt and light of the world by bringing Him into everything we do and say, will we ever be able to convince our world as Isaiah said in Isaiah 6:3, “The whole earth is full of the glory of the LORD”? Could it be that one reason this world is so dark is because we don’t speak up and let the world know of our great God? The believer lifts high the name and reputation of God and exalts Him above all else—especially all the gods of this world. That is our number one job! That is our mission!

Prayer: O God, You have given each of us an awesome task of making You known to this world. We see evidence of Your power and glory every day, but does the world around us know because we speak up? We are reminded of the words of Psalm 107:2 where we are urged to, as the redeemed of the LORD, just to “say so”. Help us to let this lost and dying world know of the living and true God! Amen!

David B. Virts has written a book called “Knowing, Seeking Worshiping — a study of the character of God.” It is available by calling 615-945-0611.