Since God owns it all, how can I take care of what He gives me?

 Scripture Text: Luke 16:10-12 Title: The Boss’ Money?

Question of the Day: Would God trust me with wealth if I don’t use my boss’ money wisely?

Jesus used many illustrations from everyday life that cause us to stop and think, and then to instruct us on how to properly relate to others. In this section about the proper use of money, Jesus mentions how we treat our boss’ money and the things that he provides that are not ours. Here He talks about being faithful in small things, and then answers the question many of us would like to know the answer to: Why doesn’t God trust me with far more riches?

Today’s text says: “A person who faithfully handles a small matter will also be faithful in more responsibility; and the person who is dishonest in a small matter will be dishonest in a bigger matter too. If you can’t be faithful with financial matters, who would trust you with true and eternal riches? If you weren’t faithful with another man’s money or things, who will give you what will be your own vast riches?”

First Jesus acknowledges that money (here referred to as mammon) is “unrighteous”. Many refer to money as “filthy lucre”. Money can corrupt a person quicker than you can blink, and in this section Jesus cautions us to be very careful with its use. We are urged here to be faithful or trustworthy and just in our use of material things that belong to others. When we use the resources entrusted to us by our boss with care and for the purpose that he allowed us to use them, then we have learned step one in taking care of what belongs to others.

I remember in my first job on a construction site when I got to use a company pickup or tool or piece of machinery I thought, “what if this thing breaks?” or “what if the boss sees me doing this or that with his pickup?” With those thoughts coming to me, I was being urged to do what is right, learn to treat other’s property as if it was my own, and thus I was learning to be “faithful and just” as Jesus instructed us to do.

Jesus’ point is further amplified in His statement: “If you can’t be trusted to properly handle temporal things like money, then can you be trusted to handle the true eternal riches of God?” Do you know someone who seems to break things all the time—especially things that are not their own? Not only is that carelessness, but it is a test from God to see if we are ready to be trusted with handling more “things” and “money”.

The bottom line is this: Am I faithful and just and careful with what others have entrusted me with to make their business prosper? Then God is ready to give me more and more responsibility with eternal riches because I have taken the temporal things of this world and used them properly to serve Him. If I serve money or wealth, I will end up poor; but if I serve God and use the things entrusted to me with care, accuracy, and being faithful, then I am doing what God expects from me. So the boss’ money can be used to teach me how to handle money God entrusts to me!

Prayer: Lord, help me to use the temporal things of this world carefully as a test from You to see if and when I am ready to handle the eternal things and its riches. Help me to focus on being faithful, just, and accurate in handling everything—from my boss’ resources to the things that You have entrusted me with. Amen!