Scripture Text: Revelation Title: Judgment Using God’s Tools

Question of the Day: What tools does God have at His disposal to bring judgment on mankind?

Of course the short answer is everything! But here we are looking at Scriptures at the tools that God has used in the past to bring man into judgment. Since the time of the Great Flood of Noah man has been told over and over and in many different ways that God can and will judge man for his sin and rebellion and rejection of His Son, Jesus Christ. We can look at many of the prophecies of events that are yet coming up in the rapture, the tribulation, and on through to the end of the millennium when in various judgments and in various ways every man must give an account of himself to God.

As we center our attention on the book of Revelation, we find that the book outlines to us God’s plan to unveil His Son in two major ways: first as The Final Judge, and then as The King of kings and the Lord of lords. The book starts out giving us a glimpse of how Jesus will be unveiled in chapter one, and in chapters two and three His treasured position to the church. As He is unveiled He also gives scathing rebukes to the churches and shows us that believers are not immune to the severe discipline, corrections, and even judgment of His own children. They too must be judged from the perspective that they too must finally have sanctification completed in each life if they are going to live up to their billing as “God’s holy children” and to fulfill God’s expectations to them to be so saturated with the righteous character of God that they are forever finally holy, completely in body and soul and spirit, as He is holy.

In chapters four and five we have a scene that was shown to John in his vision of the command center of the universe, and what is happening in the throne room of God in His holy temple. John was allowed to see God the Father sitting on His throne and Jesus Christ, the Lamb of God, standing at His right hand. Jesus Christ has always been the One commissioned to be the final Ruler of all and the Head of His body, the church, and here He is revealed in all His glory and the bottom line is this: all will fall at His feet and be subjugated under His direct rule as the rule of the devil and man’s failed rule of this world comes to a screeching halt. To do that the first thing that must be accomplished is this: those who are wicked must be fully unveiled for who they are, given a last chance to repent, and then wiped out completely. To accomplish that death and destruction come in wave after wave of famine, pestilence, wild beasts, and man killing man.

Here are some of the “tools” in the hand of God available to Him to use to bring about the destruction and dismantling of man’s failed rule here on earth under the tutelage of the devil: massive earthquakes, famines, pestilence, men killing each other, stings from horse like creatures let loose from the Abyss which give scorpion-like stings to unbelievers, that is, people who don’t have the mark of God on their foreheads, thunder, rumblings, flashes of lightning, seven different references to earthquakes (seven times they are mentioned in Revelation alone), destruction of all trees and grass, death and destruction on the seas and oceans of the world, pollution of all the water on earth, sun moon and stars darkened (probably with the eruption of super volcanoes or something like that from the hand of God), drying up of the mighty Euphrates River, fire breathing horses that kill 1/3 of mankind, the judgment that came after each of the seven peals of thunder the destruction of which was so bad John was forbidden to write it down, the destruction that came from the plagues that the two witnesses brought as they wreaked havoc on the whole earth—like shutting up heaven so that there will be no rain, heavy hail (weighing up to 100 pounds!), the earth opened its mouth and swallowed up the flood that the dragon spewed out of his mouth to try to completely wipe out Israel, painful bore-like sores, fire that scorched people, darkness that made men gnaw their tongues for pain and anguish, violent great earthquakes that made ever island flee away and brought down every mountain, Babylon destroyed in one hour with a great fire, and finally, when Jesus steps out to take His rightful place as King of kings and Lord of lords, fire comes out of His mouth and destroys all that remain of His enemies! And that is just what is mentioned in Revelation!

While judgment is coming on this earth, believers who have been saved down through the centuries, both in earth and in heaven, are mentioned. It is interesting and instructive to note that several times this world will be judged for how they have treated believers—especially when they persecute and/or martyr them. In fact, God lets man have one last opportunity to repent by sending out 144,000 fiery Jewish Evangelists to give men a chance to repent, and many do, but sadly many do not and defy God and curse Him for the judgments. The bottom line is this: when The Final Judge is finished judging mankind and wiping out all unbelievers who have taken the mark of the beast, He then will take His rightful place, coming down on the Mount of Olives and reigning for 1000 years. Judgment complete! Reigning begins!

However, there is one more tool that God has in His arsenal to judge mankind: The Judgment Seat of Him who sit on the Great White Throne and, with His penetrating eyes and keen judgment coupled with His awesome power, He will judge all those who have ever lived and rejected His Son. They will be judged according to their deeds—the worst being rejecting the gift of eternal life that was offered by His grace, and then they will be banished forever to join all the demonic spirits—including the devil—in the Lake of Fire to be judged forever and be a trophy of the wrath and anger of God against all sin and sinners. For them that is the end, and that is where judgment for all unbelievers will end—forever, and God has the tools in His hand to make that happen!

Prayer: O God, it is fearful to even think of all the tools that You have in Your hand to judge all of mankind: You know every word spoken, every thought thought, every deed done, and every motive that will be yet exposed. My trust is fully in You and what You have done for me on Calvary to usher me into Your presence forever to begin the “eternal life” phase of my eternal existence! Amen! David B. Virts has written a book called “Knowing, Seeking Worshiping — a study of the character of God.” It is available by calling 615-945-0611.

David B. Virts has written a book called “Knowing, Seeking Worshiping — a study of the character of God.” It is available by calling 615-945-0611.