“Yes, I am tired. Tired of watching Americans apologize for their founders and fighters. Tired of thought police, speech police and memorial police imposing 21st-century standards on public and private figures from two and three centuries ago. Tired of collective groveling that will buy no goodwill. Tired of ingrates who will not stop ‘reimagining’ America until there is no America left.”  ~ Michelle Malkin, June 10th 2020
America is witnessing the communists and anarchists of Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA, and the general ignorant followers — America’s domestic terrorists — rioting and torching and destroying entire sections of the country, taking control of cities, just as they have done so in extreme fashion in Seattle. This is not somehow exhibiting a “summer of love”. This is not freedom of speech. This is not about police reform. This is not about racism and oppression; and, it sure as hell isn’t “a block party”. This is anarchy aimed at the complete destruction of America’s founding and the end of our system of rule of law, Constitutional governance and our Republic, and these terrorists have their collective knee on the throat of America, choking Her until She submits or dies. 
One must also note that John Guandolo, former FBI agent, has found a link with our in country Muslims. Many of the pre-printed signs carried by ANTIFA and BLM operatives had the Council for American Islamic Relations emblem [CAIR] emblazoned on them, proving they are working with the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood and the terrorist group Hamas. 
John Miller, the Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence and Counterterrorism for New York City, recently stated with a high level of confidence that the radicals in the city were extremely organized. They had scouts, medics and supply routes of rocks, bottles and accelerants and incendiaries for their members to commit vandalism and violence. He further suggested that they had planned for violence in advance and made use of encrypted communications. All of this speaks to some deeper backing and a high level of sophistication, regarding urban and guerrilla warfare tactics.
Nearly everything we have been forced to watch over the past two weeks has been engineered by the Democratic Party and its allies, such as The New York Times, and other entities of the perpetual Resistance to President Trump, who have taken great pleasure in the existential distress of a large portion of White Society over alleged “racism” and “white privilege”. This has been capped with the self-debasing show of contrition by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer who took a knee in their African Kente cloth prayer shawls, as police officers around the nation were being ambushed, shot and murdered.
Where were the national public displays of mourning for them?
Those people advancing the false narrative that these rioters are “protesting” racism and police brutality are not even remotely close to presenting anything truthful, since our nation has moved a hundred thousand miles past its history that is replete with racism and oppression. Our people came together in actual peaceful protests in the 1960s and used the very principles, that good and true philosophy of our Founders, to create mechanisms to end racism in our institutions and the public arena and to rise above those men who initially refused to hold true to America’s founding principles.
The Black Community has been radicalized. Blacks who follow BLM’s mantra have been sold a cotton covered brick that has knocked any good sense from them and left them incapable of discerning truth from fiction, largely by way of indoctrination and propaganda from the media, their leaders and the leftist mainstream media.
Case in point, my own son-in-law, who is a conservative man and half black and half white, only has a high school education, which he achieved despite a severe struggle with dyslexia. By way of his own hard work ethic and determination and strength of will, he rose above his own limitations to become extremely skilled in a technical field, and he now earns a greater salary than most college graduates. And he did it all without ever once crying out, “I am a victim of racism”, and while he may have encountered the occasional racist, as I’m certain we all have, he was never held down or kept from succeeding due to the color of his skin.
These present day con artists and liars want to perpetually present Black America as the ever constant victim of racism, despite all the evidence to the contrary. And if anyone plays along, they can be a victim by themselves. I won’t hear their phony cries, especially not when they are burning American cities and murdering fine black men, such as David Dorn, a retired St Louis police captain. 
Recently, June 11th and 12th, a yet to be identified group released an online call for taking the Legislative Plaza in Nashville, in the same manner part of Seattle was recently taken by radicals. However, Governor Bill Lee (R-TN) stated: “As demonstrations continue, we will continue to protect Tennesseans’ right to peaceful assembly, while also reassuring citizens that lawlessness, autonomous zones, and violence will not be tolerated.”
One could not begin to overstate the anarchy that has seemingly taken hold of our country, but it is certainly exemplified by Seattle’s example, where a huge mass of radicals have laid siege to six city blocks and claimed it as a separate political entity from the United States, that they have named the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. And yet, they seem to want to enforce their own “rules”, much as we have now, as they set up borders and patrol with armed enforcers, such as Solomon “Raz” Simone and his AK-47, who, by the way, also are currently committing more crimes by extorting anyone within their reach for money, just to be allowed to conduct normal everyday business.
Whenever a city abandons enforcement of the law and signs onto the absurd and surreal notion of “defund the police”, this is what citizens get. Armed individuals and groups seize control and impose their anti-democratic agenda.
President Donald J. Trump didn’t mince any words on June 11th, tweeting: “Radical Left Governor @JayInslee and the Mayor of Seattle are being taunted and played at a level that our great Country has never seen before. Take back your city NOW. If you don’t do it, I will. This is not a game. These ugly Anarchists must be [stopped] IMMEDIATELY. MOVE FAST!”
The “peaceful protesters” were given “space”, which is the same thing as “permission”, so that they could simply finish off what the national lockdown failed to accomplish. The millions of out of work idle were just what was needed to further swell the ranks of these radicals, that also helped accelerate the time it took to turn protests into riots, attacking police precincts, city halls and the usual department stores necessary for achieving social justice. And how interesting to see how well coordinated it all unfolded across all fifty states.
Domestic terrorists claiming a right to “peaceful protest” have attacked a lone woman in a wheelchair, beat store owners unconscious, destroyed businesses — black and white, hispanic and asian alike — and the hope attached to them for the future, burned homeless folk’s belongings, torched St John’s Episcopal Church in D.C., destroyed police cars and precincts, and from 7 p.m. Friday, May 29th, through 11 p.m. Sunday, May 31st, twenty-five people were killed in Chicago and eighty-five were wounded by gunfire, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. And taken in its entirety, it should have us all grieving for America. 
These radicals don’t care who gets hurt in the process of achieving their goals, and they see these casualties as necessary for “the cause”. But normal people don’t want to see their homes and businesses burned to the ground, and they sure don’t want to be martyrs for “the cause”.
In far too many of these burned out districts, mostly Democrat led, most companies will simply leave and refuse to rebuild. Insurance costs and taxes will both increase, while property values decrease, and all activity will grind to a halt, from private business to police and other emergency services, which will become virtually nonexistent in some of the worse areas. 
Six in ten Americans agree that President Trump should consider invoking the Insurrection Act in order to use active duty U.S. soldiers to intervene to restore order. This is completely in line with precedence, since America witnessed federal troops used to suppress the 1992 Los Angeles riots.
And in the meantime, unlike any other time in history, the radicals of ANTIFA and BLM have set out on an intense and extensive wide-ranging campaign of destruction aimed at any and all statues, monuments and memorials to old white men who had some part in making America the great and exceptional nation She is, whether they fought for the Union or the Confederacy. Even Columbus has come under fire, along with the classic movie, Gone With the Wind, and U.S. Army bases named for Confederate generals, as they seem to be attempting to destroy every last vestige, right down to the tiniest bit, of American history. 
Ironically, while Speaker Nancy Pelosi calls for the removal of 11 Confederate statues in the Capitol, her own father, Thomas D’Alesandro Jr. dedicated monuments to two Confederate generals, Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee, in 1948, when he was Baltimore’s mayor. D’Alesandro suggested that people should be inspired by these men and should “emulate Jackson’s example and stand like a stone wall against aggression in any form that would seek to destroy the liberty of the world.”
What will happen to films that depict blacks in a way deemed “offensive”, that were written by black writers and had black actors and directors? Will they be ash-canned?
Welcome to 1984. Where will this stop?
What about Joe Biden’s obstruction of America’s desegregation? 
What about Robert Byrd, the Senate’s Exalted Cyclops of the Ku Klux Klan?
There are more buildings and monuments named after Democrat Senator Byrd than any other person alive or dead, in West Virginia. Byrd was eulogized by both then President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden during his funeral on July 2nd 2010.
Many Americans note that they no longer recognize America as the country they were raised in. Most of that can be attributed to the people’s failure to stop the assembly of the components that have essentially started America’s devolution and descent into being a third world hell-hole.
However, the answer to anarchy and mayhem by so many, demands Americans recommit to ourselves a universal respect and execution of the law, not throw it in the trash dumpster.
The radicals put on a fine pretense of seeking equality under the law and “social justice”, but in reality, they simply want all the power and to be in complete control of everything, regardless of what any other American might want, and despite the fact that so many do not subscribe to their Maoist philosophy that penalizes anyone not sufficiently subservient to the Party’s official dogma. They have used their condemnation of racism and white privilege to reduce the universal concept of what it means to be an American to something twisted and foreign, unrecognizable to the Founders or anybody else born in the 1950s.
It’s no longer enough to simply take a knee. It seems one must lie down in one’s own coffin to prove one’s fealty to the new wave of American fascists who would be our masters. 
Appealing to their better senses and trying to “educate” them will fall on deaf ears, since this is all about an acquisition and transfer of power and wealth. They don’t care that the fundamental truth shows self reliance, individual responsiblity, hard work, individual initiative and America’s old fashioned values and principles are universal and effective. They don’t care that these principles helped millions live the American Dream, that made Americans a great people and America an Exceptional nation. They do not truly believe in human possibility, freedom, open competition, free markets, innovation and initiative, because all of these stand in the way of their unjust collection of power and tyranny — are ideas not in their vocabulary — that prevent their dream of living off the hard work and misery of others, those they seek to enslave. 
All America is quite possibly witnessing the last grains of American freedom and liberty pass through the hourglass of American history like sand blown across the desert.
The “protesters” have a free hand and can do whatever they want, so I suspect that many Americans will end up doing whatever they have to do to survive any coming melee and future assaults on our culture and our society. And as such, every healthy, law-abiding America, who has not yet done so, should purchase several firearms, along with the necessary ammunition, to enable and support a firm and strong defense of one’s person, family, community, America and Liberty. 
Anyone paying attention has confirmation and validation by now. We, the few or the many American Patriots, don’t need any further evidence to understand what we are now seeing. America is witnessing the planned destruction of all that most of us have loved so well for so long. 
Do what You have to do, and do it well.