As you go through the game of life you will come in contact with many players. Evaluating the talent of those participants is sometimes easy, sometimes not. As a long-time sports scribe in the area I have met many. There was one that it didnt take me long to realize this guy was a real talent. Now that he has left this earthly world, it is my pleasure to write an article in his honor.

Former MTSU baseball coach Steve Peterson was truly an all-star in life. My dealings with him were not as numerous as some, but at first encounter I knew he was the real deal. Our brief discussions over a few years told me exactly why his Blue Raider teams won 30 or more games 16 times and 40 or more 4 times. He knew how to coach the game of baseball but more importantly he knew how to coach the game of life.

Perhaps one of my favorite sayings from Coach Pete is one he used when talking about one his pitchers that had suddenly found the formula for success. I asked Coach Peterson how he found the light switch for this kid and he said it was simple. “I told the kid to just trust his stuff,” said Pete. “Believe in what youve got and hit your spots. Have some faith”

That very saying is something I have used to encourage people that I know that have faced some self-doubt or adversity. Whether it is in the athletic arena or in the game of life. And yes, I too have at times called on Coach Petersons words of wisdom.

Having been a great influence in the lives of many during his 25 year tenure as the head baseball coach at MTSU, Peterson will be fondly remembered. As the all-time leader in wins as a baseball coach in Middle Tennessee State history, his 11 conference titles and 9 NCAA tournament appearances statistically tell us about his greatness. But for me, it is things like “trust your stuff” that will allow him to be forever remembered as a real hall of famer…RIP Steve Peterson.