“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”  ~ Henry David Thoreau

Americans who love this great country of ours, weep for America in anger, frustration, and disdain for the new tyranny that has become the rule, rather than the exception, in most of the states, by simple illiberal politicians seizing the day on a whim and, in some instances, by plan, even though President Trump has tried to push back, to some degree, at the federal level against a total national shutdown. The American compact is being abandoned in the name of an illusion of government protection from the COVID virus that is no more effective than what the doctors and nurses would already be doing through private concerns; and, in the meantime, some of the communists, globalists, and statists in the “elite” governmental hierarchy, on the fringe of President Trump’s inner circle, are now advancing and implementing a new totalitarian state that will monitor every aspect of our lives, monitor movement, continuously surveil us, control all monetary transactions, behavior, communication, social contact and travel, in what can only be described as a government takeover of epic proportions and a war against humanity.

It is hard to tell where President Trump’s true loyalties lie, although it is obvious he really does genuinely care for the American people, as documented in many kind gestures over the years, which makes it all the more frustrating. He may be pushing back some on the more draconian measures, but his early willingness to go along with a largely unnecessary shutdown emboldened left leaning governors, such as Andrew Cuomo of New York to push for more harsh and stringent controls. And, in light of his signature on the socialist, globalist, statist anti-American sovereignty USMCA, we are still left begging the question of whether Trump is complicit in the reset of the global economy that seeks to exert more control over America, to surveil us more and usher in a cashless society, such as suggested by Christine LaGarde of the International Monetary Fund, who has also urged the use of RIFD chips on humans, i.e. Brave New World, or, is Trump merely a clueless, well-meaning scapegoat being misled by people around him? He does have far too many leftists and globalists just on the fringe of his inner circle, such as Dr Anthony Fauci, who has many unsavory, undesirable associations, like Bill Gates and Tedros Adhanom.

Many dynamics are ongoing in a modern day battle plan used by America’s enemies from within, who are currently waging the hardest assault ever seen on our Republic, with great skill. The endgame: To force the largest segment of the United States’ population, millions of Americans, to meekly accept the suspension of their constitutional liberties, the Bill of Rights.

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control, America has already seen somewhere between 40 to 50 million flu cases, since October, that required some five-hundred thousand people to be hospitalized, of which some 24,000 died, and yet, our hospitals weren’t overwhelmed by this “crisis”. Nobody suggests that COVID-19 isn’t extremely serious for some of the population, but the scare tactics being used by those who would be king, our corrupt politicians and corporate and media heads, is beyond excessive, and it reveals a far more nefarious intent.

One should note that eight thousand Americans, nearly three million a year, die on any given day. When that statistic is placed next to the 2,400 deaths in March from COVID-19, one must question the necessity of shutting down the entire country to a full cold stop. Fear and panic from this move is now being used as an excuse to move further towards the suppression of all Americans’ liberties and freedoms across the board of the Bill of Rights.

Nothing warranted or necessitated creating a Greater Depression in America in order to combat a virus that represents a minimal threat to 98 percent of all people, making it quite clear that the criminal enterprise, special interests, that represents the leadership of this country created this crisis to once again commit a major theft — the largest theft of wealth in U.S. history — and wipe-out the American taxpayers’ 401ks and add another mammoth debt burden to their futures, all the while trying to persuade us that they are “protecting” us. But the facts fully exhibit this is a controlled implementation of the destruction of our system and nothing less than a cover-up for their fraud, criminal schemes and the looting of the U.S. Treasury.

Insane as it sounds, Americans on both sides of the political aisle, in the streets and Congress too, supported and cheered for the eight-hundred and seventy-three page bill and the $2.2 trillion welfare check for bankers, massive corporations and every special interest one cares to mention, that is above the $4 trillion in secret payoffs from the Federal Reserve Bank. Somehow, the included paltry sum of $1200 a person payout seems to have assuaged many Americans’ anger over the situation; how cheaply they sell their souls to the company store, as the criminals who started all this walk away unaccountable, as if absolved of their sins.

And in order to hide their despicable acts, their criminal cronies in Congress added Section 4009 to the Temporary Government In The Sunshine Act, that authorizes the Federal Reserve Board and any government officials to meet in secret without any oversight constraints; keep in mind, this is the same institution that controls our currency, responsible for three financial collapses in the last two decades. One boom and bust cycle after another serves to further impoverish the American worker, while enriching the Big Bankers and their “elite” Cronies and Congressmen who do their bidding.

In 2008, America saw massive mortgage fraud schemes bring about a global economic collapse, that also found immoral people using fear and panic and bribes to force feckless, corrupt Congressional poltroons and quislings to pass TARP and other bailout schemes that built a facade of recovery. But there never was an actual economic recovery, since the unpayable mountain of debt was simply hidden under a more massive mountain of trillions of more unpayable debt, until we saw it all crumble down on March 16th 2020.

Those in power have hyped the COVID virus to give cover for their own criminal behavior and complicity in the current economic crisis, and they have increased the economic damage by implementing a largely national economic shutdown, while they also try to increase the fear and panic, through propaganda techniques and scare tactics, to something similar to what characters in George Orwell’s 1984 experienced. And, they are bullying Americans into becoming subservient and conforming, by utilizing their hold on the police and military forces to enforce their dictatorial decrees, creating a dystopia that hasn’t been seen in decades, guaranteed to become worse, if it is not stopped immediately.

Travel and movement is becoming harder each day as local police have taken on the task of stopping anyone out and about for any reason, just because they can, to ask them what their purpose is for being out, in states with “safer-at-home” orders, and people in the communities have become the eyes and collaborators with the police who are charged with controlling them. Along with this, the suggestion to create a digital money system is out in the International Monetary fund and even here in the U.S. and other nations, which would further facilitate the destruction of freedom and the “temporary” distancing mandates are now being promoted for the future, as the shutdown is set to last until June or longer, with the entire economy shutdown, resulting in a shortfall of goods and services for many, due to hoarding; we also are witnessing necessary surgeries being cancelled.

Approximately ten million Americans have filed for unemployment in the past three weeks, due to this government mandated national shutdown, as the numbers set new records four to five times higher than previous highs. Never before have we witnessed so many millions suddenly furloughed, by businesses closing around the country on the orders of the State, with unemployment on track to hit at least thirty percent of the nation’s workforce, as Americans seem to be trapped in our homes due to this invisible menace and the Leftist mainstream media hysterically reports the running totals each day, interviewing self-proclaimed medical experts, in their reach for ratings. And the economy continues to implode, heading for the largest decrease in GDP in history.

Additionally, America finds that some who refuse to self-isolate in certain left leaning areas are being forced to wear tracking devices, along with Google helping authorities with location data for the purpose of tracking all in states with mandated lockdowns. There are also calls for forced vaccinations and RIFD implants for those who have received any new vaccine and the “cure” for COVID; these have primarily emanated from people such Bill Gates, the eugenicist and population control advocate, who is well connected in American political circles.

Dr Anthony Fauci was in opposition to using hydroxychloroquine, that was found to prevent deaths, by doctors working in real time field situations. Curiously, Fauci readily supported Gates’ vaccine, while calling for a year study of hydroxychloroquine before allowing its widespread use.

Now the World Health Organization is advocating actually going into people’s houses, in order to remove the sick by force, if necessary.

Dangerous times are rapidly approaching.

America’s own Dr Anthony Fauci is an associate of Bill Gates, who donated $100 million to Fauci’s National Institute of Health, along with $13.5 million to the CDC. Please recall, it was Gates who jumped the gun and called this a major pandemic, ahead of all the “experts”, on February 28th. And to this date, the number of deaths does not warrant such a massive economic shutdown, in the manner advocated by Fauci and Gates.

The scenario seen in America wouldn’t take much more of a push to reach the level of the horrific Holodomor that occurred primarily in the Ukraine, Europe’s Breadbasket, and the USSR too, where entire villages were prevented from taking possession of a single grain of wheat they had grown themselves, upon a penalty of death, from their Communist masters. Later similar cases have risen in Cuba and now Venezuela, but it is this type of centralized government policy that can easily devolve into a policy of starving a people to death, forcing millions to die and disappear into the ground.

Now, forty-three states and the District of Columbia are enforcing a “stay at home mandate”, in jurisdiction after jurisdiction. And far too many Americans seem to have ultimately decided to meekly accept the suspension of the Constitution, by way of the closure of the Church, the arrests of pastors and religious leaders, city bills violating and suspending the Second Amendment and our right to keep and bear arms, the suspension of the right to assemble and petition the government and the censorship of information by Leftwing [please read “Communist”] corporations and media outlets.

This is only one of many moves yet to be seen as the psychopathic elected officials and despotic bureaucrats, who express their contempt and hatred for humanity as an act of “love”, by trying to rule over us rather than govern righteously. They deal in compulsion, not voluntary and natural cooperation and power, pull and politics rather than competition, incentives and honest solutions and resolutions, as they reject virtue and embrace every depraved thing.

The small number of Americans who die today above the number of those who would normally die on any given day in America is simply what happens in a free society, when people go about their everyday business and their day to day lives. Outbreaks have always been a part of our existence. People dying is a natural part of life. And as such, America must not allow this manufactured “crisis” and any associated COVID deaths to be used to bring harm to the greatest percentage of Americans, as an instrument of control that further erodes and eviscerates our individual liberty.

As a new brand of totalitarian horror unfolds before our eyes, with a speed no one thought possible in America, only the willfully blind will ignore it. Only those who refuse to engage in cogent thought and reason will fail to grasp the implications of what is now happening in our country, and only the malevolent and irretrievably corrupt will accept it.

Real freedom and liberty apparently have ceased to exist in this country, although for the teeming dummied-down masses this reality remains illusive, and yesteryear’s tyrants are smiling at the vision of the United States today, as a perfect totalitarian storm builds. The time has arrived when all are told each step to make, as far as freely travelling from one point to another, what we can do or purchase, what medical care we may or may not receive, how long we must remain in home prisons, forcing many to obey or comply with their illiberal orders. Complete control over ‘We the People’ is very nearly totally accomplished, as the government is still working to strip away all individuality, our culture and religion, and any independent views and thoughts, in order to usher in a new world order, that will oppress the many.

That’s the propaganda ploy at work. All these deaths, those who died of COVID-19, are conveniently being used to make America look a lot more like China. They have attempted to eradicate the hard-earned recognition of the individual, and they have done so in an unconscionable, blinding fear-filled propaganda-fueled moment wasting centuries of human achievement in the process.

Leaving individuals to make their own way in the world as they see fit generally works pretty damned well for independent minded righteous and moral men and women who wish nothing more than to make a decent life for themselves and their children, setting out each day meaning no harm and doing no wrong; however, once the central planners arrive on the scene, they tend to poison anything they touch. The more power they have, the greater is their inclination to interfere with the individual and the more toxic they are to one’s liberty. This has been readily observable across the span of time, and more often than not, it requires the people of the land to resort to arms, in order to stop the the tyrannical and despotic intelligentsia and leaders who attempt to take powers unto themselves by force that by right can come only through the freely given consent of the people.

America is approaching a great time of upheaval and civil strife, and matters will turn pretty nasty, soon, because, in case one hasn’t been paying attention, our world has just changed forever over the past few weeks. The future is in our hands, and we must stand and fight for truth, knowledge and the future of our children and their children’s children and this America we love so well. The battle between good and evil has just gone from average hot to a blazing inferno.

Look around and the truth is there to see. Americans are facing an unprecedented battle for liberty. None of this has happened by accident, and none of this was due to the COVID virus. This has been a long-term plan to destroy America’s republic, exposed on many occasions in the past; and now, the threat of absolute rule has taken the advantage and looms more possible than at any other time in America’s history, unbelievable as that seems, since nobody in many decades has ever thought the loss of freedom in America was possible. Little time remains to stop the dictatorial regulation of society by those who would be king, and the decimation of freedom and liberty is at hand.

Hell can’t be far behind, or the day the Tree of Liberty is watered with the Blood of Tyrants.