I’m close to giving up trying to tell the difference between news and ads when I read the rollouts in the morning internet feed. I frankly expect there is little difference between the paid for news or the paid for ads.
I find the urgency of the tech ads to be, perhaps, the most annoying. It’s a bit like a fisherman who loses his hook to a fish and is angry enough to be willing to jump in the stream with a net, if necessary, and chase the fish down. The Tech giants want to get on with their trapping of us and willingly pull out all the stops to be more certain we’re appropriately snaired.

I’m reminded pretty often of the sham of it all when I work on a little old fashioned research. The kind I used often to do at the public library with the help of a card catalog and a reference librarian.

Which leads me back to their latest pet effort, the sale of the coveted AI. “Soon to take charge of virtually everything and utterly hopeless for us to attempt to resist its relentless onslaught.” We must “Fear” its ascendency over us as it will easily outstrip human intelligence. “Within the year” it would seem.

Well…. My true life experience is a bit different on this subject.

I wrote before about my daughter’s experience with offering an item on an online auction venue which pertained to the history of India. The AI algorithms held up her sale and sent a curt AI written letter to her informing her she hadn’t given proper detail on the possible tribes involved which could lead to the hurt feeling of any indigenous people who might read it.

My own recent experience has to do with the large AI oriented search engines we now depend on for our research since they have been agressively sold as having out moded all “old fashioned,” human impelled efforts.

I was looking for a biographical piece on the author “Benjamin Franklin French…” so I typed “Benjamin Franklin French, Author” into the search engine. At once I was flooded with information on Benjamin Franklin, the founding father, but nary a word on French, the author.

It would seem from this that AI devices while from the auction experience above are seemingly programmed to be sensitive to politically correct or “Woke” issues, contain their own kind of bigotry and intolerance.

The East Indians of the country of India were of no account when weighed against native American tribes and similiarly, founding father Benjamin Franklin was to be honored while Author and historian, Benjamin  French was to have his last name totally unrecognized. And, ironically, his last name, ‘French’ is also a national term.

All this might seem humorous were we not taking it so seriously right now. If a third grader made these errors we would surely smile as we corrected them. But these errors are made by inventions and technology we are told will soon be responsible for our very lives in hospital surgery situations, etc. Plans are also afoot by the super rich tekkies to cut into our very brains and insert AI programmed chips and wiring to “improve“ us… With an AI intelligence booster.

The most ironic facet of all this is that AI partakes of the same greed created mess that human intelligence has suffered. As the wealthy tech lords have worked to gear the internet to their needs for endless wealth as opposed to the earlier  efforts of humanity toward shared knowledge they have sewn the seeds for their own defeat.

By dumbing down the internet and putting world knowledge and  literature, even when it is public domain, into circus cages labelled “Tech Intellectual Property” where one must pay to see more than a page or two, they have made those ideas and concepts closed to AI searches as well.

CGI illustrated ads featuring swooping shots of mountains and oceans with pictures of seminar speakers framed within, tout how impressive they can make us appear when combined with “inference generated” images and “Tracking pixel” technology. They tell us it will make all our sales production presentations  “comparable in appearance  to  “TED” talks,” (whatever the value or usefulness of our actual product).

No, fabulous, auto corrected appearences and backgrounds that make us look good should never be the point. Actually knowing what we’re talking about and being real and natural and truthful should be.

I believe that nursing our own human intelligence back to health as opposed to nurturing artificial intelligence will be a much better investment for us in all ways as time rolls on. We will have to go back to a better focus on culture and history. And work to return internet content that has been hijacked in the name of  business attempted ownership. Most certainly, for all of civilization, it is the only healthy plan.

It took over 30 years of the gradually greater and greater misuse of technology to get us to our present state of decline. It would be hopeful to think that with a concerted effort we could retrace our steps making repairs in less time than that. Well then, “Lets give her a try, shall we?” (to quote Henry Fonda’s character, Norman Thayer, in ‘On Golden Pond’). He was talking about a technology there, too.

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