This is insanity. It is definitely not science. It has nothing to do with the public’s health, much less the broader public interest. This is instead what happens when mediocre people suddenly find themselves with God-like power.”  ~ Tucker Carlson, Fox News, April 23rd 2020

Wide awake Americans are seeing more clearly everyday, that this economic collapse and COVID event is being used to further multiple agendas by multiple bad actors, after the world was led into a global shutdown by inept, “intellectual”, know-nothing so-called “leaders” who are incapable of cogent thought and critical analysis, or they are corrupt, bribed globalists using this faux COVID nonsense to implement a decades long goal of one world governance and control. We see too many of our countrymen buying their own tracking devices, corralling themselves, and aiding the federal government in a war that it has declared —  not on COVID-19 — against ‘We’ the American people, now viewed as “the enemy”, who produce and create real value in the not so United States.

In the face of the COVID-19 hysteria sweeping the nation and the unprecedented assaults on our liberty, it is astounding to observe all the people who do not have the foggiest notion that we are all dangerously close to witnessing our freedom and liberty suppressed for a long time and our Republic destroyed through the growing acceptance of socialism, even communism.

In a new age fascism, another form of socialism — different only in the same manner that being burned alive or shot to death are different — employers are being given the opportunity to reopen their businesses, under governors’ guidelines in most recent cases. But, poorly performing employees will fall by the wayside and end up on the newly expanded public dole, as the newly formed proletariat, and less productive businesses will close, unable to compete in the new dawn of fascist economics; and, as workforce numbers are reduced from economic necessity, “Don’t worry” say the Governors, “just sign up for unemployment”.

The Federal Reserve Bank and their criminal, corrupt cronies from all walks of the current system have only temporarily delayed the inevitable economic catastrophe, after they enabled a Wall Street free-for all of debt finance consumption. And as Ludwig Von Mises noted many years ago: “There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved.”

Americans currently hear authoritarian rumblings still in the White House and across all fifty states, but especially in areas controlled by Democrats. President Trump can’t seem to fully make up his mind, and as a consequence, he has seemed unsure; in one breath he calls out “liberate the states”, and in the next, he castigates Governor Kemp of Georgia for moving to do that very thing, by lifting the shutdown from his state early, in contravention to Trump’s “guidelines”.

So many businesses and corporations went along with this shutdown simply to ensure they were a part of the Big Bailout, and in essence, they became a part of the cover-up of a financial collapse in progress since September 2019. Their compliance gave the rest of us little choice but to find ways around the shutdown, as our normal routines were disrupted and most of our jobs deemed “non-essential”.

The “expert” models offered and based on an exponential growth of the virus, as reason enough to shut down an entire nation due to the minimal threat of COVID, were gross misrepresentations of statistics that were already declining according to their own records, and they are now far off the mark regarding the magnitude and severity of COVID-19. And still, the ruling oligarchy, the petty dictators in states like New York, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Virginia and elsewhere, in their own fevered desire to grow and keep power are unfathomably becoming even more dictatorial.

Noted recently by the Daily Caller: “Sweden, most famously, has never locked down. Restaurants there have never closed. That country is still suffering from coronavirus, suffering more in fact than we are here in the U.S. But the country’s epidemic appears to have peaked. And without locking down, Sweden has, and this is entirely key, has fared better than other European countries that did lock down. That includes Britain, Italy, Spain and Belgium.”

Seeming to say “Mission accomplished” during this practice run to end liberty in America, Governors with socialist and globalist inclinations have moved us closer to an era of the Police State as they attempt to further grow and instill the want and fear they say they reject; however, the truth remains that they would not eliminate either, even if they could. Want and fear are their tools for consolidating and extending their power.

So here we are in the middle of a national shutdown and a man made Great Depression, with many of those, who say “We are all in this together”, cheering our own imprisonment and the very ones complying with every little asinine utterance that emanates from some bureaucrat’s orifice. They monitor and warn their countrymen, and they make demands and place calls to police hot-lines whenever a patriot refuses to comply with some ridiculous government diktat, i.e. one can’t purchase birdseed, from one or more of our “elite rulers”.

In the meantime, the Sheep of the nation offered nary a bleating appeal, as they hid in the shadows and quivered with fear. Even normally inquisitive and assertive alternative media types seemed to have accepted far too much of the government  propaganda, medical and media assumptions, projections and scare tactics. And the initial silence was deafening.

One might also be interested to hear that just this morning, at my local Walmart in Murfreesboro, TN, price-gouging has begun. I picked up a package of toilet paper, one of only a dozen or so remaining, that was listed at $6.48, only to be charged $12.48 at the counter. One can only imagine the panic that will result when the Fed’s Big Bailout fails to save the economy in coming years and the food shelves go bare; the riots will be horrific.

The Trump administration and the ruling oligarchy has indulged in preposterous and asinine measures to fend off a nasty virus. Metaphorically speaking, it is as if they had endangered a thousand Americans to possibly save one person, when there isn’t any proof suggesting this tactic actually saved the one person from dying.

This war against a virus goes against all logic and common sense; and yet, precisely for that reason, it is working just as the American socialists had hoped and to the benefit and the furtherance of their ultimate end. And, in the meantime, the natural collapse of Uncle Sam’s parasitic, overly complex economic system is being artificially forestalled, or so President Trump, the Federal Reserve Bank, Wall Street and the State seems to think.

Americans still find real value in commodities that are not easily controlled by government, such as actual individual skills, knowledge, gold, silver, food and land, and natural springs among other things, but most knowledgeable folks have known for quite some time the U.S. dollar was in dire straits. And now, the Federal Reserve is pumping them out en masse, to the point they will only serve as fireplace kindling in the not too distant future, keeping our Republic on track to collapse.

Call them oligarchs, the “ruling elite”, corporate fascists, the Deep State, or any other name of one’s choosing, this evil cabal within America’s government at all levels, from local to state and federal, are using this COVID event to attempt to implement mandatory electronic monitoring and tracking of us all, digital currency, and the imposition of restrictions on our rights to assemble and bear firearms, while they permanently impoverish the largest portion of America’s population, enslaving them in debt created by the Fed and peddled through Wall Street. They are increasing their already vast wealth by great leaps and bounds, while ordinary, good and decent everyday Americans are not too far away from being forced to live under a bridge.

The ruling oligarchy has found the right combination of fear, and through a massive exaggeration of the real health risk from becoming infected with COVID, they have made a large number of Americans so afraid for their safety that they will abandon their skepticism, pertinent questions and opposing data and obvious truths, as they also seem to turn a blind-eye to their own imprisonment and ruin. All the precedents are in place for the time they decide to release a virus more lethal than this one and take all our freedom from us.

Approximately mid-April, America finally started pushing back against the national shutdown. Many in Tennessee had resisted it from the very beginning, but it was refreshing and offered some good bit of hope that many Americans still hold to Her founding, as we witnessed multiple rallies and protests against the ongoing shutdown, in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota and elsewhere across America.

America is racing towards Her destiny, and many, hopefully most, of Her people, the patriots and my fellow countrymen, are extremely angry over the federal government’s reaction to this virus and its policies that treat Americans more like serfs rather than citizens with God-given rights, especially after losing everything they had, their dreams. This dynamic full of state propaganda, martial law, economic disruption and the indefinite suspension of our Bill of Rights has driven us to the precipice of a deadly serious decision, that will either end with America controlled by an authoritarian surveillance state or a full-fledged republic that honors and respects individual rights and liberty, as serfs or as Free Born Americans, coming sooner rather than later. And if we make the wrong choice, do not think for a moment God will exempt this country of ours from the very same tragedies that have befallen past great empires.