Dear Editor:
The advocates of Cultural Marxism and Critical Race Theory seek to conquer America and impose a Marxist ideology, through their Looney ideas that are unfortunately finding acceptance in too large a segment of our population. Control the dominant ideas in a nation and a group can control that nation.
Cultural Marxism is a wide-ranging designation which refers to the promotion and employment of Critical Theory. Critical Race Theory is a subset that formed through the years as communists worked to find the most effective ways to subvert a nation and hold themselves up as its savior.
The term Cultural Marxism, though well-known, is not technically a valid concept. Marx’s form of communism was economic – the proletariat vs. the bourgeoisie. While Marx wrote of culture, his focus was primarily and overwhelmingly economic.
Antonio Gramsci, and also members of what is known as the Frankfurt School, would develop the idea that communism could infiltrate the West only if the dominant culture that bound the workers and the owners was torn down – replaced by a culture built from the bottom.
So, then what is Critical Theory?
Critical Theory just means to criticize — ceaselessly. It is purely concerned with discrediting knowledge, but not with replacing it with anything better. It is the essence of destructive criticism.
Applied to the cultural foundation of society, one is left with a society void of any ties that bind. What’s the big deal, you ask? Absent a common cultural foundation, all that is left is the state. Where a society does not share common codes of conduct and behavior, a state will happily step in to force the issue. At the same time, a state will happily work to destroy the common codes of conduct in order to take more power for the state.
In Critical Theory, this is the sole purpose of knowledge: to create a change in society, which will, in turn, create a change in ‘reality’ itself.
It should be clear that it is, therefore, difficult, to pin down Critical Theory into a simple talking point. It is critical of everything – all norms, even the new norms that have resulted from prior criticism. It is primarily a tool for perpetual revolution — a never ending revolution — used as the societal guidance and mechanism for ever tightening control of the populace and society.
Marxists and Maoists of America — those advocates of Critical Theory — don’t want Americans to be able to speak the truth. They actually don’t want Americans speaking at all if their words run contrary and in opposition to the party line of the day.
Americans also find that our modern day communist theorists have combined Marx with Freud. They advance the argument that everybody just as everyone has supposedly been oppressed under capitalism so too is everyone oppressed by Western culture.
Most of the violence we have witnessed over the past seven years from the riots and burnings and destruction of our cities at the hands of Black Lives Matter and Antifa have been inspired by this new vein of thought in the ranks of top Marxist / Maoist Cancel Culture leaders. They hold to the belief that Western Culture, Our American Culture, must be destroyed if communism is to advance in America, thus meeting their ends and achieving their final goal of the complete and final transformation of America into something no true American patriot would recognize as anything other than pure evil.
~ Justin O Smith, Murfreesboro, TN