No matter what we suffer, or have suffered, Spring always offers a door to hope and a renewal of faith. It is the one season that hasn’t put all its cards on the table.
Summer’s turbulence, Fall’s decline, Winter’s cold are all more predictable than the advent of Spring.
When Vachel Lindsay, the poet, wrote “Spring Came on Forever” in his Chinese Nightingale poem he was speaking of a literal Heaven on Earth.
Walking in the early Spring is a very special experience, the temperature is comfortable, the odor of early foliage is all about. The first rays of morning sunlight are like brushstrokes painting the fields with deeper and richer hues, day by day. And the possibilities of life seem endless.
Just as the countryside renews, so do we. We know more fully at this time of year what we are capable of, and with that assurance, we go out and make those things happen. One after another, as we ought always to do.
This year, of all years is a good one to use all this special energy for the best purposes possible. Time to do “spring cleaning” on a national as well as personal scale. Let’s get the word out there to the folks who are supposed to represent us that we want things cleaned up now. We want a nice shiny polish given to our democracy and our American way of life. We want our country to sparkle , at least as brightly as our automobiles do.
With all this in mind I really believe that with a good Spring start this can be the year we really make the headway for the good we’ve been needing. A year to look back on from the colder months with a new pride. Wow, I’ve been waxing quite lyrical, haven’t I? See what Spring can do for a person.
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