Can’t make it up.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, still a frontrunner for the 2020 Democrat nominationat this point, had a tough time at a campaign rally he held in Milford, New Hampshire, over the weekend.

Several people clearly indicated that theyd had it with his behavior, his politics and his overall demeanor as he continues to try to seek his partys nomination for the November 2020 presidential election.

Several audience members lashed out at him on Sunday night, calling him “Pervert!”and “Quid Pro Joe!”during his event.

Yes —the man was heckled.

This is likely something that the 77-year-old who served for eight years with Barack Obama in Washington is simply not used to —but he may need to expect it these days, given everything.

Heres how The Washington Examinerdescribed what happened on Sunday evening: “Video from the campaign stop shows a man asking Biden about old videos that show him touching children and adults.”

“’You touch kids on video, and women,said the man. ‘We dont need another old, white man running for president,’”the outlet continued.

But Biden then quickly spoke out and said to the man, “This isnt a Trump rally.”

Yet the man “continued to speak, saying he wasnt a Trump supporter before yelling, ‘Dont touch kids, you pervert!’

“‘This is democracy,said Biden —before another audience member shouted, ‘The truth is going to come out, buddy.’”