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 As a new contributor to the Rutherford Reader, I would like to introduce myself to those unfamiliar with my work.  As a retired police officer from NY, my experience with Islamic issues came after attending a seminar with 2 NYPD officers after 9/11. As heartbreaking and eye opening it was, I began to research, and interview Muslims within my own patrol area, only to find their entrenchment was for infiltration and indoctrination.

As retirement approached, I developed a three day course to teach law enforcement around the country about what I had learned, and how to apply it within their own jurisdictions. Eventually, CAIR ( Council on American Islamic Relations) learned of this course, and pressured the company I worked for to end it.

Delving into every subject related to the Islamic movement, I attended bomb schools, threat assessment courses and began reading the doctrines of Islam, from the Quran to the Hadiths and the classic books of Islamic law.

Since moving to TN 8 years ago, I have watched the Islamic movement grow and flourish within the Buckle of the Bible Belt. Joining with retired military, law enforcement and counter intel professionals, dailyrollcall was formed, as well as the website

We work hard everyday to find the latest movements and activities by Islamists throughout our country but specifically in Tennessee. After vetting information, it is exposed and has revealed connections to global Muslim Brotherhood organizations right here in our backyard.

From our law enforcement to churches to classrooms, to our own political system, Islamists have infiltrated with the end goal being eventual domination of the world. Its a massive undertaking, but it is deeply underway. Each week, I hope to bring you the latest on the activities of Islamists here in Tennessee and what we can do. Stay tuned!

2702, 2020

Know Thy Enemy

February 27th, 2020|0 Comments

In history, as wars were fought and lives were lost, the enemy was clearly defined and recognized. Today, that enemy is disguised in many ways, often leading to millions of people unknowingly aiding, supporting and defending them. The line between good and evil is blurred now more than ever.

Unfortunately, one of the first casualties of this new war is our faith institutions. Accepting, and promoting the beliefs of Islam has diminished the ability for congregants to understand Islam is an enemy. Instead, by allowing Imams to compare Jesus to Muhammad, and the bible to the Koran, faithful Christians believe they must accept and tolerate or be labeled a hater, bigot or islamophobe.

This is the foundation for one of todays current controversial issues..refugees and immigration. What should be a debate solely based on the United States Constitution, and our own laws is now an emotional, religious one.  Muslim organizations, specifically the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) have continued their relationship  with the U.S Conference of Catholic Bishops, (USCCB) which is clearly a match made in hell, pushing forward the agenda of Islamists to fulfill their global caliphate.

 Once again using diversity as the guise to counter President Trumps reduction of refugees, several bishops issued this joint statement “ Further reductions in the number of refugees allowed to seek freedom in the United States would be wholly counter to our values as a nation of immigrants”.  It further reads “America welcomes refugees, that is who we are, that is what we do. Such reductions would undermine Americas leadership role as a global champion and protector of religious freedom and human rights”.

Equating accepting refugees as the Christian thing to do is an emotional response to a political decision, and we must not intertwine the two. We cannot use religion as a base to make policy. Faith leaders are blurring the line, which in turn promotes the Islamists agenda, where there is no separation of mosque and state. Whether knowingly or with ignorance, the very highest Catholic leaders are choosing to do business with those that mock them in their own documents.

They have one goal. The return of an Islamic Caliphate: One god, One religion, and one government.  The notion any men of true faith would consider Islam to be peaceful, or willing to co-exist is frightening, but according to Bishop Mitchell T. Rozanski of Springfield, Massachusetts  who in 2016 stated “As the national conversation around Islam grows increasingly fraught, coarse and driven by fear and often willful misinformation, the Catholic Church must help to model real dialogue and good will,” said Bishop Rozanski. “Our current dialogues have advanced the goals of greater understanding, mutual esteem and collaboration between Muslims and Catholics, and the members have established lasting ties of friendship and a deep sense of trust.”

Fear and willful misinformation?  Muslims assaulting the beliefs of millions of Christians throughout the United States by insisting Allah is the same god, is willful misinformation. Knowing our leaders trust the enemy is the fear.

The profession of faith in the Catholic church in part states:

I believe in one Lord Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God,

born of the Father before all ages. God from God, Light from Light,

true God from true God, begotten, not made, consubstantial with the Father;

through him all things were made. For us men and for our salvation

he came down from heaven, and by the Holy Spirit

was incarnate of the Virgin Mary, and became man.

In chapter VII page 87 of the Islamic Methodology of Dawa (Methodology of Dawah) it states:

“The Christian community of America will need a special approach to make them understand their misguided concept about Jesus (PBUH). Prophet Jesus (PBUH) was also a messenger of God, as others were. He was born without a father as a miracle of God. There is nothing spectacular in it, if we believe in God, in His absolute power and in His total control over the natural phenomenon. He can create anything just by ordering “Be” and “it is done.” He created Jesus without a father. He created Adam without a father or a mother, and Eve without a mother. They do not ascribe the attributes of God to either one of them. How then, can they profess Jesus to be the Son of God. It is illogical and quite absurd. Jesus was a Prophet and a man. He had all the human needs and weaknesses. He ate food for his existence, slept for rest and did all the other things a human being needs for his survival. By their misconstrued conception innovated by St. Paul, Christians have made Jesus (PBUH) into a “Human-God.” This is clear idolatry. Making partners with God is a sin. He will never forgive this sin”

How does one gain a “deep sense of trust” from those whose writings reveal their true feelings and intent? How can Bishops believe that have formed “lasting ties of friendship” with Muslims when their doctrine, their holy book the Quran has at least 14 verses that a Muslim is not the friend of a Kafir (non- believer)

Sura 5:51 O ye who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians for friends. They are friends one to another. He among you who taketh them for friends is (one) of them. 

One of the Hadiths, the traditions of Mohammeds life states:

May Allah curse the Jews and the Christians . . . for they make places of worship out of the prophets graves”

The only willful misinformation comes from the mouths of the Islamists which is known as Taqiyyah, the art of deception, permissible in Islamic law. Perhaps leaders of all faiths should trust and believe those in their own flock before embracing the enemy.

Catholics and Christians need to understand, with the continued push to allow Muslim refugees to come to America is the Hijra. In order to bring about the global caliphate, the population of Muslims must be in great numbers, and allowing the onslaught of refugees does exactly that.

2002, 2020

Who represents the people and our Constitution?

February 20th, 2020|0 Comments

As county commissioners across the state clean up the divisive mess created by our Governor, we are seeing just who truly represents the people and our Constitution.

More and more counties have fortunately made the decision to do what is right by Tennesseans by voting for resolutions that reject funding refugees, and affirm our rights to bear arms. It should be a no brainer. We as Tennesseans have a right to choose who we financially support, such as our homeless veterans, our disabled citizens and children and families in poverty.

Unfortunately, many have used that argument to attack people personally, even diminishing their Christianity, to make them feel less holy if they reject refugees.  It is not a religious debate. Supporting taking care of our own, in no way lessens our duties or religious values, but that is the only argument they have. What it is about is upholding our Constitution, and supporting those elected officials that stand up for it.

The same holds true for the second amendment. Thank goodness we have sheriffs leading our counties against those who think gun control is the answer. The word to pay attention to is control. While Tennessee has not passed a red flag law, the mere fact it has even been proposed should send every Tennessean to the halls of our legislative buildings to demand our rights be protected.  Never, in most of our lifetimes, has our Constitution been more trampled on by those looking to fundamentally change our country under the guise of being conservative.

The battles arent over though, as many counties are still debating these two issues. Dont fall asleep now folks. We must continue to call and write our representatives on local and state levels to let them know that just because the can has been kicked down the road, we have not forgotten. There are many counties who will be holding meetings over the next few weeks to vote on these resolutions. Our voices must be heard louder than those who support all that is wrong. We cannot let them make the narrative. Our elected officials shall not use religion as its guide, but rather the Constitution.

Attend the meetings and be heard. It is up to us, and if we choose to be silent or stay at home, we will only have ourselves to blame for the very worst that is yet to come.

2002, 2020

Tennessee, Meet the Real Haters

February 20th, 2020|0 Comments

These are the faces that groups like the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition advocate for on a daily basis.   Illegal criminal aliens, that rape, murder and rob.

 They want to Abolish law enforcement, those who stand the line between good and evil. Without them, we will descend into chaos and destruction. TIRRC is demanding the dismantling of our police.

TIRRC also promotes criminal justice reform. Emptying our prisons, lessening bail amounts, and pushing for sanctuary for societies worst.

These are the issues the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition fight for every day.  They are against every fiber of decency, safety and normalcy we know. These are the same people that chastise and label us haters, bigots or racists.  The very same individuals that demand we change our laws to accommodate the lawless. The same individuals that demand rights for those who should have none.  They hate our Constitution yet hide behind it every day. They hate you for your beliefs, yet insist you tolerate theirs.

 it is time to fight back, but not like we always have. We must use the same tactics, whether we like it or not. Our voices must rise above theirs, and our demands must be stronger. We are the people, not them. We are what makes America great, not them.

 But most of all, they are the haters.. not us.

602, 2020

TN County Commissioners, Meet the Groups You Are Meeting With

February 6th, 2020|0 Comments

For Tennessee county commissioners and mayors, making a decision regarding resettling refugees in their districts has turned into a more difficult one thanks to the  misleading information being given to them by leftist, progressive organizations. It should not matter if they are Democrats or Republicans, this is a matter of state sovereignty and the cost of a federal program being forced on their residents. Groups such as the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition, (TIRRC), Catholic Charities, and Indivisible, are spreading false, emotional information rather than facts. Did it ever occur to the county commissioners and mayors, these organizations all have the same end goal of open borders and a drastic demographic change that will eventually replace conservatives in office?  

Has it also ever occurred to the county commissioners organization representatives, like Holly Johnson, who has been busy visiting their offices, have a stake in this game as she makes money for every refugee CC resettles?  As you can see from a 2017 tax form, Catholic Charities is a multi million dollar organization whose executive officers make over $115,000 per year.

So much for their argument it’s all about saving refugees. It’s all about the money.

Then there is the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coaltion (TIRRC). While they are not quite as wealthy, co executive director Stephanie Teatro makes over $60,000 as of 2017. TIRRC is all about open borders and abolishing ICE, the law enforcement agency responsible for arresting and deporting those here illegally. TIRRC , for the last several years has been the recipient of a grant from well known radical philanthropist George Soros, whose goal is to destroy America as we know it.

2201, 2020

Criminal Justice Reform in Tennessee is all about Release

January 22nd, 2020|0 Comments

Part 2

Because of yalls leadership, I think were going to get criminal justice reform, he said, adding: We can empty our jails in the same way that some other states have done. I know we can do that.  Says Gov Bill Lee as he and the Senates Republicans gathered in Crossville in Oct 2019 to outline their 2020 priorities.

It isnt going to be easy to get that done, he said. We have to be creative and innovative and disruptive and challenge the way weve been doing things forever.

Part of Criminal Justice “Reform” is the release of offenders to a parole or probation status. In Tennessee it is known as “community supervision” with former prisoners labeled “clients” rather than what they are..parolees and probationers. In the last 6 months criminals who should have remained in prison or jail, have been released which in turn, they have committed murders.

Michael D. Mosley  – In May of 2015, Mosley was arrested for a stabbing a man in the stomach for which he was found guilty.   In October 2018, he was charged with domestic assault after repeatedly slamming a female relatives head into a wall several times resulting in bodily injury. On December 5, 2018, he was charged with viciously punching a woman in a Walmart store “over and over again.” It appears that he was arrested for the December 2018 incident on November 5 2019 and was released on  $5,000 bond.  Despite the previous conviction for violent assault, Mosley was released after serving minimal time incarcerated. Mosley has been arrested for the stabbing deaths of Clayton Beathard, and Paul Trapeni III. Mosley was on probation at the time he stabbed and killed those 2 young men.

Michael Lee Cummins   From the news report in Sumner County Tenn. (WTVF) —” Three days after the ‘deadliest homicide event in Tennessee in at least 20 years’ new information is being released regarding the suspected killer, Michael Cummins and his probation status. On Saturday, April 27, Michael Cummins allegedly took the lives of seven people, three of which being members of his own family. Now, it has been confirmed that a probation officer was preparing an arrest warrant for Cummins the day before the homicides occurred. The report further stated

“According to District Attorney Ray Whitley, a violation of probation affidavit was filed on Monday, April 22. This affidavit outlined numerous issues with Cummins’ probation. These included missing appointments with his probation officer and not contacting with the probation office. Cummins also reportedly would not comply with the conditions of his probation which required him to receive mental health treatment.”


On December law enforcement authorities were investigating a homicide in the Lakewood Park area in Manchester TN, where a 68 yr old male was found dead.  20 year old Tyler Parker, who was found in the victims car in Oklahoma, has been returned to Coffee County, where he and his female accomplice will be charged with that homicide. Parker, was wanted for violating probation.

This is just a sample of what probationers and parolees do when given the chance to remain free from their prior convictions.

Criminal justice reform is just a fancy way of calling it what is truly is, a sweeping release of convicted criminals because states do not want to continue to spend money on building facilities to house them. Another piece not often mentioned is the underlying ideology that prisons and jails are filled with minorities, which leads to the accusations that the current criminal justice system is racist.

While the fix will not be easy, appeasing community leaders by reducing bail or not setting bail at all is not the answer either. As of now, we still live under a system of laws. If you break those laws, consequences must prevail. As it is society is breaking down, and taking law abiding citizens and law enforcement officers with it. If states continue to dismantle the system, we can only expect more chaos and eventually civil unrest.

Emptying jails to prove points, and win votes is not the answer.

1301, 2020

Criminal Justice Reform in Tennessee is all about Release

January 13th, 2020|0 Comments

How would you feel if hardened prisoners, convicted by juries, and sent to prison to fulfill their sentences were now walking the streets of your neighborhood? Well, if they arent yet, they will be soon, so buckle up and be aware. And no, this isnt just occurring in major cities in liberal states, its happening in unlikely areas, including Tennessee.

On December 11 2019, Tennessee Dept of Corrections Commissioner Tony Parker, along with Gov Bill Lee celebrated the groundbreaking of a womens shelter that would help former female inmates transition from prison life. While I believe these programs are helpful, there is an entire slice of this reform that is going unspoken.

 “When you look at the root causes of crime, what drives it addiction and mental health issues we know the answer to reducing recidivism here in Tennessee is programs like this Said Parker.  First of all, the Commissioner of The Tennessee Dept of Corrections is stating criminals are either mental or on drugs is misleading, as many that deal with criminals (like I did for 20 years) every day know a vast number of criminals are just opportunistic thugs.

While the criminal justice system in the United States is far from perfect, releasing those who have committed crimes of all kinds is not the answer, despite the intentions of Christian organizations who believe criminals can be cured. One such group is the Tennessee based Men of Valor, a group supported by long time former board member Gov. Bill Lee.

Men of Valor is an exceptional organization that has changed many lives and boasts on its website “Men of Valor is committed to winning men in prison to Jesus Christ and discipling them. Our purpose is to equip them to re-enter society as men of integrity – becoming givers to the community rather than takers.”   We are all for changing minds and helping people find God, but at what expense must Tennesseans be willing to pay if the program doesnt work for all those being released, and is it appropriate for all offenders?

In the meantime, while concerned over recidivism rates, Men of Valor and other organizations are offering assistance to inmates, a blanket set of conditions for newly released prisoners has been discovered. Typically, when those who have committed serious crimes have completed a prescribed amount of time, they are often released under the supervision of Parole, with less serious offenders to Probation.

Under Parole or Probation, a former inmate must abide by strict sets of rules and conditions and be supervised by their named Parole or Probation officer. If the released offender breaks those rules and conditions, he is arrested and is sent back to prison. Wait. Read that again. If the released offender breaks those rules and conditions, he is arrested and is sent back to prison. Well, not in Tennessee under Lees administration.

As law enforcement officers are being subjected to every kind of harassment, disrespect, assaults and targets on their backs, departments are facing dangerous shortages, and manpower issues. Whats just as serious is the system breaking down around them, leaving their jobs in many cases obsolete. Unfortunately, this includes Parole and Probation. According to sources, Parole officers are not allowed to make arrests based on the violations offenders committed, even if it was one of their prescribed conditions. This would include drug possession and, in some cases, weapons. Why? Because in the state of Tennessee, Parole officers are not given powers of arrest.   This in turn has empowered former prisoners released under supervision to do whatever they want, including violate their terms of release. If such terms are broken, the Parole officer cannot make the arrest, but rather must obtain a warrant, then request local law enforcement execute it. Many times warrants are not entered into the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) system in a timely matter, giving the former inmate a pass if he/she has contact with police.

Last week, Gov.Bill Lees Criminal Justice Reform Task Force released their report, which has many scratching their head, as it is more about release then reformation. Labeling the breaking of their terms and conditions “technical violations” is soft balling the ever growing problem of prisoners failing to follow the rules. From the report it states:


The data indicated that a large number of individuals are entering prison after a failure on community supervision, often because of technical violations. Nearly 5,000 individuals entered prison from parole, probation, or community corrections in FY2018, representing 39 percent of all admissions for that fiscal year. Between FY2010 and FY2019, the number of revocations for a technical violation increased by 53 percent, while the number of revocations for a new charge decreased by 8 percent. Just over 50 percent of all community supervision revocations in FY2018 were due to a technical violation as defined by the TDOC, up from 38 percent in FY2010. As Tennessee increases the use of community supervision as an alternative to incarceration, consistent and standardized evidenced-based supervision practices are necessary.

Ya think? If parolees or probationers are only being arrested on technical violations, not new charges, that simply means they are not capable of following rules.  If they cant, follow rules or conditions what makes one think they can follow laws? It does not help, that in Tennessee, Parole and Probation officers have no powers to arrest.


In 2016, in part seeking to address the growing number of technical violations, Tennessee enacted the Public Safety Act, establishing the use of a graduated sanctions matrix to respond to non-compliant behavior in a swift, certain, and proportional way. However, the data examined demonstrated that graduated sanctions are currently being used inconsistently across the state. Furthermore, the matrix establishes several zero tolerance policies that disproportionately affect individuals with substance use disorders. This zero-tolerance conduct, which results in immediate revocation, includes refusing to submit to a drug screen, testing positive for methamphetamine, or testing positive multiple times for any other type of drug use.

So, the answer has been to not allow officers to re arrest those who originally were jailed for drug offense but now allow them to use or possess drugs. This can only get worse, as drug users often resort to more violent crimes to feed their addiction.

Coming up in Part 2, a look at some of those former prisoners released under “community supervision” that have committed murders in Tennessee, in the last several months.

1812, 2019

Congressmen want US islamist organizations investigated for terror financing

December 18th, 2019|0 Comments

Kudos to a trio of Congressmen, including Tennessee Rep. Chuck Fleischmann, for requestingthat the State Department investigate the “innocuous sounding organization Helping Hands for Relief and Development (HHRD) and their‘sister organization,’ the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA)”for “promoting extremist ideology and terror finance”:

While they sell themselves as innocuous Muslim civil society organizations, they are, in fact, arms of one of the most radical networks in the world.

Fleischmann has good reasons to pursue this inquiry since individuals intimately tied to both ICNA and HHRD are active in Tennessee.

House Resolution 160, which preceded the Congressmens letter, claims HHRD and ICNA are domestic affiliates of Jamaat-e-Islami.

Jamaat-e-Islami is a jihadi South Asian Sunni revivalist movement dedicated to Islamic revolution, extremist Sunni Muslim ideology, and the establishment of a global caliphate.

The House Resolution also states that ICNA is “openly affiliated with Jamaat-e-Islami,”and shares leadership with them, while HHRD collaborates with a Pakistani terrorist network.

Noted in the Congressmens November 1st letter, Iranian-born Middle East and Islamic world expert Vali Nasr “names ICNA as one of the most important branches of Jammat-e-Islami in the world”and “has received over ten million dollars in [U.S.] government grants.”An investigation is warranted, the Congressmen say, because “significant evidence”shows that HHRD and ICNA are “directly involved in terror finance.”

The editor of Weekly Blitz, a Bangladeshi paper, has exposed an equally concerning problem regarding Jamaat-e-Islamis U.S. proxies ICNA and HHRD:

Despite its partnerships with terrorist organizations and its officialspromotion of extremism, HHRD has long enjoyed non-Muslim support. HHRD reveals that its donors include the British government, the World Food Program, the World Health Organization, and prominent American corporations such as Microsoft, Cisco, PepsiCo, and Dell.

HHRD has been reported as using radical Islamiststo raise money for the organization, including Siraj Wahhaj, a featured speaker at the November HHRD benefit dinner in Memphis.

Wahhaj, who converted to Islam under the leadership of the Nation of Islam leader and notorious anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, is the founder of the Brooklyn Al-Taqwa mosque. At Al-Taqwa, he cultivated a close relationship with Omar Abdel Rahman, aka the “blind Sheikh”and spiritual leader of Osama bin Laden. The connections between Wahhaj and his mosque to Rahman landed Wahhaj on the unindicted co-conspirator list for the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

Wahhaj occasionally speaks in Tennessee mosques and to college Muslim Student Associations. In 2016, Wahhaj was the keynote speaker for a Tennessee American Muslim Advisory Council Knoxville event called “Stand Up For Justice: Advocating for Muslim Rights in Tennessee.”He is known for delivering messageswhich tie political power to his desire for a global caliphate.

If only Muslims were more clever politically, he told his New Jersey listeners, they could take over the United States and replace its constitutional government with a caliphate. ‘If we were united and strong, we’d elect our own emir [leader] and give allegiance to him. … Take my word, if 6-8 million Muslims unite in America, the country will come to us.’”

Knoxville is also the home of Rafiq Mahdi, the Director of Community Development for ICNA Relief (USA), another Jammat-e-Islami domestic affiliate named in the House Resolution. Weekly Blitz reports that Jamaat-e-Islami is “now openly denouncing democracy and even preaching Caliphate.”

The contact phone numberfor Mahdi posted on ICNAs website is for HHRD.

The ICNA Members Handbookmakes clear that the organizations overarching goal is establishing the global caliphate, or what Mahdi “envisions[as] an Islamic empire, a place where, if you don’t follow Muslim rules, you are free — to leave the country.”

Like Wahhaj, Rafiq Mahdi is a black American convert to Islam who also started his Muslim life with the anti-Semitic Nation of Islam. Before becoming the unofficial Imam of the Knoxville Muslim community, Mahdi led the Masjid Al-Iman in Florida. This “