Fox News photo

by Rusty Weiss, political

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace floated the possibility that President Trump may actually have a point when it comes to an increased chance of voter fraud through mail-in ballots.

Wallace, who has been critical of the President on this matter in the past, made the assertion during a segment on Fox News Sunday.

The sheer volume of increased mail-in ballots due to Democrat-led restrictions or hysteria involving in-person voting due to the coronavirus pandemic was cited as a potential source of trouble.

“Hear me out for a minute. Isn’t it possible that the president really has a point here?” Wallace wondered.

“As I mentioned earlier, there were 33 million either absentee or mail-in ballots in 2016. If we have double that or triple that, isn’t there a pretty good chance that we will have a mess, at the least,” he asked. “And yes, possibly fraud?”

Be still, our beating hearts. Did Chris Wallace just address a concern that many voters share about election integrity?


Wallace is, of course, stating the obvious here. That the United States Postal Service (USPS) might be able to handle things under normal circumstances, but as 2020 has already shown several times over – these aren’t normal circumstances.