… for one’s life gives believers the message from their heart.

Text: John 12:44-50 Believe See Speak

Question of the Day: As Jesus ministered to people, what was His passion, and what were His words?

Many times during His earthly ministry Jesus revealed His heart of compassion and love for mankind. He saw them as walking in darkness; He saw them as lost sheep without a shepherd; He saw them as lost and going to hell; He saw them rejecting Him time after time; yet He saw some who took a bold step of faith and actually believed that He was the Son of God—the One sent from God. So then, how did Jesus carry out the Father’s will for His life so that men would see and believe?

Here is today’s text: “Then Jesus cried out loudly to many and said, ‘The person who believes on Me does not only believe on Me, but also on the One who sent Me. When you see and know Me, then you see and know the One who sent Me. I have come as a light into this dark world so that those who believe in Me won’t have to live in darkness. If anyone hears the words that I say and does not believe, I do not judge him at this time because I didn’t come to judge the world, but to save the world. The person who rejects Me and cannot receive My words has One who judges him; the words that I have spoken will judge that person at the proper time of judgment. I have not spoken words that I just thought up; it was the Father who sent Me who has given Me a command what I should say and how I should say it. The words that I speak are a command that will last forever; everything I speak, just as the Father instructed Me, that I speak.’”

In this scene Jesus poured out His heart to those who, according the previous verses, were deciding whether to believe and receive Him, or reject Him and turn on Him. Their fear was that they would be rejected by the religious leaders of their day and be barred from going to the synagogue (verses 42-43). So Jesus made it clear to them that when they came to believe on Him, they were not only believing on Him, but on His Father in heaven who had sent Him. Jesus had been born into a very dark world that had very little hope and very little light, so He was offering Himself as the Light of the world. John spoke often about Jesus being the “Light” sent from God into the world. In a dark world, light is hope; light is welcome by those who were being drawn to the Son, and it is the Light that would make the difference between walking in the light forever and being banished forever in judgment to eternal darkness.

As Jesus expressed His passion for those who were wavering between light and darkness and believing or rejecting Him, He gave us His secret. This is powerful because it lightens the pathway for every child of God who has been called to serve the Lord. Here is Jesus’ secret for successfully carrying out the Father’s plan: simply speak the words that one has been given to speak and say them in the way that would carry a powerful eternal impact—Jesus did! He told us that He didn’t just think up the words that He was saying, but He knew the Scriptures so well that He spoke to those listening the words that had been given Him to speak by His Father who had commissioned Him and sent Him into the world.

Many times we wonder, “What could I say that would have an impact for God on those to whom I have been sent,” and the answer is always, “just speak the words of God and all will be OK”. Jesus made it clear that He was speaking the exact words that the Father had given Him to speak, and when one speaks with that confidence some will believe and receive the words and the Son, and some will turn away and reject both the words and the person speaking them. It is the difference between light and darkness and between words that all will be judged by one day and the gift of eternal life that has been offered to us. Jesus’ final words say it all: “Whatever words I speak, just as the Father has given them to Me, that is what I speak!”

Prayer: O God, make the words that I speak so powerful because they come from You. Fill my heart and mind with Your words so thoroughly that whenever I speak, those are the only words that come to my mind. I know that Your word is very powerful, help me to use it wisely and boldly as Your Word goes forth throughout this world. Empower me to speak only Your words—just as Your Son did.