“Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces. And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall arise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings. And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and the dividing of time.”  ~ Daniel 7:23-25 King James Bible

Justin O. Smith

Lies spewing from Ol’ Joe Biden’s mouth and the mouths of most world government leaders today are as plentiful as raindrops in Seattle, as we see those who would be tyrants have recently met again from Monday the 28th of March 2022 through Wednesday in Dubai, for the 2022 World Government Summit, opened by Klaus Schwab, Mr Great Reset himself, speaking of creating a more “resilient world” through the nonsense spewed by communists everywhere in terms of “sustainable development”.  But more often than not, in their confidence and arrogance from garnering so much recent power, they have taken to simply telling the truth about their plans to subjugate the entire world under rule by a select group of “the elite” — lesser men and women than many where it counts — who are joining the efforts to kill national sovereignty and capitalism as we know it today.
Heads of state, CEOs of some of the world’s top corporations and corporate media journalists met to discuss the direction for the world over the next decade and beyond. And essentially, the premise for the entire meeting was that “intelligent” people would ignore all the real news and journalist who deal in fact, in order that their propaganda pitch to the world’s people will make the narrative shift in favor of this mysterious little known gathering of globalist Technocrats.
In the early 1970s, these globalists came up with the bright idea of using “Global Warming” as a dire threat to all, in order to coerce humans everywhere to embrace there brand of humanist, communist tyranny, and in 1991 they were still going strong as the Club for Rome released a treatise in 1991 entitled The First Global Revolution, in which it was stated:
“In searching for a common enemy against whom we can unite, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, wather shortages, famine and the like, would fit the bill. In their totality and their interactions, these phenomena do constitute a common threat which must be confronted by everyone together. But in designating these dangers as the enemy, we fall into the trap, which we have already warned readers about, namely mistaking symptoms for causes. All these dangers are caused by human intervention in natural processes, and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy then is humanity itself.”
Read Klaus Schwab’s book from 1971, Moderne Unternehmensfuhrung im Maschinenbau (Modern Management in Mechanical Engineering) and one gets a true picture of just how nefarious Schwab’s plans for humanity have always been. He envisions a “stakeholder capitalism” — die Interessenten — that effectively redefines human beings not as citizens and free individuals or members of communities but as secondary participants in a massive commercial enterprise in which the goal of each and every person’s life is supposed to be “to achieve long-term growth and prosperity” for this enterprise. In other words, he longed for a world where everyone lives for the state, to protect and increase the wealth of the capitalist elite, who aren’t really “capitalists” in any true sense of the word.
While the vision of a global one world government has been a long sought vision of communists and fascists like President Woodrow Wilson and many other former U.S. Presidents or corporate heads, such as David Rockefeller, who were members of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission, what the world witnesses today is the unfolding of the Globalists plans coming to fruition after over a century’s worth of work towards this end.
As this meeting was underway, Ol’ Joe Biden and his regime were totally unconcerned over multiple crises Americans are facing because of his purposefully inept and incompetent acts adhering to asinine, ignorant policy aligned with the Communist and World Economic Forum agenda worldwide and Klaus Schwab’s desire to see us all reduced to owning nothing in our state of being “happy”. If one visits the White House website, one finds that Covid-19 and climate change are the Biden regime’s top two concerns, as many of us recognize the policies surrounding these things are damaging America far more than the virus or the climate either one. And in the meantime, racial equality is thrown in as the third highest priority in Biden’s destructive Build Back Better BULLSHIT, with the U.S. economy coming in fourth, because in reality, the Biden regime is working hard to destroy the American economy and traditional America.
Biden isn’t even man enough to take responsibility for the damage he and his traitors have done, as we find only one article on the White House homepage that even remotely addresses inflation entitled President Biden’s Plan to Respond to Putin’s Price Hike at the Pump, another misrepresentation of fact, a damned lie from a man without integrity whose energy polices are All Policy and NO ENERGY for America.
While this is occurring, America is being driven deeper in the hole and towards a point of no return by an out-of-control Federal Reserve Bank. Americans experienced a 5.4 percent personal consumption hike on the price index in March on an annual basis and the headline PCE on the year so far was 6.4 percent, the highest it’s been since 1980, as Americans see their costs for gas and food rise to new and, in some instances, unbearable heights.
Biden is doing absolutely nothing to stop inflation.
During Klaus Schwab’s short speech, he highlighted the Fourth Industrial Revolution, a primary project of his, and his vision for a surveillance state and a digital panopticon of the future that will be controlled by an omnipresent digital technology and designed to alter the lives of we lowly humans. All of this is to be powered by 5G and 6G technology, which in turn will empower Schwab and other globalists to exert greater central planning and top-down control, in a new society where everything is traced and tracked, all transactions are documented, every person is tagged with a Radio Frequency Identification chip either inserted in them or worn, and any dissidents or social misfits are locked out of any normal social interaction through the information on their social credit scores — in the exact same manner as currently utilized in Communist China.
The globalists spoke openly this week, and immediately following Schwab’s speech, a panel headlining as “Are We Ready for a New World Order” took the stage with Fred Kempe as its primary speaker, an anchor for CNN who has been the president and CEO of the Atlantic Council since 2007, as well as a former advisor to George W. Bush; he also used to write for the Wall Street Journal.
It should be noted that the Atlantic Council had a fairly heavy presence in this week’s meeting of the World Government Summit. Defne Arslan, Senior Director of the Atlantic Council in Turkey and Olga Khakova, Deputy Director of Global Energy Center of the Atlantic Council, both made appearances for their organization that has spent decades acting as a front organization for NATO member states and their causes and issues, bringing together political leaders, diplomats, military officials and journalists to promote and facilitate those items that are most favorable to the NATO member states. And although the ATO is independent of NATO, the line between the two is razor thin.
Maxim Timchenko, CEO of DTEK, was given high praise for his work in Ukraine’s energy industry, as the Russian invasion of Ukraine was also a hot topic for discussion by these globalists. His company has become the largest private investor and a leading energy company in Ukraine.
Timchenko is noteworthy in that he was mentioned by Olga Khakova and Paula Dobriansk, both of the Atlantic Council, in their featured discussion called ‘Post-Crisis Ukraine: New Energy for a New Europe’. In case one didn’t know, the Atlantic Council are the representatives of the Western Bloc of the New World Order.
The world has heard President Vladimir Putin address the Russian people and urging them to be patient with the current economic pain, as he works to restructure Russia’s economy and demands the European Union pay for Russian gas and food exports in rubles. Russia faces a ongoing disaster in employment, inflation, goods access and productivity, but according to Putin, it’s “transitory” and the result of war sanctions and the blame is all the West’s, as he takes a page from Biden; he has everything under control, or so he says.
For Biden’s part, he and his regime and Wingbat Jen Psaki have urged Americans daily to be patient with our own economic pain, as they claim to be finding solutions for our ongoing mess with inflation, goods shortages, supply-chain troubles, declining finances, a piss-poor U.S. Post Office and a medical system that is outrageously distorted and incredibly expensive. Biden puts the blame on Putin and the invasion of Ukraine and the sanctions it necessitated for our country’s current economic woes and the high costs of gas and food.
“It’s the cost of Freedom, Y’All!”
But if one looks closely, one will notice that government policies across the globe are ever more increasing in the ways they imitate one another. It’s becoming far too similar to the manner of the final global equilibrium in Orwell’s 1984, that focuses on three large states, indistinguishable in their tyrannical ambitions, that constantly trade places to demonize the other while urging their people to do the same.
Now look at the real life largest world alliances dominated by the United States, China and Russia and their respective allies, and one will find that many of their policies have begun to align and converge with each other in principle. There exists today a movement within the U.S/NATO and the European Union for a China-style social credit system. Russia uses brutal tactics for suppressing dissent that it copied from China, although it was brutal enough under the system Stalin used. China has copied the U.S. system of corporate subsidies and fiscal and monetary stimulus, and the U.S. basically copied China in its lockdown strategy for stamping out Covid-19.
The day the U.S. copied China’s lockdowns was a devastating moment for us all, because it was a declaration that this was “good science”. If the Bill of Rights and the Constitution in the U.S. was not enough to stop these tyrannical measures, then mere men could simply reject our inalienable rights as they saw fit and all future “law” would be anything they wanted, even on a whim, no matter how destructive it might be to the people.
At an alarming rate across the globe, especially in Australia, every government appears to be striving towards the same endgame: total political and social control, while allowing just enough freedom to keep the wealth machine running and the revenues flowing. Each country has its own set of political “elites” and the mechanisms put in place by the unelected administrative state — the Deep State — that allows them to grow and hold power in any manner the choose, until and unless they spark real and bloody rebellion through their high-handed, illegal and tyrannical actions.
The Great Reset is the coming chaos and the Fourth Industrial Revolution is the intended result or the new planned “world order”. The New World Order engineered by Klaus Schwab and his criminal cohorts of the World Economic Forum in partnership with many other globalist organizations and individual psychopathic communists and fascists.
No matter that it may sound like some bad science fiction. It’s real, and it’s here now. And it’s being driven by people who have a heavy influence over the world’s political leaders, the movers and shakers who rub elbows with the central bankers at the Federal Reserve Bank. The facilitators of the Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution are those who seek to subvert and reconstruct our society and our way of life to serve them, the partners of our national bankers, those closest to our national leaders and the bankers who could force such a reset to happen THROUGH A DELIBERATE COLLAPSE, should they wish to be a party to such a vile and evil Machiavellian, immoral plan.
The Commies and Globalists have been attempting to rebrand their agenda for the past five decades, at the very least, in order to make their New World Order agenda more acceptable to the Common Folk, and this is what they created: the Great Reset. When something is “reset” it goes back to zero and a blank slate. What this means for America and the world is unknown for the moment.
Many could quite naturally claim that the world already is somewhat governed through global economic centralization under the International Monetary Fund and the Bank for International Settlements. National central banks do take some of their orders from these institutions, but what the globalists are seeking is open global governance of finance, most likely through the IMF. For the powers-that-be, it’s not enough that they manipulate economies — not so secretly anymore — by using national banks as proxies, because they want to stop being the powers behind the scenes as they step into the light to be received as the magnanimous rulers they see themselves being, whenever they look in the mirror each day.
Their ultimate goal is to erase all notions of free markets and to have a small coterie of people to micromanage every aspect of trade and business, while continuing to hold great sway and power over the people and building their own great economic empires. But before this can be accomplished, they must first implement a one-world currency plan, too.
These Commie One Worlders actually want nothing less than a massive tidal-wave reversal from freedom and individual liberty and its associated prosperity that takes people back to an age-old manner of operating in all things, most similar to the ancient feudal system where peasants worked land owned by the elite rulers, the Kings and tyrants, or the state, and no one was ever allowed to own that land — the difference being that past peasants couldn’t own land because of the class system but today, no one will be allowed to own anything — except for them of course — because owning property or anything else is selfish and destructive to the planet in their feverish, lying-ass minds.
Another panel made clear the Technocratic dream https://www.worldgovernmentsummit.org/events/2022/session-detail/a0f3z0the-invisible-government-eliminating-bureaucracy-through-technology — the Hell on Earth and all the tyranny they wished to impose on us all:
“Technology is creating new possibilities as it simplifies processed, enables instant feedback, and ultimately improves customer experience. In the public sector, digitalized and artificial intelligence are creating a new model of governance — ‘invisible’ governments that are more agile, responsive, human-centric, and data-driven. In this session, global policymakers and experts will share their bold vision and experience in utilizing technology to eliminate bureaucracy and innovate government services for the future.”
In other words, they want a government that is “invisible” in order to get around those troublesome little things like constitutional governance and actual laws that were voted on by the people’s legally elected representatives and a world where government and politicians cannot be held accountable in any proper or real or serious manner. They seek a world controlled by tyrannical systems pulling strings behind the scenes, in which the ordinary citizens have no way to prevent exclusion or punishment based on an arbitrary system and their social credit score. But they cannot succeed unless we go along willingly and buy into all the new and dangerous technologies they are currently promoting to serve this end; we don’t have to enter this slave system and we have the power within ourselves and our communities to stop them, if only we will.
The progenitors of the New World Order and their minions have made such gains and have so much support among those who don’t want to work [who believe they won’t be made to work at some future date, or they will be imprisoned or killed] that they are counting on eventually owning all the information of the world, rewriting America’s history and the history of the world and erasing our people’s traditions and cultural memory along the way.
This is the reality of America’s situation and that of all the countries of the world at this very moment. It’s no longer a conspiracy or a theory when one can hear them say it and read their words in black and white ink, and no one who values their own labor and its fruits, their private property, and their freedom and liberty should be undecided about what to do from this point on.
The people of America freedom-loving people must act now and purge the communists and the globalists from our country, and truthfully, all freedom-loving people in every country across the world must do the same. If left to thrive and complete their mission unabated without fierce opposition, then one day in the not too distant future, there will not be anyone left to remember those of us who actually did fight the good fight and kept the faith in this war. All memory of it will have been written out of history with tales glorifying the Great Reset and a fantasy tale of the manner in which the Old World Order collapsed and a small coterie of “visionary” men and women saved everyone by way of the new religion of centralization.
Don’t let this become our new “reality”.
Many of you out there may one day soon wish that you had been the first to say “Kill a Commie for Mommy”.