We all remember that one of our kids who used the old “cookie jar permission” ploy.

This strategy uses the “divide and conquer” concept and goes something like this.

Son says to mom, ”Can I get a cookie from the cookie jar?” Mom answers, “Well, okay but just one or you’ll ruin your appetite.” Son runs off to the jar and using creative consciousness, remembers only the word, ‘OK.” A few minutes later the boy is leaving by the side entrance clutching eight cookies and a container of chocolate milk. Dad happens to spot him and calls, “Whoa, where do you think you’re going with all those cookies and that chocolate milk?” “Mom gave me permission,“ he answers, “She said it was Ok..”

Well finally it is all sorted out between the parents and the boy is given a healthy “Time out” or “grounding“ from his parents for his falsehood and greedy effort. The parents often remember such events fondly in later years knowing that the experience taught the child a good lesson about telling the truth and acting in a responsible way.

It is unfortunate that in these difficult times many political figures act much like the young boy in their habits. Only in this case it is our Constitutional freedoms that they gather up and run off with. Our privacy, our freedom of speech and much, much, more. When stopped and asked how they dare to do this they glibly answer, “I had permission, the voters all said I could ignore the Constitution.“

When the “parents” of these big kids, in the form of congressmen, representing the people, make it clear that such actions are way out of line, these guys, unlike the boy with the cookies, usually go on doing what they are doing answering with only a shrug of the shoulders. “Whatcha gonna to do about it?..” they smirk.

Well the people’s answer, in the years to come must be “Time for a healthy time out,”  (hopefully life long).

What’s good for the little kids, is definitely very good for the big ones.