Geoffrey Jones
Days Gone By

I am thinking this morning about a message of an old friend of mine, James Ulmer, a minister but also a book lover and for many years owner of “the Unique Bookshop” which was located on the main street of Mt. Juliet, Tennessee during quieter and less tech driven times.

Jim shared these thoughts with me and I share them with you. 

Cover to Cover, Thoughts in progress:  Holding a Hardback book in hand… reading stories of long ago… novels that engage the mind to think of knights in shining armor or the story of Black Beauty. Letting the mind explore without the back light of a device, but rather with the lamp beside a chair or a couch, or perhaps swaying in a lazy swing hanging from a tree with the dappling sunlight rays fluttering across the pages.

The lost art of collecting books and placing them on your own book shelf, now lies in the hidden chip of a device clothed in the darkness of a black hand held metal box that is cold and does not offer the same feeling as when you could not wait to turn the page in anticipation, or feared to flip the page over as if the words would leap off the page.

I come from that period of time, yet I too am often found reading a book or an article on the Internet. However, I long to read the written page, as I gaze upon my bookcases still filled with titles, stories, lives, waiting to be grasped hold of as if they are fading away because of the light from a lifeless screen across the room. Voices crying out to be heard…even smells that come from the pages of the ink from the printing presses long gone by now.

I am thinking that reading a book is like planting a garden….you have to turn the leaves to experience what is hidden beneath the cover…”     

 Amen, James, Amen. We have to consider the losses we suffer as we hurry to follow the directives in this age of technological bullying. While tycoons blast out “What makes us more profit is what is good for you!” we should stop and consider more. And get a bit more careful about what we choose to lose.

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