This November, we have the opportunity to decide who leads our nation. This election is extremely important because the leaders we elect — from the federal to the local level — will determine our future on several important issues including:

  • Right to life
  • Government vs. private health care
  • The national debt
  • Our religions freedom

We believe God has blessed our nation for more than 200 years because of the way we have valued our freedoms. But now, our freedoms are under attack. If we want to see our liberties preserved for future generations, we must speak out.

It’s estimated that there are at least 60 million committed Christians in America who love God and believe in the Bible, and only about 30 million of them vote in any given election.  We believe if those 30 million would vote we could turn our nation back to God, putting prayer and the Bible back in our schools, and the 10 commandments back on the walls for all to see. It is our prayer to see 100% voter registration at every Bible-believing church in Murfreesboro and across the USA.  As pastors and leaders, you can start by leading and encouraging voting in your churches.

Voting is a powerful way to make our voices heard. It is not only one of our greatest rights as citizens of the United States of America; it is also our responsibility as Christians and believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.

By staying silent, believers are allowing non-believers to decide who will run our government and create our public policies. If we want to see America return to her godly heritage, we as Christians must act, and we must act now. We must pray, but we also need to vote.  If every pastor will encourage his/her members to register and if every Christian will vote their Christian values, we can turn our nation back to God.

Together, we can elect principled leaders who will return America back to its great and godly heritage as “One Nation Under God.”  Proverbs 14:34 tells us “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people.”

Please join us in taking a stand for righteousness in our nation.

May God bless you, and may God bless America.

Christian grandmothers wanting to turn our nation back to God.