I had my memory of the philosopher, Diogenes, brought back to me, not by a course in ancient history but by watching the Mel Gibson thriller “Edge of Darkness.” The film is about a crooked government plot involving the murder of Emma Craven, a young whistleblower and her father’s effort to uncover the perpetrators of the crime.

Ray Winstone’s character, Capt. Jedburgh, is sent to assassinate Detective Craven, (Gibson) but in seeing his painful yet steadfast efforts to unravel his daughter’s murder, decides to aid him instead. He tells Craven that he feels like Diogenes “That guy who walked around with a lamp looking for an honest man.” Craven asks him “How did it turn out?” Jedburgh answers, “What, for him? I don’t remember, but you and I did pretty good.”

In the case of Dr. and Senator Scott Jensen, America has done pretty good too.

Dr Jensen has been a Doctor for 40 years. He is that classic kind of doctor I remember from years past before the new corporate model came in during the Nixon administration.

Earlier Doctors were more devoted to their patients than to their mansions and golf courses. They recognized each person not as a statistic but as an individual. They made house calls. They followed up on their patients’ progress.

So when the more modern medical establishment came to Dr Jensen and encouraged him to be deceptive in writing out death certificates in relation to the Covid 19 epidemic,featuring Covid19, regardless of the actual main cause of death, they met an honest man.

Dr Jensen reported the development publicly, even showing the document he had received, making him not only an honest physician but an honest politician as well (an even rarer commodity). Honesty is not rewarded in modern corporate America. Only a few thousand people watched his first posting. I saw it and when posting it on Facebook found myself meeting with angry responses for daring to post such a thing. 

Apparently, believing themselves to be unnoticed, the higher ups began to mount a campaign to punish Dr. Jensen for his openhearted honesty. Cloaking the accusers in the protective mask of anonymity, Dr. Jensen was informed that unnamed persons had accused him of “Spreading disinformation” and “reckless advice.” Dr. Jensen was amazed. He commented “If this could happen to me, it could happen to anybody.” He decided to share his experiences once again. This time modern technology actually paid off. His posting has gone viral and is presently seen by millions upon millions of people. He is beginning to be interviewed on talk shows and podcasts. Those who have been afraid to question the curious coincidences of constitutional freedoms being infringed upon daily and rights stomped upon in what the media has called “doing the right thing” are beginning to creep out of their hiding places and get some of their courage back. What other false information is being foisted upon us during this terrible time? What other paths to destruction are we being “instructed” to follow? The sorting out process is just beginning.

The days ahead will tell us the outcome. Thank you, Dr. Jensen, for reminding us some of what we’re made of. Diogenes would have been proud.