DJ Qualls Getting Married: Supernatural Stars DJ Qualls and Ty Olsson Announce Engagement

DJ Qualls, known for his iconic roles in film and television, has captivated audiences once again—not with his acting, but with a heartwarming announcement. The 45-year-old actor recently revealed on his podcast, “Locked and Probably …

DJ Qualls, known for his iconic roles in film and television, has captivated audiences once again—not with his acting, but with a heartwarming announcement. The 45-year-old actor recently revealed on his podcast, “Locked and Probably Loaded,” that he and fellow “Supernatural” star Ty Olsson are engaged. This revelation has sparked excitement among fans, marking a new chapter in the lives of these beloved actors.

A Friendship Turned Romance

During the May 15 episode of his podcast with co-host Kelly Blackheart, DJ Qualls shared the journey of his relationship with Ty Olsson. The two met at a convention for the popular CW series “Supernatural,” where Qualls played the werewolf Garth and Olsson portrayed the vampire Benny. Despite their initial brief encounter, their bond grew stronger over time.

Qualls reminisced about their early days, saying, “Ty and I became inseparable at the very beginning, just immediately. Over the last 10 years, our relationship evolved to what it is today, and now we’re getting married.” This deep connection, nurtured over a decade, blossomed from friendship into a profound partnership.

The Beginning of a Beautiful Journey

The actors’ first significant interaction occurred at a “Supernatural” convention. Qualls recalled how they barely exchanged words at the event but later spent several days together in London. This trip marked the beginning of their enduring friendship. Qualls recounted an amusing anecdote from that time: “I was going to Turkey with a friend, and Ty, being the pure, awesome guy he is, asked if he could join us. It was so ballsy and pure, and that’s just who he is.”

This spontaneity and genuine nature defined their relationship. Qualls emphasized Olsson’s qualities, describing him as one of the “most wonderful” people he had ever met. Their friendship, built on mutual respect and support, gradually evolved into something more profound.

A Supportive and Loving Partnership

Throughout their relationship, Qualls and Olsson have demonstrated unconditional love and support for each other. Qualls highlighted this during the podcast, explaining that true unconditional love involves treating your partner with respect and prioritizing their best interests. Olsson embodies these values, making him an exceptional partner for Qualls.

Qualls shared, “Ty was the first person in my entire life that I ever had that with. He’s the best friend I ever had, and now we’re going to be old men together, which is so crazy.” This heartfelt sentiment underscores the deep bond they share, rooted in friendship and evolving into a lasting romantic partnership.

Fan Reactions and Public Support

Following the engagement announcement, fans of “Supernatural” and the actors themselves took to social media to express their congratulations. One fan wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter), “Congratulations DJ Qualls and Ty Olsson, what a time we live in.” Olsson responded to the outpouring of love and support, thanking fans and sending love and hugs in return.

This engagement has not only delighted fans but also highlighted the supportive and loving nature of the “Supernatural” community. The positive response from fans demonstrates the impact these actors have had on their audience, both through their performances and personal journeys.

DJ Qualls: A Private Yet Intriguing Life

While DJ Qualls has gained fame for his unique acting style and distinctive roles, his personal life has often been a subject of curiosity. Unlike many celebrities, Qualls prefers to keep his private life under wraps. This engagement marks a rare glimpse into his personal affairs, shedding light on his relationship with Ty Olsson.

Qualls’ decision to maintain privacy about his personal life has often led to speculation, especially regarding his relationships and sexual orientation. However, this recent revelation provides clarity and showcases the genuine bond he shares with Olsson.

The Journey Ahead

As DJ Qualls and Ty Olsson embark on this new chapter together, their story serves as an inspiration to many. Their journey from friends to life partners highlights the importance of mutual respect, unconditional love, and genuine connection. Fans eagerly anticipate the next steps in their journey, celebrating this joyous milestone in their lives.


In conclusion, DJ Qualls and Ty Olsson’s engagement is a testament to their enduring friendship and deep love for each other. Their story resonates with fans and serves as a beautiful example of how genuine connections can evolve into lifelong partnerships. As they embark on this new journey together, the “Supernatural” stars continue to inspire and captivate audiences with their heartfelt story.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are DJ Qualls and Ty Olsson really getting married?

Yes, DJ Qualls and Ty Olsson are engaged. Qualls announced the news on his podcast, “Locked and Probably Loaded,” sharing their journey from friends to life partners.

2. How did DJ Qualls and Ty Olsson meet?

The two actors met at a “Supernatural” convention. Although they initially had little interaction, their friendship blossomed during a trip to London and further deepened over the years.

3. What roles did DJ Qualls and Ty Olsson play on “Supernatural”?

DJ Qualls played the werewolf Garth, while Ty Olsson portrayed the vampire Benny on the popular CW series “Supernatural.”

4. How have fans reacted to the engagement news?

Fans have expressed overwhelming support and congratulations for the couple on social media. The “Supernatural” community, in particular, has shown great enthusiasm and happiness for Qualls and Olsson.

5. Why is this engagement significant for DJ Qualls?

This engagement is significant because it marks a rare glimpse into DJ Qualls’ personal life, which he typically keeps private. It also highlights the deep bond and genuine connection he shares with Ty Olsson, built on years of friendship and mutual support.

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