Scripture Text: Luke 15: 7, 10, 32 Title: Angels rejoice!

Question of the Day: Why do angels rejoice when one sinner repents?

Jesus pointed the answer to that question in the story of the lost sheep, the lost coin, and the lost prodigal son. He spoke it plainly in verse 9-10 when He said that the woman gathered her neighbors together to celebrate with her when she found one of her precious valuable coins that had been lost. “She said to her neighbors, ‘Rejoice with me for I have found the piece of money that I had lost. Jesus then commented, “Similarly, the fact is that there is joy in the presence of the angels of God when each sinner turns from his sin to God.’”

In eternity past God created a large number of angels to do His bidding and to demonstrate His power as a Spirit Being. It seems from what we know that He created them all at the same time, and that they dont procreate like human beings do. When God made the human race, He created two people—one male and one female—and from those two everyone was born, and their sin passed on down to each person born throughout the years. But with the angels, it is indicated in Scripture that God created all of the angels, and at that time they were all “good angels,”that is, they were free from sin. But there came a time before man was created here on the earth that Satan decided to “…be like the Most High God…” and to rebel against God.

When that rebellion took place, the Scriptures also indicates that one third of the angels decided to follow the devil and thus came to be “the demonic spirits,” or demons, or devils. Some of them now have access to heaven (that should be a surprise to us!), many of them come down here and help the devil carry out his dastardly and rebellious lifestyle, and finally there are a certain number, who because of their evil nature are confined to the bottomless pit.

So when a sinner repents on earth, the angels of God in heaven are aware of this great event, and break out in rejoicing. But why do they rejoice? They rejoice because at that point that human being has gone from following the devil and his evil ways, and have started on the road to sanctification—or becoming holy like Gods “holy angels.”The Bible three times refers to the good angels of God as “holy angels,” and why? Because they have never sinned, and evidentially will never throughout eternity join the rebellion against God and sin. They had one chance when Satan rebelled, and they chose to remain true and loyal to God and not join the rebellion—and that is why they are called “holy angels.”

So when we repent, become born again, and a child of God, we join their ranks because they can see the end product—we will one day stand before God all cleaned up and without sin—forever! Even now believers are referred to as “saints” or “Gods holy children.” What a great thought! No wonder the angels rejoice!

Prayer: Lord, thank You for the example of Your “holy angels” to us as we can see that it is possible to live free from rebellion and joining the devil and his ranks in an outright rebellion that leads them ultimately to the lake of fire. No wonder there is such joy in heaven—and will be great joy throughout all of eternity when the devil is cast out, and all of us join the “holy angels” in worshipping a God who is holy and must be worshipped as such. We worship You for Your holiness—indeed it is beautiful! Amen!


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