David Virts

David Virts

Scripture Text:  John 14:8-11 Title: Show Me!

Question of the Day: How can we see Jesus and God the Father in action in our world today?

Unbelievers scoff because they want to see God with physical eyes; but when a person is born again, their spiritual eyes are opened and they learn to see God in action in world around them because they see and know and witness Jesus doing remarkable things. Jesus’ words in today’s text were prompted by a good statement from Philip: he longed to see the God the Father in action, but what he didn’t understand was that he did see God in action daily as he walked with Jesus. He didn’t know that when he saw Jesus in action, he was really also watching the Father actively daily doing things that gave ample proof of His presence. Jesus helped Philip sort this out.

Here is today’s text: “Philip spoke up and said, ‘Lord, then just show us the Father and that will be enough for us.’ Jesus answered him, ‘Philip, have you been with Me for this long a time and yet you haven’t known Me. Anyone who has seen Me has also seen the Father, so how can you say to Me, “Just show us the Father?” Don’t you believe that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me? The words that I speak to you I cannot speak as My words; the Father, who dwells in Me, He is the One doing the works that I do. Believe Me when I say that I am in the Father, and the Father is in Me, or else just believe when you see the miracles that I do.’”

In these words Jesus gave us insight into how we can see both Jesus and God the Father in action in our world. Jesus had been with the disciples for a long time by now—three years—and they had seen Him teaching the crowds of people, healing the sick and disabled, feeding huge crowds with a very little food, walking on water, He had been transformed before three of them, the whole group had seen Him casting out demonic spirits, and raising the dead. Now that is the power of God in action, and yet the disciples didn’t understand that when they saw Jesus in action, they were seeing God in action, so Jesus told them that they had seen the Father when they saw Him. But how were they to know that seeing Him was seeing the Father?

Jesus then gave one of the great keys, one which baffles the world. “Do you believe that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me…” Jesus had challenged them to believe many times, and even rebuked them on several occasions for their lack of faith. So how strong and real must our faith be? It must be strong enough to see the Father in action through the Son. Jesus explained to them that the words that He spoke were not words that came from Him, but words that the Father had given Him to speak. This is a great testimony as to how much Jesus knew the Scriptures by that time in His life. He had read through all of the Scriptures that was available to Him at that time (He referred to much of the Old Testament when He quoted from it—and the disciples picked up on that and quoted from the Living Word of God in their epistles), and when He read He recognized Himself, the words He needed to use and the prophecies He needed to fulfill. Now that is the Word of God in action in this world!

Then Jesus pointed to the works, the miracles that He had performed as proof that the Father was working in and through Him. Is God the Father, for example, still healing people and helping people who are disabled to walk again in our world today? How many times have you been sick, but the sickness didn’t last and God gave the physicians and the amazing power of healing that takes place in your body so that now you are sick no more. Or how about the deep hurts that every person goes through and the scars that those hurts leave? Does the Word of God still “heal the brokenhearted and bind up their wounds”, and is God still in the business of “restoring our souls for His righteousness’ sake” as He said through King David? These are prime examples of God at work in our world.

Jesus went on in verse 12 to say that when we believe in Him, greater works will happen because He was going back to the Father so that these works would not just be in one small sized country of the world, but in and through the lives of believers all over the world. Now that is God in action, and Jesus made it clear to the puzzled disciples with their questions and comments that God the Father is always at work in our world. The world doesn’t see it, but with eyes of faith and looking at things through spiritual eyes instead of insisting that everything be seen with our physical eyes we too can see God the Father at work through His Son, Jesus Christ, and through the Holy Spirit. I can see God in action in this world!

Prayer: Lord, I now see You and God the Father in action in my world—thanks to Your life here on earth. Open all of our eyes to see what You are doing in the world today as You prepare this world for your second coming. Show me this day, and every day, how You are restoring lives, healing the sick, demonstrating Your massive power, and just sovereignly ruling over the universe. Open our eyes to see… Amen!