by Cathy Hinners, Daily Roll Call, Nashville, TN

As a retired police officer, I will stand by my statements that those in National Guardsmen or police uniform, on duty, that decide to lay down their equipment or bow in any way to protestors should be reprimanded and or removed.

This has nothing to do with rights to peacefully protest, this has to do with knowing what your duties are.

Compassion and respect can be shown by doing your job which is to provide a safe environment for these peaceful protestors and the surrounding community. It is not to make political statements, appease or sympathize. We took an oath to protect and serve, not to kneel and obey. If you think “serve” means to do what protestors want you are mistaken. Serving is upholding and enforcing the laws, and the Constitution.

Last evening on Nashville news channel 4, there was an exclusive “anonymous” interview with a TN National Guard soldier who was upset because his unit was being sent to help with riot control in Washington DC. (…/article_18c3cdce-a5f0-11ea-9a8a-f773…)

The soldier said he doesn’t believe it’s the mission of the guard to silence peaceful protestors. That is the false narrative the media wants you the public to believe.

It is not about stopping peaceful protests, it is about stopping any further destruction and loss of police and innocent bystanders lives. If you believe that the violence is over, you are blind. Protests can and most likely will in some cases turn violent again.

This is not a debate over whether I know who personally issued the order either. The laying down of shields by those in uniform is a sign of weakness and disrespect to those police officers who have been killed or injured by protestors turned rioters. Wanna join the protestors do it, but not when you are supposed to have others’ backs as reinforcement and certainly not in uniform.

Do your damn job or leave it.