Dear Editor:
Biden’s new policies to combat Covid will probably include a debit card activated Mandated Gas Mask that costs a $100 a day and stops letting any air enter if payment isn’t received.
Far Fetched? Sounds far fetched, I know. And I did just make that up, as I imagine nothing is beyond the realm of possibilities regarding these anti-American Marxists and tyrants.
But who would have thought in 2019 that our entire economy would be shut down and people forced to stay at home, small businesses shut down and church doors closed by command?
Who would have thought that an experimental drug being passed off as a “vaccine – with Harmful Side Effects — would have been mandated by private sectors at the Federal Govt’s behest, through coercion and intimidation? Even now, the Biden regime is considering actually making the “vaccine” mandatory for all Americans, while they’ve already mandated it for the military and all federal government employees.
We’re entering dangerous and dark times as a people.
No matter how much they advertise that they are acting for “the general well being of the public” or “the good of the people”, it’s good to remember all the murders of the past that were perpetrated by the Marxists and Fascists of the world ….. “For the Good of the People.”
Nothing about the Biden Regime’s Covid policy is for “the Good of the People” and everything is for the good of Biden and Marx Inc, the Squad and the Democratic Party Communist insiders in order to grow their power and move them steps closer to total control over the entire country, its resources, land, wealth and its people.
~ Justin O Smith, Murfreesboro, TN