On October 29, 2020, I ate breakfast at a restaurant near my home.  People from two different tables near me started talking about the election.  Each of them said that they had voted for Obama in 2008.  This time, each had voted early and each had voted for Trump.

They gave three reasons for voting for Trump: (1) They did not like that Joe Biden had used political office to help his family make millions of dollars from China, Ukraine, and Russia; (2) They did not like the fact that Joe Biden had cornered one of his aides and fondled her sexually; (3) They did not like the dishonest, slanted coverage of the election from major news media and social media giants Twitter and Facebook that were clearly favoring Joe Biden.  They wondered if Joe Biden and foreign governments had pressured or bribed the news outlets.

I thought this conversation in the local restaurant was very interesting.

Woodrow Wilcox, Dyer, Indiana