Question of the Day: What does God’s love do to rescue His children when they are in deep trouble?

From beginning to end of this psalm the writer chronicles the many things that God’s love does for His people and His children.  Just look at this amazing list and compare it to what you have gone through in your own life: isn’t His love totally overwhelming and amazing?

O God, help me to be aware of Your steadfast love that touches my life every day:

When I feel Your presence, I feel Your love; when You guide me, it is Your love that guides each path that I take.

When You pick me up when I am down, it is Your love that lifts me up,

When I am down and discouraged, I am encouraged because I know that it is Your love that does it.

When my enemies attack me and You come to my rescue, it is Your love that I see in action.

When I see the godly life of other believers, I am encouraged by seeing Your love in action in their lives.

When You supply my every need, I see Your love providing for me.

When I see the wicked people of this world put down and defeated, it is Your love that rejoices my heart.

When Your blessings are showered on me even though I don’t deserve it, it is Your love that sends them my way.

When I am hungry and thirsty, it is Your love that gives me food and drink.

When I long for a city to live in where I will fell completely at peace, it is Your love that has provided a safe haven for me.

When the storms of life are made to be quiet peaceful waters, it is the command of Your voice motivated by Your love that came to my rescue; when I meet with fellow believers and together we lift a song of praise to You, I am constantly reminded of Your uplifting love.

When I cry out for help when in trouble and distressing situations, it is Your love that answers my cry and delivers me.

When I am sick, it is Your love that brings healing to this old sin-cursed body.

When I sing songs, the theme of them is always Your steadfast love.

When I am in a dark damp prison, it is Your love that rescues me and breaks the bars of the prison and sets me free.

When my heart is bowed down with hard labor in prison and I fall down and there is no one to help me up, it is the Your steadfast love that brings me out of that mess.

Even when I have rebelled against Your Word and spurned Your counsel to me, it is then that Your steadfast love seeks me out and brings me back home,

When I have wandered from place to place on earth as though I am lost, it is Your steadfast love that tracks me down,

And when my soul is faint and weary, it is then that Your steadfast love comes to my rescue and lifts me up.

Need we say any more?  How long is your list?  It is psalms like this that make us so thankful to our God and ignites our hearts is praise to Him!

Prayer:O God, in this psalm You showed us how to make a list of all the things that we can be thankful for, and at the top of that list is Your steadfast love. We praise You because we feel Your arms of love around us daily.  Thanks for keeping me in the bull’s eye of Your great love!  What a rescue Your love brings to Your children!  Amen!


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