In America we have always taken comfort in our holidays; both the official ones and the unofficial ones.

We’ve been a hard working country and appreciated the high points and exciting festivals that reward us and cheer us and please our imaginations as each year unwinds.

I’ve written in earlier issues of the joy it gave me, years ago, when I lived in a large, old house on a village street and we decorated and prepared for the trick or treaters with bowls of candy and costumed monsters in the attic windows. That, combined with remembrance of taking my children and later grandchildren trick or treating year by year, comprise very happy memories for me.

This year, however, tech is being very strict. It prepares us, day by day, with concepts of hiding behind doors and sliding candy down a chute. Or perhaps paying the tech lords for a new app so we can have a “Zoom party” with friends faces smiling in little boxes on our TV or computer screen, WOW!

A lot like Fahrenheit 451 don’t you think? I hope tech will sell me my script early so I will be ready to read it when the faces appear in all the little windows. Though this sounds sarcastic, I don’t mean to dampen the ardor of those trying to preserve some of the spirit, it’s the folks behind scenes I’m aiming at. The folks who encourage our pain for their gain.

We are prescribed to by technology so much we’ve pretty much forgotten that these ad people are not doctors. The tech Lords are not complaining about our confusion, though. They are in fact doing extremely well as self appointed planners. Reports of their ever increasing wealth attest to that.

Well…it gives one pause. Perhaps we should sit out a couple of holidays if only to spend a bit more time thinking. Thinking about what life means to us and where we are right now. And though the tech bots echo “Don’t try to think or do research, leave that to the experts” perhaps we should shut down a few noisy apps and dust off a few books. Look at the past, compare lessons in classic literature and history to a lot that’s happening now. What do you think?

Happy Halloween.

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