Hassie Harrison Married: Yellowstone Stars Spark Wedding Rumors

Yellowstone fans are abuzz with speculation that Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison have taken their relationship to the next level. The actors, who portray on-screen lovers Walker and Laramie in the popular Paramount drama, have …

hassie harrison married

Yellowstone fans are abuzz with speculation that Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison have taken their relationship to the next level. The actors, who portray on-screen lovers Walker and Laramie in the popular Paramount drama, have ignited marriage rumors after being spotted wearing what appear to be wedding rings.

Evidence of a Secret Wedding?

The rumors gained traction when a clip posted on November 30th by Bingham and his bourbon brand, Bingham’s Bourbon, showed the 42-year-old actor-singer sporting a simple gold band on his left ring finger. In the Instagram video, Bingham holds a bottle of bourbon, subtly revealing the ring. Adding to the speculation, Hassie Harrison, 33, was seen wearing a similar ring during the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, as shared by Cowboys & Indians Magazine.

Fans quickly took to the comments sections of both posts, questioning the presence of the rings with comments like, “Why are you flashing that ring?” and “Ummmm, is that a wedding ring?! How did I not hear this?” Despite the swirling rumors, neither Harrison nor Bingham has commented on the potential marriage, and their representatives have not responded to requests for clarification.

Public Romance Blossoms

The Yellowstone co-stars first made their off-screen romance public in April, delighting fans with their Instagram debut. On April 12th, Bingham posted a photo of himself and Harrison in matching camouflage outfits, kissing in front of a bonfire. The caption read, “More than a spark 🔥.” Harrison reciprocated the sentiment in the comments, writing, “I love you, cowboy 🥰.”

Since then, the couple has shared several glimpses into their budding relationship. In May, Harrison posted a photo from the Stagecoach country music festival, where Bingham, a Grammy-winning musician, performed. In July, Bingham shared a sweet snapshot of the couple at a Colter Wall concert. Harrison also shared a playful beach photo of the two in swimsuits, captioning it, “Highly recommend taking your cowboy to the beach.”

A Musical Duo

On December 1st, the couple revealed another facet of their relationship: making music together. In a joint Instagram post, Bingham and Harrison shared a video of themselves singing an unreleased song, with Bingham lying across Harrison while playing the guitar. The duo also performed the romantic tune onstage at the National Finals Rodeo, further fueling the marriage speculation as Harrison’s ring was prominently visible.

From On-Screen to Real Life Love

Though the timeline of their relationship remains private, it is clear that Bingham and Harrison met on the set of Yellowstone. Bingham has been part of the show since its first season, becoming a regular in season four, while Harrison joined in the third season. Their on-screen chemistry as Walker and Laramie has seamlessly transitioned into real life, much to the delight of fans.

Hassie Harrison and Ryan Bingham’s Western Wedding

Hassie Harrison and Ryan Bingham’s western wedding was a dream come true. The intimate ceremony took place at Harrison’s family home in Dallas, a location rich with personal significance. The weekend kicked off with a cowboy-themed cocktail party, followed by a stunning ceremony in a cathedral-style tented conservatory. The couple even performed together, adding a personal touch to their special day.

“There was a palpable sense of love and energy in the air, a kind of magic that’s hard to describe,” Harrison told Vogue. “Seeing generations from both sides of our families, our friends, and especially the children all coming together was such a blessing. And then, there was the moment I locked eyes with Ryan as I walked toward him. Seeing the tears well up in his eyes—it just melted my heart.”

A Serendipitous Meeting

The couple’s love story began not on the set, but through a serendipitous encounter orchestrated by Harrison’s mother. She met Bingham at a charity event in Dallas and encouraged him to reach out to her daughter. “It truly was one of those serendipitous moments that make you realize life has a way of bringing people together at precisely the right time and place,” Harrison reflected.

A Celebration Rooted in Texas Heritage

Choosing Harrison’s family home in Dallas for their wedding was a nod to their Texas heritage. The celebrations began with a welcome party at the Crescent Club, a place filled with cherished family memories. The club was transformed into an old-time Western bar, complete with a mariachi band, Texas wildflowers, and a DJ.

Harrison described the invitations, designed by Southern Fried Paper, as “elegant Western” with tones of worn leather, delicate lace, and a soft blush color palette. The ceremony and reception featured stunning florals that complemented the day’s magic, designed with the help of Harrison’s mother, sisters, and Gro Floral and Event Design.

“From the start, Ryan and I just really wanted to create a day that wasn’t just a series of events—but a heartfelt experience that centered around emotions, comfort, intimacy, and genuine moments with the people we love the most,” Harrison shared. “Every choice was a reflection of us, and getting to witness it all come to life was incredible.”

Fashion and Cuisine Fit for a Western Wedding

Harrison wore a beaded, corseted gown by Galia Lahav, which she knew was “the one” the moment she tried it on. Bingham donned a custom-tailored Kiton tuxedo, Republic Boots, and an American Hat Co. hat. The reception tent honored Texas’s oldest dance hall, Gruene Hall, and the menu featured classic Texas cuisine, including cornbread and caviar, smoked wagyu ribs, chicken fried steak, and corn on the cob.

Personal Touches and Memorable Performances

Every detail of the wedding had a personal touch, from the live greenery wall and custom neon signs at the reception to the special performances. The highlight was a piano solo by Bingham’s daughter, which moved everyone to tears. Harrison also wore a short, beaded fringe dress by Netta BenShabu for late-night dancing, perfectly suited for the surprise after-party.

A Magical Afterparty

The after-party was a “cosmic cowboy” extravaganza with neon lights, a DJ, sweet treats, and a disco saddle. The couple exited in style in a Cadillac Coupe Deville, but soon rejoined their guests for more dancing in Harrison’s family living room. “It was the perfect ending to a perfect night—and honestly, we couldn’t have imagined it any better,” Harrison said.


Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison’s romance and subsequent wedding have captivated fans, blending their on-screen chemistry with a real-life love story. Their Western-themed celebration, rich with personal touches and emotional moments, was a true reflection of their bond and heritage. As fans await official confirmation of their marital status, the love and joy they share continue to shine brightly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison married?
While neither has officially confirmed, both actors have been seen wearing wedding rings, sparking speculation that they have tied the knot.

2. When did Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison start dating?
The couple made their relationship public in April, sharing their romance on Instagram.

3. How did Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison meet?
They met on the set of Yellowstone, where Bingham plays Walker and Harrison plays Laramie.

4. Where was Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison’s wedding held?
The wedding was held at Harrison’s family home in Dallas, Texas.

5. What theme did Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison choose for their wedding?
They chose an elegant Western theme, incorporating elements of their Texas heritage into the celebration.

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