What are high school football coaches looking at right now? Hopes for returning to some form of normalcy and helping our nation heal from the mental and physical sickness that has encompassed all.

Limited forms of practice began on June 1 with restrictions in place. The importance of allowing this reopening is catamount to the success of our youth. Those not close to the sport do not always understand the importance of this game to many of these kids. Providing structure, discipline, and educating about the importance of teamwork greatly outweigh the on-field X’s and O’s.

“It’s great to finally see these kids smiling faces and be a part of their excitement,” says Matt Williams, head coach at Smyrna. “I think they have struggled with no routine and no football. Having them back and seeing the joy on their faces made everything seem better. Feeling somewhat normal has brightened everyone’s day. Our kids have done a wonderful job of following the protocol  during these early workouts. We feel really good about this group and are lucky to be back together again.”

As coaches across Rutherford County continue to lead our youth in the right direction the focus will be on tackling the challenges before us all. The good news is the teams can now gather. Robbed of the learning time called Spring practice, programs will now simply do what they can as all look forward to a return to life as we all knew it.