Scripture Text: Luke 17: 5-10 Title: What Does God Want?

Question of the Day: What does God expect from us—His servants?

Jesus had a way of tying together two completely disjointed thoughts together in order to make His point, but when He made His point, it was driven home deep into our hearts. This is the case in this story. Listen as Luke tells us how Jesus explained faith to His disciples. Here’s what the text says, “And it is at this point that the apostles turned to Jesus and said, ‘Lord, what can we do to have more faith?’ And the Lord said to them, ‘If you had a very little amount of faith, as much as a very little mustard seed, you could say to this sycamore tree, “Be uprooted and thrown into the ocean,” and it would obey you.

“But which of you, if he had an employee plowing in the field or feeding your cattle, and would casually say to him as he came in from chores, “Go and sit down and eat”? Wouldn’t you really say, “Fix a meal first so I can eat, and prepare the meal and serve me first, and after I have had plenty to eat and drink, then you can serve yourself?” Would you then thank that servant because he did what was expected of him and what he was ordered to do? I don’t think so! In the same way, when you have done all of this things that you are commanded to do, you must then say, “we are unworthy employees: we have only done what was our duty to do.”’”

Here Jesus ties together the fact that our faith needs to be increased, the potential of doing what I do by faith, and the fact that just being His servant and doing what was expected of me is my duty. What do these have to do with one another? We all know our need to have our faith increased, so Jesus pointed out to here that when we do the task that God has given us to do, and carry out His plan for us, that is only our duty, “we are unworthy servants; we have only done what was our duty to do.”

Does it take faith to complete the task that God has given us to do—when we can’t see how that fits into our lives and into His eternal plan? When we move ahead and do what He has ordered us to do, will He not be there and, if needed, a sycamore tree will be uprooted and cast into the ocean if it is in the way? I believe that the biggest thing that holds back our faith is our inability to see the “big picture”; that is, to see all that God is doing, and the seemingly small insignificant task He has give me to do is really part of a huge plan that encompasses all of this life and right on into eternity as we serve Him. So, as Jesus said here, we must see ourselves as “unworthy servants”, and just dig in and do whatever He asks us to do.

Prayer: Lord, as I look at the seemingly small task that You have given me to do, I get discouraged because it seems so insignificant; yet by faith I move ahead expecting You to move mountains and uproot trees, and in so doing remove all obstacles that would stand in the way of Your plan from being accomplished. Thank You for acting on our behalf!  Amen!