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412, 2019

Our Republic is in Crisis

December 4th, 2019|0 Comments

America’s traitors must not go unpunished

The United States Republic has been under a sustained assault since 2016, by a Democratic Party, that has used every mechanism and maneuver possible to undermine President Trump’s administration; and it now self-describes itself as “the Resistance”, an incendiary title most usually ascribed to insurgents fighting an occupying military power and not a “Loyal Opposition”. Their worldview is so far removed from America’s Founding, so antithetical, that they now stand as the Enemy from Within, as they engage in a war to cripple a duly elected government by any means necessary, and this cannot be allowed, if this nation is to continue as a true Republic.

Time and time again, the Democratic Party has exhibited it is willing to use any means necessary to gain a momentary advantage to achieve their agenda and goals, no matter the systemic implications and the unintended or intended collateral consequences. They do not care if their actions can be justified as a general rule of conduct, equally applicable to all of America, since they believe they are the most brilliant animals in the room and seek to impose their will, despite any protestations.

Our governing system is in crisis, and our Republic is indeed in crisis. Both are in crisis due to the Democratic Party’s belief that their actions to ignore, subvert and replace norms, institutions and laws are somehow authorized simply by their will, edict and proclamation, and their follower’s acceptance of this abrogation of the Constitution compounds and exacerbates the situation, creating dangerous times for all America.

Immediately upon Trump’s election, Rosa Brooks, Defense Department official under Obama, outlined ways to remove Trump from office, before the 2020 elections, in an article for Foreign Policy. In seditious and treasonous style, she brazenly advocated for a military coup.

In recently discovered tweets, Mark Zaid, attorney for the traitorous Ukraine Gossip Leaker, boasts of the coup in January 2017, typing the words: “#coup has started. First of many steps. #rebellion. #impeachment will follow. … As one falls, two more will take their place.”

And, in a recent New York Times op-ed, retired Admiral William McRaven essentially called for President Trump’s ouster, as he suggested “the sooner the better.”

Traitors within the Obama administration’s CIA, FBI, DOJ and State Department, along with federal bureaucratic holdovers, had to be acting at the direction of Obama himself, when all is said and done, in this coup to overthrow President Trump, and the mainstream media was culpable all along the way, doubling, tripling and quadrupling down on the dishonest narrative. They are all now desperate to evade their responsibility for this, as they still advance the false premise that Russia hacked the 2016 election to help Donald Trump defeat Hillary Clinton. And as all the traitors are being exposed, one by one, they are willing to bring down the country rather than face the consequences of their sedition and treason.

Reported by Fox News, John McLaughlin, former acting CIA Director, recently publicly exclaimed, “Thank God for the Deep State.” He was soon joined by John Brennan, former CIA Director, who added his agreement in praise for the “Deep State people” and their opposition to President Trump.

How are the American people supposed to maintain this nation, when nearly half of them support the anti-American, anti-Constitution and rule of law actions and policies of the Democratic Party? How does this not end badly for America?

The Democratic Party communists are hellbent on impeachment and the absence of wrongdoing and any real case doesn’t enter their illogical thought process. They do not care that they are further seeding the destruction of America and will reap the whirlwind to follow.

After President Obama’s hot microphone moment with Russian President Medvedev was excused and the media was essentially silent on it, the Democrats really are throwing bricks in a glass house, especially in light of former Vice-President Biden’s actual quid pro quo, regarding withholding aid to Ukraine until an honest Ukrainian prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden was fired. Can anyone really honestly state that President Trump has committed one single misdemeanor or high crime, in this entire miserable mess?

And now all America is being forced to endure the nauseating spectacle of the bug-eyed mentally ill Representative Adam Schiff chairing the “impeachment inquiry”, and acting bizarrely and near deranged, in the House Intelligence Committee, where Schiff has regularly abused his power and shredded the constitutional norms. Schiff has continuously, consistently and maliciously blocked every attempted defense of the nakedly absurd charges against President Trump, through chicane and deceitful means that are void of any concept of due process, concocted by Schiff and his communist lawfare confidence men and grifters — no right to argue against those set of Stalinist rules and this ensuing “show trial”, no right to call witnesses and no right to cross-examine “witnesses”, those purveyors of hearsay.

Speaker Pelosi has refused to initiate a formal impeachment trial, since that would trigger a legal process that would remove the Democrat’s current tyrannical hold over the process. Instead, she has opted to acquiesce to the current melodramatic fishing expedition, one more quixotic chapter in the ignominious crusade to reverse the 2016 election.

In the meantime, the gas-lighting of America by the media also continues, in stories like the November NYT’s ‘Russia Inquiry Review Is Said to Criticize F.B.I. but Rebuff Claims of Biased Acts’. This is simply an attempt to convince America that the entire FBI abuse of the FISA warrant process and multiple lies presented to the FISA Court all rests on the shoulders of one lone, lowly miserable chump of a lawyer, Kevin Clinesmith, who manipulated and doctored one email, and its truthless assertions are meant to exonerate both the CIA and the FBI for opening the “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation on false evidence they furnished to the FISA judges.

More eerie blue gas-light dances throughout CBS and its 60 Minutes reality optional story on the supposed Russian hacking of our election, in a blatant attempt to deflect from the fact that Crowdstrike, owned by Ukrainian oligarch Dmitri Alperovitch, created the story initially, and Crowdstrike had been hired by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton to interfere in the 2016 election. After the fact, Crowdstrike also became the sole entity allowed to perform a forensic examination on the DNC’s servers, while persuading the FBI to turn a blind-eye; in other words, the DNC’s contractor investigated its own criminal behavior. Doesn’t any patriotic American want that investigated?

The Democrats are waging a heated attack ahead of the post-Thanksgiving deluge of bad news they anticipate to be forthcoming in Horowitz’s report. Many criminal cronies whose turpitude and crimes have been richly and publicly fully documented for many months may soon be called to an accounting on detailed charges, and at the very least, those facing criminal indictments should and must eventually include the following, if any true justice still exists in America; charge, arrest, prosecute and imprison: Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Strzok, Page, Mccabe, Rosenstein. And if real justice is to be had, any sweep must capture Bill Priestap, Sally Yates, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, John Carlin, Michael Gaeta, and most certainly even Barack Obama, the Democratic Party Prince of Darkness, just in time for Christmas, too. And a bit of added reward would see Robert Mueller and Andrew Weissmann included for their mendacious, malicious prosecution, when they knew for two full years they had no case.

Let all freedom loving patriotic Americans pray and work to ensure that any action countering this coup finally includes a nationwide drag-net that sweeps up all involved in the latest UkraineGate subterfuge, such as the faux “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella, those complicit agents from Rep. Adam Schiff’s office, and accomplice Michael Atkinson — the current Intelligence Community Inspector General who has a major conflict of interest as the former legal counsel to Assistant Attorney John Carlin, who headed the National Security Division of the Justice Department at the start of the FBI’s “Crossfire Hurricane” stratagem; of equal note, Atkinson was also previously Robert Mueller’s chief of staff at the FBI. And let’s not forget that Ciaramella was a CIA spy serving in the White House, who then promptly engaged in the height of sedition and lawlessness by actually spying on the President of the United States and his staff.

These traitors must not go unpunished, and if there is any truth to the report that Inspector General Horowitz has essentially given cover to several of the coup plotters, including James Comey, this portends of more dark days ahead and more evil machinations yet to come.

Over half of America has been awaiting the moment authorities, acting in accordance with the actual rule of law, put an end to this convoluted, terrible campaign of seditious fog that is driving our country close to the brink of a second civil war. The half of our countrymen who have digested and analyzed the evidence of this treason and sedition, underwritten by Hillary Clinton and her allies, on the back-channels of the information highway understand that millions of other credulous Americans who accepted the CIA narrative are in for a massive surprise once they discover how deeply all America has been betrayed.

I know without any doubt that much of the Republic’s future rests on the final determination of the Inspector General’s Report and any successful action towards rounding up and prosecuting all the anti-American TRAITORS involved in this entire sorry mess. When and if America witnesses this egregious part of Her history made right by the prosecution and imprisonment of these traitors, only then will myself and millions of other fine Americans look more hopefully on what the future may hold for America. If these traitors escape true justice, whether one wishes to acknowledge the fact, the republic is essentially done and over, and anything goes moving forward, since that will, in fact, be the attitude taken from any such point on by both parties.

In an age of traitors justifying their sedition and treason as a normal path of resistance to a President, whose only crime is being hated by the communist Democrats, it is not any exaggeration to state that many of those involved in this ongoing assault against the President and the Republic should have to answer charges up to and including treason. Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham must find the strength to force the ignoble cast of characters to feast at the table of the consequences of their own actions, and other loyal Americans in pertinent departments must anticipate and stand ready to preempt any attempt by these desperate traitors and their respective agencies to enlist the military brass in an outright overthrow of the executive, since intimations of this are already circulating. In these upside-down times, when the misguided, the ignorant and the Evil redefine patriotism as removing the President before a constitutionally mandated election, any such move will result in civil violence unseen since the mid-Nineteenth century: The Deep State and the Democratic party have worn out their welcome and their legitimacy.

2611, 2019

Rise and Save This County

November 26th, 2019|0 Comments

“I have never in my life ‘loved’ any people or collective … I indeed love ‘only’ my friends and the only kind of love I know of and believe in is the love of persons.” ~ Hannah Arendt, German born Jewish thinker and a refugee to America, 1941

“It’s not cool to be Negro or Jewish or Italian or anything else. It’s just cool to be alive. You don’t have to be black to have soul.” ~ Aretha Franklin, an American singer, ‘The Queen of Soul’ 

Americans on the whole will either fight to preserve traditional and historical America and what has become recognized as our American principles, or Americans will submit to a forced demographic change through coercion and Leftist tactics that alternate between constant harangues, cajoling and violent assaults on conservative Americans and drastic changes in U.S. immigration law, if the Democratic Party regains the White House anytime soon. So many have already made this battle a question of race and whether or not America will remain a white majority nation, when race must not be anyone’s main concern. The question at hand is whether or not those new immigrants we accept into the country will arrive eager to help support capitalism married to equal opportunity and justice for all under the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution, rather than seek to help the socialists and communists tear our republic apart, in this war for America’s future.

Race and one’s color are accidents of birth and genetics, that have been defined in certain positive and negative ways through social constructs, and ideas are formed by people, not races. To be tolerant of others, all races and colors, doesn’t mean one needs to tolerate ideas that undermine and cut across the grain of the ideas of Our Founders and those principles of freedom and liberty that America was built upon.

If anyone truly loves America and wants to place America first, they certainly must want the best and brightest immigrants to be found to be allowed entry to Her domain ahead of all others, immigrants who benefit the United States. This means engaging in heavy scrutiny of all immigrants, just as in the days of Ellis Island, in order to find and select the strongest and most highly principled people, in order to make America a stronger nation.

The Democratic Party and the Left cannot possibly love America. From the very first day that the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 was rammed down America’s throat, by Senator Ted Kennedy and his anti-American ilk, America’s immigration system has transformed from a mechanism for enriching the nation for the ruling class elite, both globalist RINOs and communist Democrats, and immigrants into a scheme for importing anti-American voters who will be used to complete the “fundamental transformation” of America into an authoritarian socialist state.

Ted Kennedy’s Hart-Celler Act and Pres. Ronald Reagan’s Immigration Reform and Control Act [1986], codifying amnesty, opened the immigration floodgates and created a demographic nightmare from those times to the present. The consequences of these acts were multiplied by chain migration and compounded by the UN’s refugee resettlement dumping programs that enriched the religious opportunists from Catholic, Lutheran, Episcopalian and Jewish organizations alike, bringing in the world’s most undesirable from the Third World and Islamic terrorist breeding grounds, as America endured one amnesty after another.

Most of the modern day migrants from Africa and Central and South America have a long history of tribalism and a cultural proclivity towards socialism and totalitarianism, that has readily lent itself to manipulation by the collectivists and communists of the world, for more than a century. These foreign poor are easily demagogued into tribal voting by the Democrats, using their race and ethnicity to balkanize America and keep the pot from melting, and in the process, the Democratic Party is poisoning America’s Judeo-Christian and Western Principles and the basis for our system and our founding, with immigrants and so-called “refugees” holding extremely different and antithetical values and ideas to those virtues still held dear today by a significant majority of Americans.

Look at Honduras, Nicaragua, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia and Mexico and all across that part of the globe and one will see Latin American leaders promising their people free healthcare, free everything, just like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren — America’s most notable communists — are currently promising America. And all across Latin America today, one will see millions upon millions of poor indigenous people voting for this failed system, proven as such time and again and playing out to a bitter end in Venezuela today.

In Mexico the world watched every year for 71 straight years, as the people voted for the Institutional Revolutionary Party and one-party authoritarian rule, achieving nothing other than total economic failure year after year. It was as though the Mexicans wanted to be symbolically slapped across the face each year.

Michele Malkin, renown journalist and woman of color, recently looked at immigration to America through the prism of Asian Americans in her November 15th article, ‘America First: The Torch Is Being Passed’, and in it she notes:

“Let’s look at the exit polls on Asian-American voters who turned out for last week’s national elections.

Asian American voter ID split 51-10 Ds over Rs in Virginia; 80-16 Ds over Rs for House of Delegate votes; and 81-15 Ds over Rs for State Senate. Asian-Americans supported stricter gun control 71-20 & supported impeachment [of Pres. Trump] 64-17. Top presidential candidates for those surveyed: Biden, Warren & Sanders.

In Philadelphia, Asian American ID split was 65-6 Ds over Rs. They voted for the Dem mayoral candidate 74-3. Their top 3 presidential candidates: Biden, Warren, Yang. Asian Americans favored impeachment 68-7.

In Houston, AA voter ID split 33-30 Ds over Rs. Top prez candidate Trump (38), Biden (15), Warren (12). AAs in Houston SUPPORTED MORE GUN CONTROL 58-24 and were evenly split on impeachment 41-41.”

Statistically proven, approximately eighty percent of Third World immigrants to America vote for the Democratic Party, because rather than freedom and liberty, they come seeking U.S. federal and state government benefits, hand-outs and free stuff.

Anyone is now called a “white nationalist” if they oppose the Democratic Party policy agenda of Open Borders and citizenship for some 40 million illegal aliens who now reside across the nation. The Democrats are so desperate to regain and keep power that they are willing to sink to any depths to do so, including the sacrifice of the nation to one wave after another of hordes of Illegal Aliens and legal immigrants, in order to eventually replace anyone who knows, understands and loves America’s beginnings and all that gave rise to Her Greatness. It’s happening now, and therefore, it’s not a conspiracy. It’s fact.

But Heaven Forbid anybody who happens to be white should point to that fact.

Noted by in The Chicago Reporter [May 16th 2019], “The US white majority will soon disappear forever” due to “Basic demography: births, deaths, and immigration”, the exact arguments made by many cultural geographers and demographic experts. But papers like this one are permitted to state such facts, because they don’t oppose the results.

Similarly, on May 1st 2019, the Business Insider reported that the United States is on the way to becoming a non-white majority by 2045, as the article observes: “The demographic shifts are already having an impact on our national identity, politics and the generational gap, according to sociologists and demographers who have studied the trends.”

Suddenly, now that something huge is occurring, it’s in vogue for journalists to admit the consequences. But for us here “white folk” down on the farm, we best not take notice. We’re not allowed to do so, unless we’re willing to be called racists and “white supremacists”.

Ask any “conservative leader” why he or she refuses to take a stand against demographic change and both mass legal and illegal immigration that are destroying the nation, and one will find themselves quickly under a verbal, sometimes physical, attack from any nearby Leftist or RINO for being a “racist” and a “xenophobe”, even though logic and reason should dictate that nothing is wrong or immoral in attempting to control ones borders and save the sovereignty and national identity of one’s country as it has existed for the past 243 years, and longer, rooted in Protestant and European virtues, not to safeguard America’s “white” identity today but to safeguard those principles that promote the greatest liberty for the most people, in the history of mankind.

It doesn’t surprise most of us that Democrats seek unrestrained, no-scrutiny immigration, just as they have done for decades, since the modern American Left despises our founding and the capitalist system. However, it is quite astounding to find so many conservatives have capitulated and bowed to the Left and the globalists, in the hopes that America’s new immigrants will eventually assimilate and resemble immigrants of years gone by, even though a marked lack of integration today has already changed America dramatically, as evidenced most recently in Minneapolis and other major U.S. cities.

Some of these establishment turncoat Double-Speakers and outright liars, such as Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA’s conservative nonprofit and RINOs similar to John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Paul Ryan, now denigrate the new generation of America First and obstruct their efforts to move the government to enforce current immigration law and seal our borders. These faux conservatives are those who currently sit passively on the sidelines sipping cocktails and back-slapping while America continues to burn.

In the meantime, other than President Trump, a few of his staffers, those few conservatives left in Congress and we American patriots sounding the alarm, who is going to stand against this Democratic Party insanity and pursue logical and sane immigration policy? Who will refuse to be cowed and bullied as the anti-American crowd howl and gnash in their efforts to destroy the greatest country in the history of mankind?

How far are we willing to let this go, before Americans remind our government that its responsibility is to the American people and not to every sad citizen of the world?

As Democrats continuously present the argument that “diversity is our strength” all America should be asking “Who exactly will be ‘stronger’ by being ‘together’, since any love shown for America and Her greatness seems to evoke a real hatred from America’s true fascists within groups like Antifa, LaRaza and Black Lives Matter, as they are incapable of loving all people rather than peoples, in their dysfunction. Rational Americans understand that in a careful and constant pursuit of true and solid happiness, one must uphold the individual’s rights to preserve his property, estate, life and liberty, and part of this means Americans have the absolute right to demand secure borders, in securing the aforementioned rights.

Americans must reject any notion that the individual is helpless, intellectually and morally, and they must stand firm in their demands that our God-given rights, the Bill of Rights and the rule of law remain our standard, in the face of contrary assertions from the collectivists, the Democratic Party communists. Reject the diseased Democrat ideology that seeks Open Borders, while it attempts to infect America with brute, blind virulent hatred, by dividing us into tribes and pointing at white people and their supposed “privilege” as the most pressing problem in our country, just as the Nazis did with the Jews, since such hatred always results in the worst kinds of atrocities and ethnic wars. Our character is not based on our race, and we must simply stand firm, as Americans of all colors, to secure our borders and a future America with a population still thriving and living in freedom and liberty.

All that preceded was sufficient to drive home the point, but Michele Malkin’s powerful words ring so true and spoke so to my own conscience and my own heart in such a fierce, vivid and extraordinary fashion that I think it fitting to end by allowing all America to read them here too:

“I disavow hatred of America. I disavow the systematic bipartisan betrayal of American citizens, students, and families by cynical politicians who promised for 25 years to build a wall, end the diversity visa lottery, end chain migration, and other memorized talking points. I disavow Republicans who told us to hold our nose and vote for open borders sellouts because we support the Second Amendment and are against abortion and had no other choice.

 Where are the disavowals of CPAC organizers who banned young nationalists but credentialed left-wing operatives masquerading as journalists like the Right Wing henchman — and who embraced left-wing Soros-funded character assassin Van Jones?

I disavow the bullshit.

Young people ….. Fight the controlled opposition, don’t become it. The torch is being passed. ….. Rise to the occasion and save this country.”

                                                          by Justin O Smith

2111, 2019

Those who would be king: We’ll gladly send them to their maker

November 21st, 2019|0 Comments

On October 23rd, the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service took a survey of a thousand registered voters that rated the division in America, using a scale of zero to 100, with 100 being classified as the “edge of civil war”. The average response tallied at 67.23.

Even if President Trump wasn’t in office, the seething hatred between the conservatives and the Marxists would still be heavy across the country. And although most Americans wouldn’t off-handed seek to engage in civil war and we don’t wish it on the nation, many of us see it as very nearly inevitable, given the current political environment in America.

There is a hard, cold, silent rage building among those of us who love America so well. It cannot be readily quantified specifically, since it is a thing most of us don’t openly discuss in open company, even private company, and instead it has been pent up and held inside, as we have quietly absorbed each betrayal of our trust that further erodes the Republic and our Liberty.

America has witnessed its police officers and regular citizens attacked by thugs during recent riots and the rise of lawlessness and sanctuaries for the lawless. We’ve been preyed upon by paid operatives of the organized DNC machine. We know the game, despite the media’s denial, and we have paid close attention, absorbing it all.

Americans see the betrayals clearly. We see the borders intentionally left opened. We have witnessed the Islamic terrorists commit one attack after another within our country, while oily, smooth talking disingenuous politicians seem befuddled as to the motivation behind the attacks. Our American Flag is abused by the anti-American left, and activist judges still attempt to push prayer from our schools and our communities and also keep the abortion mills churning.  And most recently, the nation has witnessed the most egregious, heinous act of treason play out in the media, as our nation’s intelligence apparatus was weaponized, to mount a soft coup, by former president Obama and his Deep State bureaucratic holdovers, while more traitors sanctimoniously declare there was no crime committed, in their cowardly attempt to avoid accountability and prosecution.

The door has closed for the moment on restoring any higher level of civility to our politics, since there currently any further compromise by Republicans means the end of the Republic, and the Democrats are beyond any compromise, as they demand total submission and an end to the republic, in exchange for an authoritarian socialist state, in which the Bill of Rights no longer exists.

Democrat or Republican, not one of the current presidential candidates care to maintain the facade of representing all Americans or ironing out the country’s divisions after the elections. The new real politics of the day is about winning either a conservative liberty leaning America or a Marxist authoritarian America, not both, and the candidates are already being far more open about this dynamic, as they seek to win at all costs. The consensus seems to be that fifty-one percent of the electorate will do, and the rest can suffer for choosing the losing side.

Politics is a peaceable means of war, and the red, radical Democratic Party Communist rat bastards have been waging war against our Constitution and America, since the Wilson presidency, and against President Trump since November 9th 2016. They may have been firing duds for the past three years, but they keep reloading and shooting, and it’s taking us to a point where they will necessarily need to be answered decisively and definitively and not just with strong words and rebukes.

Wrap your head around the idea, because whether it is a two day fight or one of a years long duration and a hard journey, that day of reckoning is going to arrive. And the people you will be forced to fight, as a matter of survival, down and dirty, will all probably live within five to fifty miles of your home. It won’t be Beto or the federal government and Homeland Security knocking in you door to confiscate your firearms or haul you to the boxcars, those people who will try are already living and working nearby, whether anyone knows it or not.

And on that day of reckoning, each of us in the fight will be tasked to locate and destroy the enemy, whether in hand-to-hand combat or maneuvering and firing from a long range distance, just like any other good infantryman has done for centuries, in their wars for resources and land and freedom and liberty.

The Democratic Party has thrown out the rules and they are going for victory by any means necessary, and historically, this always leads to real war every single time. Left unchecked and without more rational and logically thinking people taking the lead in Congress, if any still currently exist, the current trajectory will result in a full blown, red hot and bloody civil war, this year, next year, ten years from now, but it is on the way, sooner rather than later.

The anti-American, anti-Christian and anti-freedom Democrats and those aligned with them want the war that’s looming just over the horizon, because they can’t argue their cause by way of facts and they couldn’t win the vote and the electoral college — God Bless James Wilson, James Madison and the other Founders — and their hubris is such that they believe themselves entitled to rule, even if their only deity is their bellies and whatever collective consciousness passes for their minds.

Those who would be King have already destroyed the normal that used to exist, and as such, those of us who would preserve freedom and liberty for America’s Children and Their Children’s Children are left only with the prospect of absolute and total, red hot bloody civil war, because the red, radical Democrat Commies actually believe they can win what they couldn’t win by way of elections. This makes it incumbent upon us to fight no holds barred, measure for measure, and on to victory — ridding the nation of Her enemies from within — to ensure that the forces of Liberty prevail and win the day, and in doing so we pray that something better indeed will arise out of the ashes and the chaos of war.

Americans have beaten fanatics, like Antifa and much of the Democratic Party, in my lifetime, but generally it took some hard and decisive actions to get their attention. Nothing has changed in that regard, and those of us who love this America so well are going to have to make them clearly understand that we’re not buying their new worldview, and if they insist on imposing it upon us, we’ll gladly send them to their Maker.