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2603, 2020

Refuse to Stop Being Human

March 26th, 2020|0 Comments

Life and Liberty are two of the most precious things in my life, next to my family, and I’ve always looked at these two things in a way that many in America seem to have lost the ability to understand. Each day as I rise, I give thanks to God for my life and another day above ground, along with thanking Him for guiding and protecting my two daughters and my six grandchildren and all the many blessings He has already placed in my life. Nothing in my life would have been possible without the loving God who created me and this magnificent world in which we live.

Not one single person I know would rush into Death’s embrace, in any suicidal fashion, although I do know many who would fight to their deaths in the name of freedom and liberty if need be. Nobody wants to take that journey into the Long Good-Bye before their time, and for the most part, people from all walks of life fight to the last possible moment to hang onto whatever thin thread of life they have before them, as their appointed time with the end of their days amongst the living bears upon them.

Not one to fear my own death too much, I suspect such will be my own case, when I take my last breath, whether it is tonight, tomorrow or forty years from now. I will still go out fighting for one more sunrise.

In the meantime, if life has taught me anything, it is that a great truth is found in the old saying, “Whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.”

However, I awakened on March 17th to scenes of empty shelves in all of the stores in my hometown. Never — NEVER — in all my life did I ever imagine America would see another time, when grocery store shelves were empty, for any reason, all too similar to the Great Depression era, even though it’s a media and government driven panic and demand that’s causing the shortage and not an actual food shortage in America. The stunned faces and looks of disbelief I encountered in the local Walmart off Medical Center Parkway said it all; they too couldn’t fathom the extent of what they were now witnessing unfold before their eyes.

It’s surreal to witness the way stores are being cleaned out, even in states with barely any cases. But it is hard to accept that such a slight threat would be the catalyst for so much panic. It’s the Wild, Wild West out there, Folks, circa California Gold Rush, as people clamor and scramble across the aisles of numerous stores in their communities, just to procure the necessities, such as food … and toilet paper.

In the course of my shopping adventure, I encountered a neighbor, one very pleasant young lady, Robin McNeely, originally from West Virginia, who is in her early thirties and a mother of two young daughters. She was shopping for her parents and some elderly neighbors. This highlights the fact, that more than anything, real help will come from within the communities themselves, and each of us must do whatever we can to ease the burden of this crisis, for the elderly living in our immediate area.

Whatever comes of this new COVID-19 hysteria, I am not changing one thing in my life to please the government and those who would control me and the country, when they have not the authority to do so. Like nearly every single American, I know what is best for me and my household, and I have enough sense to use regular sanitary measures and good health practices in such a manner as not to spread COVID-19 around; it’s not as though I’m going to run my hands across a counter-top immediately after someone sneezes on it and then rush to shake hands with everyone I meet.

Even now, the government is making moves at this very moment that limit our liberty and freedom of movement, through executive orders. And paradoxically, all in the same moment, they ask us to self-regulate as an act of love for those most vulnerable to the virus, as they weaponize the COVID event. Most of us were already cognizant of the need to protect the elderly from being infected and didn’t require any further high-handed orders from those who would be our masters.

But I refuse to stop being human and to stop stepping outside and greeting my neighbors, as I give a hug to friends and loved ones, who are receptive to such and, like me, aren’t so fearful as to recoil from any human contact. I don’t see it as a risk, even though I’m in the group most susceptible to contract the virus, but that’s just me, and I suspect that the greatest percentage of Americans are going counter to my line of reasoning and taking extreme precautions in the face of this event, so fearful are they of their own mortality, their end of days.

Too many Americans are allowing this event to penetrate their imaginations and place a great wall between them and everyone else, all in the name of “self-isolation”. Everybody is now viewed warily, and in more ways than I can state, this is worse than the virus itself.

It’s a real test of faith, when one really thinks about it, especially for Christians. And as I think on the panic and hysteria surrounding this virus, I also cannot help but recall that Mother Teresa ventured out in the midst of the lepers and AIDS victims of Calcutta to give what help and comfort she could, over the course of her entire adult life. She remained courageous, in the face of the horror of rotting flesh on living humans, as everyone else drifted apart in fear of being infected. Of course, everybody can’t be so courageous as Mother Teresa.

Mind you, no one, not even me, is suggesting taking foolish chances with a virus that could arrange one’s meeting with the Grim Reaper. But, Americans shouldn’t allow themselves to be so fearful their panic drives them to overreact and gives the government control over aspects of our daily lives, that it has absolutely no business directing in any manner one cares to make mention.

The foolish, idiotic identity politics created by the Communist Democratic Party and their racially-inflamed, sexually deviant media hucksters and propagandists in the so-called “Thinking Class” have successfully destroyed the last shred of an American common culture that held the country together through earlier historic vicissitudes. So, expect to be left hanging, whenever the Democrats can create more chaos and poisonous tensions to take advantage of this COVID event, along with some violent conflicts, before all of this heads towards any real sort of resolution.

Dr. Ron Paul, medical physician and former Congressman, was spot on, one-hundred percent correct on March 16th, writing: “If anything, what people like [Anthony] Fauci and other fearmongers are demanding will likely make the disease worse. The martial law they dream about will leave people hunkered down inside their homes instead of going outdoors or to the beach where sunshine and fresh air would help boost immunity. The panic produced by these fearmongers is likely helping spread the disease, as massive crowds rush to Walmart and Costco for that last roll of toilet paper. ….. When the ‘threat’ is over, however, they never give us our freedoms back.”

Shortly after Dr. Paul released his editorial, the Wall Street Journal followed with ‘Rethinking the Coronavirus Shutdown’, and an important warning was issued that “no society can safeguard public health for long at the cost of its economic health”, as it also noted, “politicians in Washington are telling Americans, as they always do, that they are riding to the rescue by writing checks to individuals and offering loans to business.

The Journal wisely concludes with a question and a clarified dire warning: “… there is no amount of money that can make up for losses the magnitude we are facing if this extends for several weeks. After the first $1 trillion this month, will we have to spend another $1 trillion in April, and another in June? The WSJ editorial further warns that the Treasury’s small-business lending program could leave millions of businesses bankrupt and “tens of millions will be jobless.”

Does anyone not see that a “war” on anything is only a friend to the State?

And so, I aim to continue walking through life and this old world living life just as driven, wild and free as I have always done, regardless of government mandates and a little bug named “COVID” or any new human killer that leaks from some poorly controlled facility, that probably never should have been built in the first place, not for the purposes the world witnesses too often, not for dealing more death and misery across the globe as if it needs more and as if chaos is preferred over peace and serenity.

May we all survive in fine fashion, and may God Bless You All and this America we love so well.

And please, Lord — If You can find it in Your heart, would You leave a little bread, chocolate chip cookies, milk … And Toilet Paper … in the aisles for the Old Folks next week? Amen.

1903, 2020

The Great American Panic of 2020

March 19th, 2020|0 Comments

Deep in the throes of the Great American Panic of 2020, someone please dip me deep in Shinola and call me a greased pig, if I should ever fall into the miserable weepy, hysteria that is not only coming from the media, but now from the President’s office, and too many corners of the general public. It’s almost as if President Trump feels compelled to address the COVID-19 like a Democrat, as he capitulated, after stating the virus wasn’t that bad, and this only adds to the panic, a panic that has been facilitated and manufactured by the media and President Trump’s political enemies, who would love nothing better than to see the U.S. economy crash and end Trump’s presidency, while also opening one more door for limiting individual liberty in America.

In a normal flu season, an average of 36,000 Americans die of the flu, but according to the CDC, ninety percent of those are over the age of sixty-five, and out of 35.5 million cases for the flu season of 2018 to 2019, there were 34,000 deaths. One should recall that between 2009 and 2010, some 17,000 Americans died from Swine Flu, and America wasn’t throwing a trillion dollars at it, in the manner President Trump now proposes doing with COVID-19, very similar to any other Democrat, as he wants to temporarily suspend the payroll tax without cutting any spending.

If President Trump wants to throw government money after a problem, he should focus on getting pharmaceutical manufacturing centers up and running here in America, so we are not dependent on China for life-saving medicines. For that matter, there are numerous critical components currently manufactured in China that we need, but they are no longer manufacture here [an article for another day].

Trump’s proposed tax break would essentially disburse a trillion dollars in stimulus, in order to stop an economic crisis in the making, if it lasts through the end of the year. It would push the already high federal budget deficit to unprecedented levels, close to $2 trillion, and it would not really help anyone, nor would it address the actual underlying problems with the economy or any health issues. Essentially, it will fail to be of any positive benefit to the American people, and only succeed in placing more burden on the U.S. taxpayers on down the road.

More than anything else, Trump’s proposal appears to be a not so veiled attempt to buy Wall Street’s good graces and the election along with it, by providing more stimulus money to the stimulus that has been ongoing since October, as his administration would basically pick more winners and losers in the face of an economy that was falling short prior to this COVID-19 outbreak. He knows if his “great economy” falls, so too might his presidency, which suggests he sells his other so-called “accomplishments” short, too.

I’m no big supporter of President Trump, simply over issues tied to our national sovereignty and the Bill of Rights, but still, I don’t want to see him fail and place the country outright in the hands of socialists, communists and Islamofascists. I simply wish he would trust that true conservative ideas would do even better than some of his current flawed policy positions and his lurch more leftwards.

COVID-19 now has a death rate that is trending around approximately one percent of all infected, with the latest CDC confirmed death count in America at 36, as of this writing [8:15 P.M. 3-12-2020], and approximately 1215 known cases, according to Lara Logan at Fox News. But good news from South Korea exhibits only ten percent of cases ever require any hospitalization, with less than one percent of their 7300 cases dying from the virus.

By no means do I suggest that there aren’t also plenty of good, rational reasons to be concerned. As of this writing, 134,488 people have contracted COVID-19 worldwide and 4,970 of them have died. And of course, we haven’t yet reached the peak of this virus in America yet, which means we have a bit of a ways to go, before we see the light at the end of the tunnel; but,rest assured, the light is there and not too far into the near future, if only people will remain calm and keep with as normal a daily routine as possible.

Even here in Murfreesboro, TN, unbelievably, I see people seemingly alarmed, although there are not any cases here, at the moment. Just the other day, I saw a pretty large gal wearing her COVID mask, while she rolled down the candy aisle stocking up on Hershey Bars, Milky Ways and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. But the signs are everywhere, big and small, as one sees many Uber drivers now wearing the same surgical masks.

More people die of cancer in America each year than will die from COVID-19, and according to the journal Science News [March 6th], only one in 500 under the age of 40 might die from this new coronavirus. So why all the panic over this virus?

Nobody wants to die before their time, but statistically speaking, a person is more likely to be killed in a car crash or murdered in America, than die from contracting COVID-19. People need to stop acting as though the world is coming to an end and that just because the World Health Organization is calling it a “pandemic” it must be death sentence to anyone coming in contact with it.

This panic is now moving President Trump to seek a Big Government solution for a problem that will only grow government, because he and his advisors fear the reaction that would result, if he simply urged calm, good hygiene practices and carrying on one’s everyday normal life. Fear has kept Trump from simply urging business as usual in the nation, while urging people to take a minimum of caution, seek testing if one thinks one has been exposed and seek treatment if one contracts it.  And instead, he has flung the door wide open to more draconian measures and an eventual complete shutdown of the nation, without any real good reason.

Now, we are also seeing the Republican Party taking advantage of this crisis to make themselves appear as the people’s saviors, as numerous Republicans — Republicans In Name Only / RINOs — and the Trump administration too have seemingly found a new found love for government run healthcare with the onset of this “crisis”. On March 2nd, 2020, Robert Kadlec, HHS Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response, suggested that part of the efforts aimed at COVID-19 should treat virus patients like disaster victims who will be eligible for federal funds.

No amount of government money thrown at this “crisis” non-crisis can make people engage in more commerce and spend more money, if the same government benefactor is stoking fears over this COVID-19 virus. Only an assured message expressing the need for calm and carrying on with our daily routines as usual may stop the continued slide of our economy and regain some semblance of normalcy, in our society, as we all remain watchful and yet not so fearful that we can’t work or feel as if we must hide behind closed doors, in self-imposed quarantines.

In response to Kadlec’s proposal on March 10th, Representative Ted Yoho (R-Florida) stated: “You can look at it as socialized medicine. But in the face of an outbreak, a pandemic, what’s your options?”

Such an ignorant statement coming from an elected official is part of the problem. Men such as Yoho stoke the sort of fear that adds to the panic and makes matters worse, as people have begun hoarding face masks, food and even toilet paper. Similarly, in many America towns, St Patrick Day parades are being cancelled, along with school closures and basketball game cancellations, all of which add to the fear and in reality give only a little more protection against the virus than simply following good hygiene will provide. And all of this is a disproportionate and self-destructive response to what can only be described as a fairly low level threat.

However, Democrats and Republicans alike, the petty tyrants lurking among both parties, learned a great lesson in 2008, from Rahm Emanuel, who stated: “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.”

Despite the high confidence that the majority of people will never get the virus and the known truth that the largest percentage, the vast majority, of people contracting COVID-19 will survive, too many people and governments across the globe are reacting in extreme fashion.

And now, America is seeing the National Guard being activated on March 7th in New York to respond to the outbreak, even though Governor Cuomo presents it as an innocuous and benevolent act for delivering aid, medicine and food as well as cleansing and disinfecting areas effected. He has essentially set up a quarantined area with a radius of one mile from the synogogue at its epicenter, as three schools were also closed down in New Rochelle, and the National Guard was tasked with constructing “Containment centers”. But, people’s movements haven’t been restricted, yet.

It’s one thing for our government to take extraordinary measures, in the face of violent situations, as our nation has witnessed in Boston after the Islamist terror bombing, when law enforcement carried out a military style search for the terrorists; in Baltimore when riots resulted in a military lock down of the city, as 1500 National Guardsmen patrolled the streets and residents were placed under a ten o’clock curfew. And it’s quite another thing for the government to take a heavy hand in a matter quite easily handled between any individual and their doctor and a hospital staff, since very nearly any person in America, of average intelligence has sense enough to seek help and treatment from a doctor, if they fall ill; and with this current crisis, one can be most certain that everyone is on alert and staying vigilant from concern for themselves and their families.

The government’s overreaction to this crisis should worry everyone, since many intrusive laws are already on the books, just waiting to be invoked by overzealous public health officials; these laws grant nearly unlimited power to quarantine people thought to carry an infectious disease and then bill those people for their own confinement, as was done to those returning from Wuhan, China, even though the quarantines were often excessive and inconsistent with known facts and the epidemiological evidence. This crisis seems to be breeding more government authority, rather than sensible restraint and effective measures.

Americans surely should work to flatten the infection rate curve in the country through good hygiene practices and a little well placed caution when in public gatherings, since we don’t want to add to any work overload at local hospitals, but in the meantime, we don’t want to allow the people, who have the effrontery to rule us, any room to cultivate any fears and exploit them to align with their adventures and ends. We must not allow government promises to save us from COVID-19, no matter the level or severity of the threat, to end in unseemly and unnecessary interventions and a government that has grown even larger and more powerful, fat and happy, at the expense of our individual liberty and our freedom suppressed, haggard and threadbare.

1203, 2020

Lives Lost and Heavy Hearts

March 12th, 2020|0 Comments

The Whirlwinds that took their lives – God shall wipe away all tears

“And ye now therefore have sorrow; but I will see you again, and your heart shall rejoice … .”  ~ John 16:22

Tennesseans were reminded, in all too stark a manner, that our lives are so fragile at best and we will never know the day or the hour of our deaths, when four tornadoes blasted through Middle Tennessee in the early morning hours of March 3rd, at speeds of between 165 and 200 miles per hour in some cases. They were taken by surprise in Putnam County and the Greater Nashville Area, even though several news channels were broadcasting continuous warnings, and when they heard the freight train roar of the tornado, many had just enough, barely enough, time to make it to some semblance of safety, but some did not and were swept up in the whirlwinds that took their lives.

Despite the constant alerts from WSMV-4 Nashville, East Nashville residents only had about six minutes to get to safety and out of the way of an EF-3 tornado’s deadly 165 mile per hour winds, according to the Tornado Warning for Davidson County, and one resident, Danielle Theophile, told WSMV, “I got the warning and in less than ten minutes you could just feel the pressure, my ears were popping [and] we all ran downstairs and just huddled together.”

Linda Leath told of her and her husband being awakened at 2:00 a.m. (CST) by a tornado alert on her phone, and a minute later the tornado tore through their Cookeville home. They managed to keep from being sucked out of their home by hanging on to heavy furniture for dear life, with Linda ending up between her bed and a cedar chest.

In the aftermath of the worse tornadoes Tennessee has witnessed in seven years, a state of emergency was declared and first responders attended to the dazed and hurt people and spent the next three days in a process that included clearing and searching through the rubble and devastation for any survivors and the dead. Initially, they transported at least 156 people to local area hospitals, with several hundred more that followed [over 300 by some counts], and in due time, they determined that twenty-five poor unfortunate souls lost their lives in this disaster.

Reported by the Washington Post on March 3rd: “Tuesday morning’s destruction stretched for 50 miles across four counties. at least 48 buildings collapsed in Nashville, according to Fire Chief William Swann. Officials said gas leaks were ‘a major concern’ in the tornado’s wake. About 250 electric poles were downed or damaged, according to Nashville Electric Service.”

As bad as that may sound and as terrible the damage was in places like East and North Nashville, Lebanon, Mt Juliet, Hermitage, and Donelson, Putnam County was at ground zero of this tragedy, and it was hit much harder. It was later determined that an EF-4 tornado with sustained winds of 200 miles per hour had hit, destroying much of the city of Cookeville in the process, with eighteen of the tornado’s victims dying in this county.

On March 6th, a day after he declared a major disaster for the area and ordered federal aid to help the recovery efforts in Davidson, Putnam and Wilson Counties, President Donald Trump flew into Nashville on Air Force One to take a look at the devastated area and meet with Tennessee Governor Bill Lee and other elected officials and the victims of the area. He also surveyed a great deal of the damage from the air, in the Marine Force One helicopter. During the course of his visit to Cookeville, Pres. Trump stated, “This is real devastation like you’ll hopefully never see again.”

Due to numerous other such tragedies that he has dealt with over the past three years, as he planned his visit to Tennessee, President Trump also had previously remarked and noted: “Our hearts are full of sorrow for the lives that were lost. Those tornadoes — I’ve seen many of them during a three year period, and I’ve gotten to see the results. And they are vicious if you’re in their path.”

At one point, the President added, “You’re great people; it’s a great state.”

Many of you, my fellow Tennesseans, and others across the nation who may be reading this, may know one or many of those who were affected by this tragedy, just as I do.

A dear friend of mine, Ms Candice Temple, a Murfreesboro, TN resident, saw her family home destroyed. It was a home that had been in her family for fifty-eight years and where she lived as a child, and even in the face of this terrible event, Candice and her cousin, Ashley King Burns, managed smiles and gave thanks that family members had come out of it alive, including Candice’s mother, who lost everything. And, as they sifted through its ruins, they even took a moment to have themselves a little picnic on the stoop of their old home place, as they reminisced over all the happy times they had seen there, as children.

Exhibiting the spirit and the strength of the people of Tennessee, Candice had planted an American Flag in the roots of a large downed tree, and she exclaimed [in a recent Facebook post]: “We are cousins helping our families and we are proud Americans as well!!!! I had to put the flag up in our yard (well the roots of the tree). Our roots run deeper than any tree and no tornado can stop our LOVE or our Family.”

From all across the state and the nation, people and organizations have come to help in the cleanup and the rebuilding, as thousands of volunteers have descended on the hard hit areas, with tarps, tools and other equipment, including bobcats and bulldozers. There has also been a good number of donations coming from as far away as Canada, and it wasn’t even a matter of days before the resource center of Hands On Nashville had 20,000 volunteers to do work in each of the effected areas. The response has been outstanding, so far.

Several #NashvilleStrong operations have come to the forefront of the relief effort, and in fine fashion, Nashville’s Country Music artists have come to the rescue. Taylor Swift recently donated one million dollars to the Middle Tennessee Emergency Response Fund, that allocates resources and support to effected communities, as well as nonprofit organizations focused on helping survivors. And showing they are indeed part of the community, the Tennessee Titans NFL professional football team matched her million dollar donation.

As Reverend Frank Gordon, pastor of North Nashville’s Fourteenth Avenue Missionary baptist Church, observes: “Most of the folks that I have talked with, black and white, all of our heads are pretty much in the same place. We have been through these things before with tornadoes and floods in Nashville. Each time that I recall it has happened, the major thrust in the community has been everybody pulling together.”

Unfortunately, twenty-five Tennessee families are now suffering the tragic loss of a loved family member who was taken from this world too soon in their minds and hearts. One such person, Larry Redmond, tells of stepping onto the porch of what once was his sister’s three bedroom home, in Putnam County, and seeing it gone, after he received a call at 3:00 a.m. from his nephew that the tornado had hit them. Redmond would later find the bodies of his sister, Cathy Selby, and her husband, Keith, approximately sixty yards away from where their home used to stand.

Speaking to Victor Oquendo of ABC News, Redmond said, “One night, one storm, killed them both.”

And the curious thing about the forces of nature, and the natural disasters associated with them, is that they don’t care if you are a Republican or a Democrat. Justine Arreche, a Bernie Sanders supporter, would later tell the Washington Post, “There’s nothing like crying in your half-bath, begging the dog to come in with you.”

If there was ever any doubt in anyone’s mind on the tenuous hold we all have on life, this one night certainly should remove it. There but for the Grace of God go I.

Tennessee and the Greater Nashville Area have faced such trials and adversity before, and there isn’t any doubt, for those who live long enough, the community will see tragedy come again, bringing a grief of such magnitude that it can only be extinguished over time through an intense personal journey, at one’s own pace. However, the efforts of everybody from all walks of life in Tennessee to help alleviate some of the hurt from this deeply sad point in time has been a thing of beauty and a testament to the special character found in the people of our state, as #NashvilleStrong has been seen everywhere of late; and those who call Tennessee and Nashville home should bear in mind this same strength sets this region apart, a strength that lies within the heart of the people who build their homes and make their lives here in Middle Tennessee.

“… God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain; for the former things are passed away.”  ~ Revelation 21:4

And in closing, what better expression can be made than the wonderful words delivered by Ellie Holcomb, a singer-songwriter, who spent the night huddled in her basement with her three children and a few “sweet neighbors”, until the sun rose. And she offered the following poignant words: “Our hearts are grateful for breath in our lungs, but heavy for all the lives, homes, and businesses lost. In the same breath, the sun came up today and there was a community rising up strong from a terrible storm, hands and feet sowing up with love and chainsaws and water and food. I’ve never been more scared in my life, but I’ve also never been more sure that there is comfort and hope to be broken and shared with one another in the wake of a tragedy.”

1203, 2020

COVID-19: The Big Picture

March 12th, 2020|0 Comments

“There is no man that hath power over the spirit to retain the spirit; neither hath he power in the day of death; and there is no discharge in that war; neither shall wickedness deliver those that are given to it.”  ~ Ecclesiastes 8:8

Our best times may have come and gone, and perhaps we may be at this low or amazing point in our lives, but we should all be like the wind, sun and rain and carry on life as usual in the face of the Coronavirus scare. For no matter how much we run to and fro gathering all the knowledge we can, surrounding this event, and no matter how long we stand on the river bank wondering how much time remains for us all, to take in the wonders of this amazing world of ours, it avails us nothing to run in a panicked fear at the first sound of a neighbor’s cough or sniffle, and we can all rest assured that the times of our deaths are appointed and death is inevitable.

And sometimes, bad things beyond our control just happen.

I’m not saying this because of President Trump’s assurances on Wednesday February 26th 2020 that “the risks to the American people remains very low”, due to his administration’s actions. I’m saying this as I note that this crisis is also one more way for those in power to manipulate us and take a little bit more freedom away.

So yes, we must stay vigilant and work towards a cure, but we must also keep our eyes on the Big Picture too.

As Leonardo DaVinci suggested to the people of his day: “Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.”

Currently, there are 60 known cases in the U.S, and 28 of those are in California alone, where the first known case of a community acquired case exists in a woman with no known contact with anyone who had the disease. California is currently monitoring 8,400 cases, while in Nassau County, New York, eighty-three people have been quarantined.

To date, approximately 82,000 people have been infected globally and almost 2800 have died, according to numerous credible sources, with some fluctuation in the death count due to the numerous  coronaviruses currently circulating along with regular influenza and other diseases with similar symptoms.

In January, the New York Times noted that most of the Coronavirus deaths were older men with previous poor health conditions: “Many had underlying conditions like cirrhosis of the liver, hypertension, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease. Most spent more than a week in hospitals, with some undergoing treatment for a month or longer. But two died just four days after they were admitted.”

“And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.”  ~ Revelation 6:8

In 1890, James Strong wrote The Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible. It notes that the Greek version of the Bible used the word “therion” for “beast” in Revelation, and Strong suggested the word was interpreted as “tiny, uncontrolled, poisonous beasts”. This sounds quite a bit like bacteria and viruses.

This may be a serious event unfolding, but I do not believe it’s the end of the world just over the horizon, or even the “pandemic” many are projecting it to be. And as such, do not listen to the harbingers of doom and gloom from the authoritarian Left and Democratic party, who are seeking all manner of government responses. No Free Born American needs to accept any quarantine or immunization against their will, when in far too many instances, vaccines themselves offer quite an array https://www.immunizationinfo.com/flu-influenza-vaccine-side-effects/#what-are-severe-side-effects of detrimental health risks, with the cure sometimes incapacitating or even killing the patient; we must not be forced to consider any herd immunity or any other collectivist communist notions when we are making medical decisions for ourselves and our children.

Curiously, ‘The Eyes of Darkness’ by Dean Koontz, a 1981 work of fiction, predicts a Coronavirus outbreak and its origin, even naming it “Wuhan-400”. Koontz has it being developed in some military labs in China and being acquired later by U.S. intelligence through a Chinese defector, with the U.S. military eventually successfully creating an antidote.

One might have to wonder if some young aspiring biological weapons doctor read this all those years ago and said, “HhMmmm …. I think I can make this.” Or did someone with great ability, financial backing and power behind the scenes see such a germ and the ensuing chaos as a great way to manipulate and control the large sections of the globe and its people? Is it a case of life imitating art? Whatever it is, coincidences of this level of detail are no coincidence in my mind.

COVID-19 was identified clinically in Wuhan in December, and soon after, Dr Li Wenliang gave warning of its dangerous effects, describing it as a type of “pneumonia”, and he was dead by the end of January. One should find it incredibly suspicious that on October 18th 2019, approximately two months earlier, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, World Economic Forum, and Johns Hopkins University sponsored “Event 201”, an exercise that predicted nearly the precise current COVID-19 event and a projected pandemic and all the associated social, military and economic consequences.

The ultimate goal of Event 201 was aimed at using power and pandemics to create a central economic authority to distribute resources to “counter the virus”. This is just one more case of those who would be king never letting a good crisis go to waste.

This information should move the Trump administration to take a hard look at any possible involvement of Johns Hopkins, Harvard, NYU, the CDC, and all those involved in making coronavirus vaccines, especially in light of President Trump’s ongoing battle with Big Pharma / Big Biotech. It’s worth noting that China’s President Xi Jinping has been of some great help to President Trump in this matter too. This very well could have been espionage directed in retaliation from the Big Pharma folks and the Democratic Party authoritarian socialists that they support and back.

On February 25th, Nancy Messonnier of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned America, “Disruption to everyday life might be severe.”

Planned or not, many of President Trump’s enemies, and the enemies of America too, are jumping on this and already calling it a “pandemic” in the making. These are mainly the globalists, such as Mohamed El-Erian — an American Muslim, Obama associate and former deputy director of the International Monetary Fund, who would love to see this event crash our economy, as they already are blaming him for doing too little in the face of COVID-19’s rapid spread, but our economy was already in decline; so, adding fuel to the fire, alarmists everywhere are claiming the disruptions to the global supply chain are going to be more far-reaching and greater than what they actually will be, or need be, as they hope to cause a crash and then intercede as the “saviors” of the people, who warned of its coming.

The COVID-19 virus may well trigger an economic collapse, or a deep recession, if people keep panicking over it. But the narrative that it is the cause of all this economic chaos is an elaborate lie. The economy was crashing long before this virus ever manifested itself.

On Outnumbered [Fox News] on February 28th, Dagen McDowell, Fox Business Network anchor, noted that she had been warning President Trump on claiming credit for the stock market’s rise and high numbers, adding that if he claims it in good times, he owns it in bad times too. In many respects, President Trump has set himself up as a scapegoat, through his constant habit of claiming a direct correlation between his policies and the performance of the stock market.

Already, reported by the Washington Times on February 26th, America has witnessed the release of a nationwide televised ad campaign on major cable networks, by Michael Bloomberg, New York City’s former mayor, that is entitled “Pandemic” and accuses President Trump of being unprepared. It starts with news of Wall Street’s massive selling spree that has just begun this week, as one hears the narrator say, “Health experts warn: The U.S. is under-prepared.”

Best to worse case scenario has somewhere between 143 to 270 million Americans catching the virus. Ninety-seven to ninety-eight percent of the infected will have only mild to zero symptoms. Since no one really knows how far reaching or long this will proceed and what the final numbers will be, we can project that potentially two to three percent “MAY” die from this, due to severe reactions, which could result in approximately two to four million Americans dying from COVID-19. This is not to say that they will.

If anyone is that worried, the National Academy of Sciences stated that several good coronavirus antibodies already exist, that can be purchased for approximately $360 for a quarter of a milligram. The only problem? You have to be a certified research lab to order them.

I’m going out on a limb here, to suggest that in reality, America will probably not see even a few hundred deaths from this. So let’s go about our everyday business and just be careful. Wash Your hands and face regularly, take plenty of vitamin C, drink a shot of bourbon in the mornings and evenings, drink three cups of essiac tea each day, and keep going to work each day, doing the best that You can. Keep shaking hands with one another and hugging and kissing one another, but for God’s sake, quit acting like the Earth, Jupiter, Mars and Venus have all of a sudden jumped from orbit around the sun.

One’s chances of acquiring a severe and fatal case of this virus is actually so slim that we must not allow it to continue to disrupt our social order.

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) is the closest thing to this new Coronavirus, technically referred to as SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19, that we’ve seen, and it too was first reported in China, as people overreacted and compared it to the Black Death. In fact, there were only a worldwide total of 8,098 cases, of which 774 died, and 650 of those deaths occurred in China and Hong Kong, while the United States experienced only 75 cases, without anyone dying; and, in contrast, about 80,000 Americans died of the flu in the winter of 2017, the highest number in forty years, according to Dr. Robert Redfield, the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Some studies, such as the one conducted by Marc Lipsitch, a Harvard epidemiologist professor, suggest that forty to seventy percent of the world population are most likely going to contract this disease, due to the fact that it can lie dormant between 14 to 30 days with few or no symptoms. And of those who contract the virus, 97 to 98 percent will survive, from all indications taken from current rapidly fluctuating numbers; Lipsitch also states emphatically that not all the infected will develop any severe illness, since many will only have a mild case of the disease, or they may be completely asymptomatic.

If we consider that each month 1.47 million people die of heart disease, according to the American Heart Association, and 450 million people contract pneumonia each year with four million dying from it, across the globe, we should all be wondering why all the frenetic activity and hype around this COVID-19 event and who besides Big Pharma benefits the most from this. All the big companies are scrambling to get their share of the early billion dollar amount proposed for vaccine development, with more assured to follow, as House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R) suggested $4 billion to come in the fight, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D) proposing $8.5 billion for the overall fight against COVID-19.

One billion dollars should buy a whole heap of research and results, especially since so much work has already been done to fight coronaviruses of all types. But throwing buckets of money at the problem won’t solve it. Only great minds actually seeking to find and deliver a cure will eventually deliver the sought after results.

Several zinc based drugs have shown a remarkable rate of effectiveness against several strains of coronavirus, but for some reason these are now being largely ignored. There has also already been an antibody developed that works well and as a prophylaxis against MERs, but every “expert” is saying COVID-19 is more highly contagious than SARS or MERS either one, since it remains active on surfaces between nine to fourteen days.

One plan involves binding antibodies to viral proteins, in order to stop the pathogen from readily infecting one’s cells. There is a good bit of scientific hopefulness surrounding Compound CR3022, which reportedly binds and combines with antibodies that attack coronaviruses. However, why search for antibodies against coronavirus when the thymus gland, under our breast plate, already makes them?

Glycyrrhizin, an antiviral, was another compound found to be most effective at inhibiting coronaviruses, as researchers search for a broad spectrum remedy, however, at least seven other strains of coronavirus are also in play and these RNA type corona viruses have a high mutation rate of up to a million times greater than their host cell, so vaccines will very nearly be obsolete as soon as they are made, when the virus itself is mutating all along.

On February 10th 2020, Dr Leonard G. Horowitz wrote a letter https://drive.google.com/file/d/1u4SqdIIuK-QHa-SMC1au55vSbqhFfCId/view to the White House for eyes at the Office of Science and Technology and the Department of Homeland Security, that detailed how COVID-19 was a manufactured biological weapon: “This discovery of weaponizing 2019 nCoV with HIV’s attachment mechanism is compounded by the finding of evolutionary biologist Dr James Lyons-Weiler of the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge. Dr. Lyons showed the coronavirus’ genetic sequence contains a unique “middle fragment” encoding for a SARS protein inserted to presumably increase respiratory distress using “pShuttle” technology used exclusively in labs, not nature.

Accordingly, it is unreasonable to presume 2019 nCoV came from bats, snakes, or nature. Alternatively, we must presume this germ was manufactured as a bioweapon, and released for political gain (i.e., bioterrorism).”

In the Congressional Record for Tuesday, July 1st 1969, one will see Defense of Defense Appropriations for 1970, Subcommittee on Department of Defense Appropriations, and on page 129 of Part 5, Research, Development, and Evaluation,  “Synthetic Biological Agents”, one finds that the AIDS-virus envelop gene now attached to COVID-19 was part of the synthetic germ we now call HIV.

Calling the release of the COVID-19 virus an “unintended event” and noting this had happened at biowar labs before, Francis Boyle, a biowarfare expert and author of the Biological Weapons Anti-terrorism Act of 1989, is in agreement, as he recently noted that four other recent scientific studies confirm COVID-19 is an engineered bioweapon, with elements added to make it resistant to human immune systems and easier to spread. Boyle documented the work that made the virus more easily spread was conducted at the University of North Carolina, while the HIV component was created in an Australian facility, and he further shows that Chinese scientists from the Wuhan BSL-4 biowarfare lab were present in both the UNC and Australian labs and participated in the research. And according to Boyle, the Chinese scientists returned to Wuhan, each with an essential part that led to the creation of COVID-19.

Americans must stay vigilant in the coming months that will be most crucial to our future, as we recall that the economic and geopolitical situation has been in some flux and dire for years, and although the COVID-19 outbreak is a legitimate threat we must approach in a serious fashion, it is also a boon to a select group of global power players, who now have the perfect cover to move forward and attempt to facilitate the economic collapse of the United States, something they have been planning for quite a long time.

America is in good position to halt this crisis cold, if Her leaders exhibit some common sense, as opposed to knee-jerk reaction, since we already know a great deal about this virus and how to avoid catching it So, we can safely ignore the fear-mongers and the hysterical media’s hysteria and numerous deceptions. And as we move further along in the various phases of this outbreak, we can all be cautious, but not to the point that it works to the benefit of America’s enemies, as we utilize our greatest wisdom and refuse to be dragged down and made fearful.

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.”  ~ Psalms 23:4

2702, 2020

The Unsustainable Trajectory of America’s Economy

February 27th, 2020|0 Comments

“The suspicions that the system is rigged in favor of the largest banks and their elites, so they play by their own set of rules to the disfavor of the taxpayers who fund their bailout, are true. It really happened. These suspicions are valid.” ~ Neil Barofsky, TARP Inspector General 

America is witnessing President Trump’s “I’ve abandoned free market principles to save the free market system”” moment, similar to former President George Bush on November 16th 2008 and the high-speed implementation employed by former President Obama in 2009, as Trump presented his 2021 Budget and a $4.8 trillion spending plan to the press on February 10th. It is a farce of a “budget”, since it doesn’t even balance until 2035, according to the Wall Street Journal, and it sells America a load of economic crap, that includes the same old out-of-control socialist spending, now adopted by the Republican Party too, minus the taxes, and certain to harm America; given the socialist trends in the ranks of the Millennials, the Democrats are certain to hold the White House during a few of these years and take full advantage of Trump’s lapse in judgement on this issue.

On January 18th 2020, the Washington Post reported: “To those who criticized his spending and the growth of the national debt, Trump said: ‘Who the hell cares about the budget? We’re going to have a country.’

For most of President Barack Obama’s time in office, Republicans seemed to care very much about the budget, making fears around the national debt and deficit their top talking point. They’ve backed off those concerns under Trump.”

President Trump’s proposal will run a near trillion dollar, $996 billion, deficit next year, just as he did in the previous years of his administration, that is close to fifty-percent higher than the $666 billion deficit Trump inherited from President Obama in 2017. Federal spending will accelerate from $4.6 trillion next year to more than $6.5 trillion in 2030, and the proposed cuts to be made by Congress in this year’s budget are not significant enough to offset the recent spending increases Trump has approved since taking office.

And all of this with our national debt at over $23 trillion, rapidly on its way to $24 trillion.

Has America so soon forgotten the worse economic recession since the 1930s — the 2008 economic collapse and the collapse of fifty percent of the stock market — and the terrible risks banks and businesses took that created it? Not much has changed, because many of the financial markets proceeded, from the first day of the bailout, that followed, to the present, with the same exact risky practices. They know the government, essentially the U.S. taxpayer — the American people, will bail them out again, that is if there’s any money or credit line available for a bailout, which is going to be unlikely.

Midway of 2008, the United States’ national debt was approximately $9.4 trillion and right at 65 percent of the Gross Domestic Product. Consumer debt stood at $2.7 trillion, while the total credit market debt had peaked at $54 trillion. And mortgage debt was a massive $14.8 trillion, as the Federal Reserve balance sheet remained below $900 billion as it had for years.

Most logical minded Americans believed then and now that there is not any such thing as “too big to fail”, and they thought the regular bankruptcy laws could have handled the situation and allowed the crisis to settle itself. People understood that liquidating bad debt and expunging it from the system would reset the economy forcing corporations and consumers to live within their means and act conservatively, using debt wisely for real needs, and most of us saw that as the best road to take for America’s future.

AIG, Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, Citicorp, Bank of America and several other “too big to fail” banks were bankrupt by September of 2008. They should have been liquidated through existing bankruptcy law, and their assets should have been sold to still reputable banks that had not undertaken fraudulent risks, that hit their investors with devastating consequences.

Nobody in 2007 would have ever forecast that the national debt would climb to over $23 trillion during the past twelve years, or that the national debt would be 105 percent of GDP, with consumer debt exceeding $4 trillion. The ruling class “elite” of both parties have had their propaganda machines operating at warp speed to convince Americans that somehow $1 trillion annual deficits are normal and sustainable.

Never underestimate the ability of this president, or any president, or any Congress and the Federal Reserve to take outrageous and reckless steps to convince America that the abnormal is really normal. One should always keep in mind the egregious $700 billion TARP bailout and the lies and threats Hank Paulson perpetrated in order to protect his billionaire pals, whenever one gives scrutiny to today’s events.

President Donald Trump promised to eliminate the national debt in eight years, and although I thought it was an impossible task at the time, I did think Trump might reduce spending quite a bit, along with reducing annual deficits. He was constantly haranguing the Federal Reserve’s moves to keep interest rates at an unsafe level, which created a stock market bubble and contributed to the exorbitant rise in debt; and, one would have thought that after experiencing one Federal Reserve induced market crash after another, the American people would have realized this gross rise in debt since the 1990s had to end.

But Trump’s relationship with the Truth is something far less than stellar, and for him, it is something to manipulate at the drop of a dime and to shift in content depending on the President’s immediate need and desired effect. And over the years, he has used this manipulation to bend Fed puppet, Jerome Powell, to do his bidding, after finding the Fed’s 2.25 percent rate increase too much to handle.

In July 2019, President Trump stated: “The U.S. economy would grow more quickly if monetary policy were eased. If we had a Fed that would lower interest rates, we would be like a rocket ship. We don’t have a Fed that knows what they’re doing. Our most difficult problem is not our competitors, it is the Federal Reserve. The Fed raised rates too soon, too often, and doesn’t have a clue!”

That’s quite contrary to what Candidate Trump was saying on the campaign trail in September 2016, when he stated: “They’re keeping the rates down so that everything else doesn’t go down. We have a very false economy [something I’ve stated for years now]. At some point the rates are going to have to change. The only thing that is strong is the artificial stock market. The U.S. economy is in a big, fat, ugly bubble. I will get rid of the nation’s more than $19 trillion national debt over a period of eight years. I’m renegotiating all of our deals, the big trade deals that we’re doing so badly on. [And still are, i.e. USMCA]”

Will the Real Donald Trump please stand up? It’s almost as though we have a president with multiple personalities, at least two at conflict with one another.

Trump’s proposed $4.4 trillion cuts to domestic spending, including $2 trillion in promised savings from entitlement programs, with some $844 billion cuts to Medicaid and $750 billion to Medicare spread over the next decade. With Congress unlikely to cooperate on this and Trump unwilling to spend too much political capital on it, this will probably fall by the wayside. After calling for fairly large domestic spending cuts in 2018, Trump still signed a deal in 2019 that added $320 billion in spending and demolished previous spending caps.

And even when Republicans controlled both the House and the Senate, they still agreed to a bipartisan budget that increased domestic discretionary spending in all government departments, especially the Pentagon. They essentially refused to cut the State Department’s and the Environmental Protection Agency’s budgets, so whether they follow through with cutting the EPA by 26 percent in this budget is anyone’s guess.

Ironically, on February 4th, when Pres. Trump was practicing his State of the Union Speech for twenty Republican supporters, former Congressional deficit hawk, Mick Mulvaney, head of the Office of Management and Budget, argued there wasn’t any need to mention the growing deficit, because :nobody cares” about it. That’s a one-hundred and eighty degree turnaround since he campaigned to earn his spot over the OMB and a time he made deficit reduction his “central policy concern.” Mulvaney’s change of heart seems to have coincided with the Republican Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

And, on February 7th 2020, Vice-President Mike Pence told MSNBC’s audience that deficits can help boost economic growth, which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Republican Party, or at least Trump’s Republican Party, has now seeming embraced socialist and Keynesian economics and notions on spending. This same argument used by Leftists across America used to drive Republicans to some great degree of anger, whenever it was stated by Obama and his staff.

The federal subsidies are still flowing to the Repurchasing Markets at $100 billion a day, as they have since October, so corporations can buy back billions of their own stock, resulting in the artificially high stock market, the highest valuations since 2000. And in the meantime, the military is getting anything and everything it wants, as America continues to act as the World’s Policeman and our entitlement payouts are constant and on an unsustainable trajectory, as President Donald John Trump and all the feckless Congressmen in Washington, D.C. pretend all is well.

Despite boasts of the “Greatest Economy Ever”, record corporate profits, stock market the highest ever, lowest unemployment in history and the Federal Reserve balance sheet at $750 billion, approximately $150 billion lower than normal, and interest rates still at emergency levels, somehow the Federal Reserve feels compelled to cut rates and restart Quantitative Easing, although they are not using that terminology. Powell is taking Trump’s orders and acting in a way that is only ever seen during a recession or a financial crisis.

Several successive administrations have used every debt based solution for this debt based crisis in their attempt to avoid another 1930s style Depression, but essentially, they have merely ensured that the next collapse is going to be exponentially much worse than it has to be. And the angst and divisions in our society are only compounding the situation through a whispered promise of impending catastrophe that sweeps the existing social order away in a chaotic cataclysm of death and destruction and all out war.

America’s future is being stolen and sold. The future of America’s children is being stolen and sold. America is being sold down the river, pillaged and raped, by the few at the top, the “elite” ruling class, at the expense of the American people, in an egregious manner that harms all society and America during the long journey ahead towards our eventual rise from the ashes of the coming economic chaos.

2002, 2020

America is being Destroyed

February 20th, 2020|0 Comments

“The barbarian hopes — and that is the mark of him, that he can have his cake and eat it too. He will consume what civilization has slowly produced after generations of selection and effort, but he will not be at pains to replace such goods, nor indeed has he a comprehension of the virtue that has brought them into being.”  ~ Hilaire Belloc

Conservative Americans and everything righteous and decent, every Founding Principle including Christianity, has been under attack very nearly from the beginning of the nation, but from the first days of the Marxist ideology being introduced into America after 1848, something much more evil has grown within our country.  America is being destroyed more rapidly than ever today, yes, even under Trump, by Democratic Party communists and Republicans-In-Name-Only, as so many on both sides of the political aisle are responsible for buying into the globalists’ worldview, essentially a far left communist worldview, and they use planned conflict, fear, control of education, the dependence built into the welfare system and dominant control in states, corporations and academia to achieve their ends.

The Left seeks to destroy our nation’s Founding, the Constitution and Christianity in America, because those entities impede and obstruct their goals of total control of every individual and their ability to rewrite history in order to create a logic that aligns only with their twisted, evil ideology. To be blunt, they seek the destruction of America’s traditional culture and even the traditional family. Essentially they want to see all Conservatives dead, so the conservative ideology and the Founding will die along with us.

The Conservative Philosophy and the Founding Father’s Judeo-Christian and Western Principles are bitterly assaulted regularly by the Left who condemn them largely due to the moral restraints they place on their desire to follow any lewd immoral practice in society, of their own choosing, regardless of how debasing, dehumanizing, demented, perverted and deviant it might be, as currently witnessed in the LGBTQ movement. Rather than seeking equality under the law, they seek to restrain Christian morality, and, in so doing, our God-given Rights and the Bill of Rights too. They seek the submission of true republicans to the arbitrary decisions of men and to deny all Americans actual free will and freedom of choice, that the power brokers fear and despise, when in the hands of ‘We the People’ and the Great Unwashed Masses, the Deplorables, and so they offer miniscule financial gains to the ignorant masses, who were successfully brainwashed in public education, and call it a  “great transfer of wealth”, in order to keep them disciplined and content, even as they regularly suppress and subvert their Constitutional rights.

The traditional core nuclear American family too —  represented by one man married to one woman and raising their children together over their lifetime —  is now misrepresented as something bad, by the Left. Rather than being supported as the most important entity of society for a child that helps a child learn right from wrong through loving parents, the Leftist Democrats and Communists want us to believe that it is a stifling, controlling patriarchy that is designed to prevent one from attaining their full potential to become the weak, simpering, cowed, cowardly, spineless State Serfs and proles, “yes men”, they were meant to be.

When the average American protests against gun control legislation, in Virginia in numbers estimated to be between 60,000 to 80,000, and the State’s Democratic Party legislators, tyrants one and all, still pass seven illegitimate, unconstitutional gun control laws, similar to laws passed in Colorado, and under consideration in New Hampshire, New Mexico, Hawaii and other states, that have already been upheld in Appeals Courts in Connecticut and Indiana, he understands that oligarchs are attempting to rule over him.

And the point is driven further home, upon discovering that some major banks, such as CitiCorp and Bank of America are refusing loans to firearm manufactures for semi-automatic weapons and if they sell their goods to adults under the age of twenty-one.

More and more, we even hear so-called “leaders” from the city commissioner level, in towns like Fargo, ND, to mayors like Ted Wheeler in Portland, Oregon, right on up to Governors, like Howard Dean [former Vermont Governor] and on to the U.S. Congress suggesting and even presenting despicable, reprehensible European Union style “hate speech” ‘law’ as we find in France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Whether these illiberal petty tyrants acknowledge the fact or not, so long as speech isn’t threatening or harassing, “hate speech” — which is subjective and dependent on who is listening or on the receiving end — is just as protected under the First Amendment as any other speech, and anyone is free to condemn Islam, Muslims, Jews, blacks, whites, hispanics, illegal aliens, Americans, Democrats and communists or Republicans and conservatives.

Millions of Americans despised NAFTA during all the years since the Clinton presidency and they recently rejected the Trans-Pacific Partnership, only to see President Trump sign something much worse through the illegitimate, unconstitutional United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, that damages and erodes U.S. sovereignty and individual liberty.

As J.W. Bryan, a 93 year old former U.S. Marine, notes in his ‘Open Letter to President Donald J. Trump’ on February 8th 2020: “I am very favorable to what you have accomplished and are trying to accomplish. However, I fear that you are being deceived by the very members of the [Council on Foreign Relations] within your administration.” Mr. Bryan understands that the goal of the CFR has always been the convergence of capitalism and communism and the creation of a one world government, a new world order, and the USMCA fits perfectly into that plan, a plan that was driven and facilitated by our “trade representative” Robert Lighthizer, who is a longtime member of the globalist CFR and an advocate of Obama’s badly flawed Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Both of the aforementioned leave most of America understanding that there isn’t any real freedom or free market in America any longer. And they are right. Americans now live lives of controlled servitude under a fascist oligarchy that operates through the cooperation of governments, both federal and state, and our nation’s corporations, which has made our political and economic situation and environment much more dire today, than if left to the more pure capitalist system that existed prior to 1913.

In his morning soliloquy, my fine friend, Jeremy Deeter, reminded me of a point I used to often address in past years. Nearly every American family man in the 1950s could work his 40 hour a week job and still pay for a house, groceries and clothes, for himself and the wife and children, an automobile and still have a bit left over to take in a night out at a movie or dinner with his family. Then the Harvard boys stepped in and looked at the numbers, especially after seeing that women were well capable of working during the war effort of WWII, and the finance manipulations, in place since the Federal Reserve Act and the Income Tax Act [16th Amendment] of 1913,  began in earnest and at lightening speed, raising prices and manipulating the currency to put more money in the landlord’s, corporations’ and bankers’ pockets. And now, just to survive and pay rent, we see both parents must work, and very often, one or more of the children.

The 1950s was one of the last decades before the social situation in America started sliding downhill. The Left is especially hard on this era, since things were good, and it represents the high point in the life of the American family. Aside from the wages of one man being sufficient to support a family and raise children:

*Postwar prosperity led to nearly universal employment.

*Less than three percent of children were born to single mothers.

*Violent crime was less than half of today’s crime rate.

*The salary gap between a high school and college graduate was three times less than it is today.

*Ninety percent of Americans attended church, compared to only forty percent today.

Largely due to the actions and machinations of the Federal Reserve Bank, the same bank that enriched J.P. Morgan, the Roosevelt Family, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds through the 1929 Stock Market Crash, a monopoly of power has grown in the hands of the few. They wield power over the rest of society, like a club using threat of violence, i.e. the National Guard in Virginia and other means of coercion — using millions of dollars from Michael Bloomberg and George Soros; and, they also offer a plum of economic largesse in the auto industry while inserting anti-American, anti sovereignty treaties into the fine print of the USMCA, in their ultimate desire for total control of all the nation’s resources and all the individuals themselves, who will be left little choice but to comply to their demands, or fight for resources, their private property and their absolute right to live free and in Liberty.

The Far Left Democratic Party Communists are making continuous gains through thousands of lies propagated, facilitated and advanced through John Dewey’s public education system that paved the way for the indoctrination of generations of Americans into the Marxist philosophy. Dewey himself was an admirer of the Bolshevik experiment and an admirer of Leon Trotsky, although he disagreed with him on some points; but suffice it to say that Dewey subscribed to the same mob rule that always comes from pure democracy, a mob rule that now manifests itself in today’s ANTIFA, Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter movements and the nihilism they direct at America’s Founding.

The Left offers the fictions of their multiculturalist global narratives designed by society’s power players, that promote and seek more Big Government and power for the already powerful and less freedom and liberty for the rest of us, through numerous lies focused on climate change and the Cap and Trade taxes and redistribution of wealth, fiat debt, open borders, free migration, central economic planning, socialized medical care — contained in the USMCA too, in some form or fashion — in plans designed to subjugate us all in the lowest common denominator in poverty and policies that absolutely and completely destroy national sovereignty. Just listen to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren long enough and you will hear of a utopia for all, paid for by the government, that costs upwards of forty to fifty-seven trillion dollars and destroys real wealth, destroying America in the process.

Also, based on a plethora of faulty white papers coming out of the Campus propaganda mills, such as reports presented to the World Economic Forum, in 2002 and 2015 by Professor Richard Tol of the University of Sussex, the Democrats and RINOs of America expect fly-over rural and suburban America to reduce our standard of living, embrace radical, costly and potentially deadly changes in the energy generation industry, food consumption, modes of travel and the economy; they also demand we hand ourselves and our futures to the controls of multilateral and global institutions, which is supposedly part of the solution required to save us from ourselves. And in the meantime, Al Gore jets around the globe doing his “Chicken Little” bit on global warming, as he leaves his 10,070 square feet Bell Meade Mansion in Tennessee for weeks at a time with all its lights burning bright and burning up an average of 220,000 kilowatt hours a year.

These dangerous people do not have one bit of standing to tell You or me or anyone how we should or must be living our lives. They are the morons who we must sift out of government as one sifts chaff from the wheat, so that we may minimize their collective deranged, irrational ideas impact on our culture and our society, however, if they insist and continue to force the issue and their contention that all Americans must live according to their dictates, at the expense of our own freedom and liberty, violent conflict will be inevitable.

Americans and their progenies are facing the most dangerous times to be an American, since 1861 and the spawning of incremental tyranny, that I have witnessed in my sixty-three years on earth, as a trend continues and grows today towards tyranny across all fronts of U.S. government, and the tyrants are closer than ever to gaining the total control they seek and a top-down hierarchy of control by the few. The situation has arisen through careful planning, and it is gaining momentum due to an apathetic, complacent, indoctrinated, ignorant and blind general population, and if we who have clear vision wish to stop the advancing new world order and the end of liberty in America, each and every Free Born American who loves God, Family, Country and Liberty must be prepared to take up arms against a ruling class that has gone too far and exceeded all bounds of accepted power, in order that all Americans may once again control their own destiny.

God ultimately controls my destiny, but I intend to control my own destiny here on earth as much as humanly possible, through my own free will, so long as breath remains in my body.

1302, 2020

Liberty: The Most Divine Thing

February 13th, 2020|0 Comments

It’s extremely hard today to keep a positive mindset, when we are constantly bombarded by so much “Bad News,”from more “refugee” ills and immigration subterfuge to the fake, evil and manufactured wrongdoing of President Trump in this impeachment hoax perpetrated by the Democrats — thank God he was rightfully acquitted on February 5th. I have my own axe to grind against Trump on several issues BUT, He Hasn’t Done One Thing That Warrants His Impeachment. My God, I’ve never encountered so many ignorant people in my life, as in any time or moment I make the slightest endeavor to address any of the aforementioned topics with some Leftists.

It’s a relief, and the only time I get any peace of mind, to simply ignore the “News” Cycle at times and let the world proceed without me for a few hours, or even days. I take a good bit of pleasure from viewing various artworks I am offered daily through Saatchi Artworks and from my musical library that I find so soothing in the evenings after a long day, as I sit with Big Ol’ Sweet Mutt in my lap, rubbing his ears and tickling under his chin.

So much has been going on these days, that I’m just now slowing down in my normal work day, what with the Virginia rally, the Senate election here in Tennessee, the $1.4 trillion dollar spending bill, measures in the spending bill that add gun control regulations by way of the FBI, ATF and DEA, Trump signing the USMCA [dammit] and so much more that has kept me extremely busy with The Reader … my home-base news paper, where REAL News is delivered.

We all have to be more than just the politics of the country, but just as the old adage states “if You don’t involve Yourself in politics, politics will find their way into Your life”, we do need to be aware of what our so-called “representatives” are doing in Our names. I’d just as soon see government disappear altogether, but of course, we need some modicum of it, if simply to keep men’s demons in check; however, isn’t that an ironic statement, given that it’s the demons who seem to be in charge in most of the States’ governments, Congress and even spread throughout certain bureaucracies in the Trump administration.

One of the most divine things next to God Himself is Our Liberty based upon our own choices and emanating from the Free Will God gave to Us all. If only all Our Countrymen loved them both so well and would allow all Americans the very same Rights they claim for themselves, what a wonderful world, a wonderful country, this would be.

The youth of America need to be taught simpler Truths and the Absolute TRUTH regarding life and how best to make it through life. It need not be so complicated as Our modern day society has made it in so many regards, from the finances of it all to just circumnavigating all its laws, rules and regulations in order not to offend or end up on the wrong side of what passes for “the law” these days. The law today is far removed from anything remotely resembling true fairness, justice or morality, rather it is corrupted by the very same corrupted officials appointed to police forces, courts and other agencies, by corrupt elected officials who have been elected by a corrupted and immoral American populace, by and large, who are much more interested in security and the “free stuff” they will acquire from their “Chosen One” than in holding tightly to every aspect and segment of their own Liberty.

Teenagers today would benefit a great deal from Christian teachings and the Word of God from the Bible above many other works deemed to be more important by all the “experts” and learning to simply love one another as they would love themselves, to do unto others as they would have done unto them — yes, to follow the Golden Rule. And when they find that special someone, to cleave unto them and let no man put asunder what God has joined together; let no man of God consider joining a man with a man or a woman with a woman ever, or even remotely suggest that such pagan couplings are anything other than an abomination in God’s eyes and one more evil represented here on earth.

A man should try to always bring as much happiness as he can, into the life and the heart of the woman he loves. To marry or enter any relationship for one’s own happiness is a mistake at the start. And this same maxim should be followed by women too, since very often, each of us find great happiness of our own in helping others find happiness too.

The person we love never really grows old to us, through the wrinkles of time and the mask of years. A man always remembers his loved one as the exquisite, sophisticated, elegant and Beautiful Lady he fell in love with at first sight. A woman always sees the same gallant gentleman who first won her heart, even though the mirror may show a man who has become a mere shadow of the man he once was. Call me a dreamer, a romantic, an idealist, I like to think that love is eternal, when it is true and pure, and it helps us all in our later years in life, as we enjoy our children’s laughter, whether sons and daughters or nieces and nephews, and the cheery chirping of the morning songbirds, as we reopen new pages in our last days and close other chapters.

And far from being a socialist, I do have a social conscience that compels me to help others of my own free will where and how I can. There’s nothing wrong with giving charity to one or more or many, in order to help lift them up out of squalor and a miserable dire situation, but it is wrong for government to mandate it and to essentially steal the product of our own initiatives and hard work and creative endeavors to do so.

With that said, I find it damning and a gross thing for any man of wealth in the millions, fifty or even ten million dollars, to die without leaving at least ten percent of such a treasure to a community full of want and real need. We’ve all borne witness during our own lifetime to the hand of beggary and the white lips of starvation, right here in America; at least I have, during my numerous travels as a young man across Appalachia and many other parts of America, such as Warren, Arkansas, where I thought I had entered a Third World country and the people were desperate just to receive a single dollar bill. How any man of good conscience and a pure heart can hold that much money in the clutch of his own greed, is past comprehension; even if he has heirs, if they begrudge ten percent to those truly less fortunate, well then … they are the ones who will answer one day as they stand before God.

I’m nowhere close to being prepared for certain crises I see coming in the future, not in my estimation or not as good as I’d like to be, but I’m still not going to fret day in and day out about what may come. I’ll just meet each day with a new plan and a job to get done, and I’ll find one small thing to enjoy that one day, even if its letting Punxsutawney Phil bite me on the ear … now that Mayor made one fun memory for himself and many others too.

So, illegal aliens and refugees continue to come, the Bill of Rights are at risk and imperiled, the globalists of both parties and this president are selling America down the river, both parties are spending the nation into oblivion and plotting against the Constitution each and everyday and the propaganda machines of both parties are working overtime. And in the meantime, the Federal Reserve Bank continues to borrow and print money as though there’s no tomorrow, while propping up the Repurchasing Markets to the tune of $100 billion a day from October to the present, creating an artificially high stock market, and all the dumbass Americans, Leftists and Conservatives alike, just keep nodding their heads and saying, “Yep … It’s a ‘Great Economy’.” Good Lord, I feel as though I fell down the Rabbit Hole and Alice is screaming for “more Free Stuff”.

So, I just imagine You will see this Old Guy heading to the hills more and more in the coming months. We vote, but even then, we are voting in a system that has essentially been re-designed since 1913 to make each of Us economic slaves to the government; and “We” — the bulk of Americans — still somehow can call this “freedom” with a straight face, when the Federal Reserve has been creating bubbles and economic collapses, ever since the 1929 Stock Market Crash to 2008, that enriches the few insiders at the expense of the American people — Outright THEFT by way of the Backdoor.

But I digress and have once again entered the realm of the political I sought to flee for a moment by touching base with You, My Fellow American Patriots, with Your own keen insights and interesting ways, Your hopes, desires and dreams of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of True happiness. Many of You are Wonderful, Good-Hearted Americans. I do so wish and pray that nothing but God’s Good Graces and many earthly rewards come to You throughout all the remainder of Your days that I pray number to be at least three more decades of nothing but happiness.

As far as I’m concerned, I wish to be in a mountain cabin or out on the high seas, taking my chances with wind, waves, blizzards, the elements and the sun and the moon and stars above. I’d rather die truly living life as the Good Lord intended, than to rot sitting in my easy chair before a computer terminal. And no matter how horrible or Good a death comes my way, I will greet it with a twinkle in my own blue eyes and a smile on my face with a whispered “Finally … Lord, I’m Coming Home”.

602, 2020

The Meat Grinder Called “Afghanistan” America’s longest war

February 6th, 2020|0 Comments

Afghanistan is an amazing country full of rich culture and history that has mesmerized many a young man, but its own people today are still unwilling to defend their country at such a level that nothing the United States Armed Forces does will make a difference, in even 20, 40 or 60 more years. They have forgotten their Buddhist past and long relinquished their fates to Allah, the Koran and Islam; and so, no matter that many do not hold with the harsher tenets of Islam, they still will submit, just as they have always done, to the final wishes and commands of the terrible, murderous Taliban mullahs and clerics, in the end, if the United States ever does finally withdraw from this heaven on earth, that is also too often a living hell. And regardless of any U.S. Command’s decision that seeks to stand by those Afghanis who have sacrificed much sweat and blood in the  previous 18 years of war, alongside the fine young men and women of America, the paid out sheet in the cost of American lives is not worth the gain, when the net return on our efforts show them to be a dismal failure.

Americans must remember that our primary mission in Afghanistan was to kill and destroy the Al Qaeda who were responsible for planning and financing the September 11th 2001 attack on America that resulted in the heinous murders of 3,000 of our countrymen. We didn’t enter Afghanistan to save the people from themselves or to fight their battle for them, although that is exactly what we’ve done for the past 18 years, even though the majority of the group responsible for 9/11 has either been captured or killed.

Noted by Michael Phillips for the Wall Street Journal [12-13-19]: “Over the course of the war, 775,000 U.S. troops have fought in Afghanistan: 28,000 of them have served five or more tours. More than 2,300 Americans have died there, and 20,000 have suffered wounds, including amputated limbs and brain injuries. … more than 120,000 returned home with symptoms of post-traumatic stress, the hidden wounds of America’s longest war.”

President Trump has largely opposed a U.S. presence in Afghanistan, as far back as 2013, when as a private citizen he tweeted: “We should leave Afghanistan immediately. No more wasted lives.” And in a later tweet he wrote: “Afghanistan is a complete waste. Time to come home!”

Trump’s instincts exhibited an awareness for what a situation actually represents, the reality, and he was right, when he examined the Afghanistan War and essentially asked, “Why in the hell are we still there?”

In its 19th year, we’re still fighting a war that approximately two-thirds of Afghanistan War Veterans call “not worth fighting.” Why?

As Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld, under President Bush,  stated so bluntly in one memo: “We are never going to get the U.S. military out of Afghanistan unless we take care to see that there is something going on that will provide the stability that will be necessary for us to leave.”

Afghanistan does represent an extremely strategic and sensitive area for U.S. military considerations, due to its close proximity to China and Iran, and despite all the incredible advances in our surveillance technology, armed drones and missile delivery systems and our other strategic bases in close proximity to this region, many intelligence service heads place a premium on first hand contacts in country. The U.S. Armed Forces are most reluctant to give up such a near perfect deployment area for operations all across the Middle East, and for other considerations.

Here again, if America is as energy independent as our leaders assert, there isn’t any U.S. interests in Afghanistan, except to use our presence there to keep stability and peace throughout the entire region, while protecting the Straits of Hormuz for international commerce and preventing Turkey’s attempts to reconstitute the old Ottoman Empire. These are matters that should fall to the entire Western world more so than just on the shoulders of the United States; however, our leaders are also most likely interested in Afghanistan’s usefulness as a forward position to counter China’s rise in the area and to keep an eye on Pakistan too, both of which have aided in helping Iran and North Korea develop their nuclear weapons armaments.

On December 9, 2019, the Washington Post released a bombshell report on the reprehensible and egregious mishandling of the war in Afghanistan by senior U.S. officials and those in the high command of Afghan operations. Generated by leaked documents from the Special Investigator General’s office for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) examining the root failures of the Afghan War, the report revealed that over the course of eighteen years U.S. officials outright lied about the campaign and made overly optimistic and false assessments to hide the obvious evidence the war in Afghanistan had become un-winnable.

In the current spending budget, as the United States considers the possibility of a complete withdrawal, it allocates $133 billion for Afghanistan in 2020 alone, even though everybody from the President’s office on down see major problems in the Afghan government’s ability to provide basic services and keep their military fully functional using U.S. provided armaments and support equipment. Problems, or corruption, are also inhibiting efforts to control the opium growers and the drug trade and to make full use of Afghanistan’s other natural resources. The American taxpayer has paid for many failed efforts, in this troubled country, whether it was money spent for soybeans that won’t grow, weapons “lost” or stolen by Afghan military forces and a $2.9 million dollar farming storage facility or a $456,000 training facility that actually started crumbling apart after only four months due to substandard bricks. And let’s not forget the Afghan power plant America built that was operating at only about two percent of its capacity.

James Dobbins, a former special envoy to Afghanistan under both President Bush and Obama, told SIGAR interviewers: “We don’t invade poor countries to make them rich. We don’t invade authoritarian countries to make them democratic. We invade violent countries to make them peaceful and we clearly failed in Afghanistan.”

Reported by WaPo, Colonel Bob Crowley, U.S. Army, a senior counter-insurgency advisor in Afghanistan in 2013 and 2014, noted: “Every data point was altered to present the best picture possible. Surveys, for instance, were totally unreliable but reinforced that everything we were doing was right, and we became a self-licking ice cream cone.”

During a conference for Concerned Veterans for America, former warrant officer and Green Beret, Nate Anderson stated: “We’ve now gone eighteen years in this conflict and literally, a new generation not even born on 9/11 is fighting the war that started then. And from a societal and cultural standpoint, that’s a very jarring reality to comprehend.”

Three successive administrations refused to properly confront terrible mistakes in Afghanistan, from pride or fear, and they failed to admit failure. General Douglas Lute, key Afghanistan strategist under Bush and Obama, posed the following question: “If the American people knew the magnitude of this dysfunction … 2400 lives lost … Who will say this was in vain?”

America hasn’t “won” only because we have not destroyed all opposition, similar to the way we did in Germany after WWII, however, America absolutely can win. Our people just can’t summon up the political will to do so at this juncture in time, and there are plenty of good reasons to be reluctant to keep trying to pacify the violent, murderous natives of this 7th century backwater, Third World hellhole, but America could if Her people wished to make it so. America has the military might. America’s people do not have the will, and rightfully so.

Whenever U.S. forces made security gains in Afghanistan, they inevitably threw them away with too many abrupt changes in military strategy. However, there was a fairly unprecedented security gain between 2010 and the end of 2013, that resulted from operations focused on bottom-up operations and working with local populations in rural areas, to press the Taliban and place it more on defense, decreasing its reach in communities and its time and opportunity for terrorist strikes.

The Taliban controls as much of Afghanistan as it ever did, from the moment American forces first set foot in country, including the heart of Kabul, the Afghan capitol, as they continue operations across the country. The drug lords and our corrupt “allies” are laughing at America, as they rake in obscene profits at the expense of the U.S. government and by way of the blood streaming from the bodies of our U.S. Armed Forces members, those good and decent young men and women, placing their all on the line for God, Family and Country and dying a few here and a few there each day, each week, each month, in this meat grinder called “Afghanistan”.

Afghanistan nearly cost Marine Colonel Randy Hoffman his sanity, after serving seven combat tours there, six of which were highly classified, along with one tour in Iraq and a bronze star for valor, burying many friends in the course of that time. It changed his personality in such a manner, that it placed a strain on his marriage, with his wife Dawn, and frightened his children, to the point that the family began calling itself “Hoffmanistan,” joking darkly on the steep cost exacted on their daily lives by the terrible memories carried home from Afghanistan.

In one two and a half year period, Randy lost 100 men, seeing one decapitated by a broken helicopter blade. And after returning stateside for a bit, home in Indiana, he drew the unfortunate duty of burying nine more Marines and making dozens of phone calls to the grieving families of other Marines.

The United States Armed Forces, all branches, has performed courageously in Afghanistan and performed their duty to the best of their ability, however, at this point, the filling of hospital beds and body bags is no longer justified, by any stretch of one’s imagination. Without the will to win and a strategy set on that purpose, the only alternative left is to leave.

If President Trump should withdraw our troops from Afghanistan anytime soon, we can leave knowing we did not lose this war, because we succeeded in the primary mission to kill thousands of Al Qaeda. We’re never going to end the evil of Islam in this country, or even remotely reform it, to the point that we could actually pacify Afghanistan in any way that would amount to a moral victory. If the Afghans want to fight for their country, it’s their choice, and they better get to it, and if they don’t, that’s their choice too, but after nearly twenty years, and all the blood and treasure America has spent, Afghanistan is no longer our problem. We are not morally obligated to wreak vengeance on the Taliban and the various terrorists of their country forever, and our forces would be leaving of their own accord, called home by the President, not forced out.

America owes it to those who serve so courageously and sacrifice so much, under incredibly harsh and dangerous conditions, to finally end this war. We can proudly and righteously honor all who served in this Asian misadventure, as the heroes they are and for a mission completed successfully above and beyond the call of duty, regardless of how far their leaders strayed or how confused they became on our ultimate goal for Afghanistan. Each American’s service, both the good men and women, was not in vain.

America has looked at the butcher’s bill, and She rejects it.

3001, 2020

Gun Control: The Die is Cast

January 30th, 2020|0 Comments


Thousands stand for liberty in Richmond and America

“One of the greatest delusions in the world is the hope that the evils in this world are to be cured by legislation.” ~ Congressman Thomas Brackett Reed [1886]

Never in my lifetime have I experienced such dangerous anti-freedom, anti-Constitution bills being passed in any government. I believe Wilson’s era was rife with tyranny, as was FDR’s, but I believe this is a new era, with a certain segment of the government’s power in the hands of some of the most evil men and women to have spoiled the land in decades.

What is needed is for more good men and women to answer the call and make a strong stand in the face of this growing evil and what I see as a newly shaped trend in tyranny by a party intent in gaining and keeping power by any means necessary, even though they aren’t quite yet the largest majority in the entire land.

The anti-gun Democrat commies couch their arguments in terms of being enlightened and civilized, but they are anything but intelligent or enlightened. They are just plain, simple-minded communists, and as for civilized, being ignorant isn’t being civilized. A civilized society’s people adhere to a moral code that runs throughout its society as a whole, binding everyone together under a common standard.

In its beginnings, America held to Her founding principles, Judeo-Christian and Western principles, and the moral code those principles encompassed, and America prospered because of it. Today, that moral code has all but vanished.

Over the past five decades, the anti-American, anti-firearms tyrants have been forcefully striving in both Congress and States’ legislatures to suppress and completely eradicate anyone’s ability to exercise their right to keep and bear arms and to self-defense under the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and recently, in this month of January, the people of Virginia experienced the consequences from giving Democrats full control over all three branches of government. Their first order of business was to pass a series of vindictive, retributive proposals out of committee that are aimed at the normal population of the state, starting with firearms and the law-abiding citizens who own them, and this gives us all a glimpse of what is ahead for America, during a juncture in history that is our most dangerous time for the Bill of Rights and individual liberty.

Lobby Day on January 20th has been a tradition in Virginia for several years now, whereupon its citizens take up issues and grievances with their lawmakers, and as such, it was only natural that, upon hearing of the egregious new “gun control” proposals, thousands of American patriots across Virginia and the entire country decided to descend on the Capitol in Richmond to decry such illegitimate and illegal actions, and the tyrannical process that tried to justify them.

Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase openly carried a .38 caliber firearm in a custom holster, on January 15th 2020, as she presented her pro-gun bills to a Senate committee. She explained, “It’s a deterrent for over-exuberant folks” when she was questioned over openly carrying a loaded firearm into the Senate committee meeting, as numerous other legislators had been doing for years, as permitted under existing Virginia law.

On January 16th, the Democratic Party majority in the Virginia state Senate passed bills that required: universal background checks; limited firearm purchases to one a month; gave illegitimate powers to local governments to ban weapons; and imposed a permanent ban on carrying firearms inside the Capitol and legislative building, essentially seeking to eradicate current state law that permits it. They reciprocated as expected to Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety organization, that had donated a total of $2.5 million specifically to see this gun control agenda come to fruition.

They are even seeking to forbid the private transfer of firearms, which also violates our right to own property and dispense of it as we choose, under the 5th Amendment . Their attacks on the “gun show loophole” is simply arbitrary and tyrannical nonsense. It is the Democratic Party communists’ precursor to firearm licensing and confiscation, and when all the firearms are accounted for in a database somewhere, they can readily be confiscated on the assigned day.

It’s worth noting that any “law” that attacks the weapon rather than the crime or the criminal is one that is illegitimate, since it must automatically falsely assume that anyone carrying any weapon is doing so for a malicious and criminal purpose. Likewise, permits, taxes and other such restraints on firearms unfairly impede and infringe on the rights of poor people in exercising this right. Designers of such “law” assume the worse of people and deny that anyone might be just an innocent, good man going armed for the lawful purpose of self-defense. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that a person can keep and bear arms if he meets certain standards first; the Second Amendment carries absolutely no qualifiers.

Several previous statements from Democratic lawmakers had indicated that this was the direction they would go, and in fact, they made no secret of it during their campaigns. It was with this in mind that the Virginia Citizen’s Defense League organized a peaceful rally scheduled for January 20th and Lobby Day, with the stated intentions of dissuading lawmakers from pursuing this illiberal, gun-grabbing agenda. Also, this foreshadowing of tyranny to come prompted 100 of Virginia’s counties to declare themselves “Second Amendment sanctuaries”.

The people weren’t quite fully antagonized until these bills were actually passed and sent forth. And they were further antagonized, when Governor Ralph Northam used a manufactured crisis to issue a Declaration of Emergency — Executive Order 49 — and an illegal and UnConstitutional temporary gun ban, that also included knives and sticks from January 17th until 5:00 PM January 21st; and some within his camp suggested the National Guard might be used to enforce it. Northam used the highly timely and suspicious and questionable arrests of six “suspected neo-Nazis” in the four days prior to the rally, including a Canadian army reservist with supposed ties to “hate groups”, which given Canada’s current leftist nature could only mean those standing for liberty.

Northam’s “state of emergency” claim was challenged by Gun Owners of America and the Virginia Civil Defense League, through an emergency injunction filed against the governor. Lobby Day has been attended for years by the very same people Governor Ralph Northam tried to paint as “radical, right wing extremists” and “violent white supremacists” with the help of the Leftist media in America, such as MSNBC and CNN and ABC “news” networks. And, it is at this point one must certainly wonder what actual good comes from lobbying, when your so-called “representatives”, the Court and the governor are traitors to the Constitution and the people of Virginia and America, all too ready and willing to impose their lawless tyranny.

As noted before the Virginia State Supreme Court, which later upheld the ban, in 2012, the General Assembly specifically forbade the Governor by law from using a declaration of emergency to ban firearms.

Whatever Northam hoped to accomplish, his actions only ensured that thousands of good, decent and fine American Patriots from all across America would arrive, openly displaying military-style semiautomatic rifles and “Guns Save Lives” stickers, chanting “USA” as they waved “Come and Take It” banners and sang our National Anthem.  And by 10:30 AM on the morning of the 20th, fifty-five hundred were already inside the “Cage” erected around the Capitol by authorities. By the middle of the day, almost 60,000 total were in the Capitol area protesting [police estimates place the number closer to 30,000], and they were peacefully demanding these Democratic Party anti-Second Amendment proposals and “laws” be stopped from going any further.

As reported by the NYTs, Teri Horne, of Quitman, Texas, arrived with about three dozen women from the Open Carry Texas organization. They drove twenty-four hours ‘to support the people in Virginia’, as they stood armed on the sidewalk across from the entrance to the Capitol grounds. Ms Horne was armed with a Smith and Wesson M&P 15T rifle, toting a Texas flag, too.

Another pro-gun protester, Logan Smith, of Indianapolis, said: “It matters to me back home. Seeing stuff like this [gun control legislation] being pushed, it doesn’t sit well.”

Sheriff Scott Jenkins of Culpeper County, Virginia, an outspoken longtime gun rights advocate, spoke to the gathered crowd and offered the following: “I ask you all to return to your homes and ask your elected officials, where is the line they will not cross?”

Not one violence related arrest occurred during the entire day, and the protest did not grow heated, despite Gov. Northam’s and law enforcement’s warnings of out-of-state “hate groups”, militias and angry, violent neo-Nazis descending on Virginia, repeated frequently and loudly by the media. There was one arrest that resulted from a young lady’s refusal to remove the bandana from her face, violating Virginia’s laws against masking one’s face.

It’s a curious matter to hear Northam decry violence, when he and his supporters and staff have spent decades doing violence against Christianity, decency and common sense, investing their life’s work to destroying and dismantling America, as they consistently attempt to intimidate conservative Americans. Let’s not forget, Gov. Northam is the same man who publicly advocated murdering “unwanted” babies even after they had been placed alive on the delivery room table; he and his party are lovers of death, master manipulators and propagandists accustomed to getting their way.

Even more curious and insidious, from approximately 5:54 PM January 16th through the 20th, a U-28A , a manned, airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, single engine, modified Pilatus PC-12 aircraft, under the Air Force Special Operations Command, was spotted circling the Virginia Capitol. It was tracked to Camp Peary, near Williamsburg, Virginia, that plays host to the CIA’s covert training operations at “The Farm” and the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Defense Clandestine Service.

Although James Madison and Thomas Jefferson were discussing the federal government in the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions, they wrote, these resolutions’ words can equally apply to the states. They state: “Resolved, That the several States composing the United States of America, are not united on the principle of unlimited submission to their General Government … and whensoever the General Government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void and of no force.”

Just as three thousand WWII Veterans used their Second Amendment right, to stop a corrupt Sheriff and 200 deputies from stealing an election in Athens, TN in 1946 and Monroe, North Carolina’s Black Guard used firearms to defend themselves from a violent, murderous Ku Klux Klan chapter in the 1960s, each and every single U.S. citizen has the absolute right to defend themselves against any criminal attack and any act of tyranny by any government entity, be it federal or state. Similarly one can exercise this right of self-defense to repel any group that advocates and uses violence in attempts to forcefully subjugate others, in the manner that today’s New Black Panthers advocate for the murder of white people at every opportunity and Antifa Communists call for killing and/ or “re-educating” conservatives, Republicans and Trump supporters, by use of force. This Second Amendment right — this God-Given Right — cannot be abrogated or eradicated by any majority’s man-made “law” designed to end one’s liberty.

Several other states have either already passed extreme anti-firearm legislation, similar to Colorado, or they are moving to do so, like Georgia, Florida, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Hawaii and several others. One should also note that approximately 110 “gun laws” have been proposed in Congress already this year.

So no one should be resting easy, simply because this rally went off without any major confrontation. Governor Ralph Northam and his Democratic Party communist cronies listened and they are unimpressed and moving ahead with the gun bills, business as usual, as though nothing has happened. Anyone who still thinks the normal rules of governance are in play is denying the new reality, that the Democrats of today are beyond reason, and Northam and his leftist cabal, the chattering globalists of Virginia, are not to be trusted or respected, and they will remain unmoved by any pleas to guard Constitutional norms, the Bill of Rights, individual rights.

America has entered a post-Constitution era, or so it seems, whereby a new template is forming for fascist state governments in any of the fifty states to suppress our individual liberty and completely control their people, since freedom and liberty mean nothing to these new Democratic Party communists and statists, who act like rulers rather than representatives of the people. This is the most important issue in the nation, as America witnesses Machiavellian politics and actions, that have taken the situation in our country beyond the pale, the most dangerous times of our history, whereby our system fails us and tyranny is taking the day. And with no relief found in a failed system, by way of representatives, courts, and even elections, we are left alone to our own devices and days that demand the Tree of Liberty be Watered with the Blood of Tyrants, as we are unwilling to submit to illegitimate, illegal and tyrannical fiats.

The Second Amendment’s primary function is to serve as an affirmation of the people’s right to fight off any tyrannical government or force, both foreign and domestic, and the Framers of the Constitution wrote it in a direct response to the tyranny the early Americans had experienced at the hands of the British, not as a hunting license. In Federalist Paper No. 46, James Madison wrote that the Constitution preserves “the advantage of being armed, which the Americans possess over the people of almost every nation … [where] the governments are afraid to trust the people with arms.” And Thomas Jefferson concluded: “What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms.”

The die is cast in Virginia and across America, and this rising trend towards government overreach, violating the Bill of Rights and tyranny will not stop, until the American people place some well deserved fear in the hearts and minds of these anti-American legislators, all across the country, bringing them to the full realization that they do not rule over the people. If that ultimately means bloodshed, so be it.

The right to keep and bear arms is imperative to the God-given Right of every man, woman and child to be free of the evil tyrants who walk the halls of government.

The law violated and ignored, moral persuasion constantly falling on deaf ears, and freedom and liberty at stake.

2201, 2020

LaVoy Finicum: A Martyr in Defense of Liberty

January 22nd, 2020|0 Comments

Raised in the northwestern corner of Arizona Navajo territory, Robert LaVoy Finicum largely came to manhood in and around the sprawling area of Fredonia and Colorado City, Arizona, just off State Route 389, and Hildale, Utah, before his fateful death, his murder by law enforcement, near Burns, Oregon on January 26th 2016, just one day before his 55th birthday. His name is a hallowed one in the annals of the Patriot movement and the minds of most American Patriots, as a man who was willing to fight for those ideas of freedom and liberty and the Founding principles of America.

LaVoy led a small band of protesters, including Cliven Bundy’s sons, Ryan and Ammon, American Patriots who understood that the federal government and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) were consistently and constantly acquiring or simply taking water and grazing rights and land unconstitutionally, from farmers and ranchers across America. These men and women were standing firm for property rights under Our Bill of Rights, when they occupied the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge on January 2nd 2016 and began a stand off with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies, that lasted forty-one days.

LaVoy and anyone else with a proper understanding of America’s Founding understood that the land is a gift of God to man to be individually commanded and cultivated to suit his purposes, and government officials do not have any right to interfere with this unalienable God-given right. In line with this same logic, Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 of the Constitution clearly states that land within the boundaries of a state may only be acquired by the national government, if it has the consent of the state legislature; and then, it can only acquire it for the placement of military forts, arsenals, dock yards and other needful buildings. This procedure was created to ensure that the national government could not simply grab land and use the land as a means to coerce the states and people to do their bidding and to expand its power past the limitations of the Constitution. And, this same principle applies to water and grazing rights, especially those handed down to pioneers’ descendants from territorial grants preceding statehood.

It was from this point of view that LaVoy started his journey towards his destiny, in June 2015, as he wrote the following in two separate letters to the BLM, three days apart that read, in part: “At this time I feel compelled to stand [up for] the Constitution of our land and in doing so please do not feel I am attacking your character. This is not about cows and grass, access or resources, this is about freedom and defending our Constitution in its original intent … I am severing my association with the BLM.”

During this same time frame, LaVoy had expressed his displeasure over ranchers steadily being pushed out of grazing lands like the Grand Canyon-Pashant and BLM tactics, after they called him and told him to remove 24 head of his cattle grazing on “BLM land”, on the Arizona Strip. LaVoy replied that he was “not asking permission”.

After the BLM drained one of his water storage tanks to fight a grass fire, he exclaimed: “[The water is] mine. It’s for my cows. I need it. Quit stealing.” He later took to Youtube where he asked, “You gonna come in there like You did with my friend, Clive?” He concluded: “Well, I’m telling you, leave me alone. Leave me alone, leave Cliven alone.”

This set the stage for LaVoy’s trip to Harney County, Oregon to join Ammon and Ryan Bundy in the Malheur Refuge Occupation, after seeing so many other small ranchers treated unfairly by the BLM, with those truths previously mentioned solidified after standing alongside Cliven Bundy, during his stand off with the BLM. He and all the others were truly making a stand against the overreach of the federal government, and in the process, they hoped to get all America thinking more about liberty.

Just as our federalist Founders didn’t want an all powerful federal government, so too the people, who still hold the ideas espoused by LaVoy and others, such as Cliven Bundy, are simply wary and opposed to any heavy concentration of power in the hands of the federal government, since they have already witnessed, too often first hand, the manner that power is so easily abused, especially through the BLM. However, neither do they see government as evil, or even a necessary evil.

Far from the “white supremacists” and “domestic terrorists” that yellow journalists, such as Kevin Sullivan, and the establishment propaganda press, like the Washington Post, attempted to portray them as being, these men and women were simply strong advocates for a responsible, limited government that favored local solutions and a federalist system inhibiting the centralization of all government into the hands of the few, adhering to the full and proper use of the checks and balances and good government practices set forth in the Constitution.

Noted by B.J. Soper, head of the Pacific Patriots Network, in 2016, and by many patriots previous to and after him: “We’ve let the government step over the line and rule us, and that was never the intent of this country.” And I would add, it was certainly never the intent of our nation’s Founders.

And given the dangerous assaults and violence exhibited by extremists in the protests of Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street, there isn’t any justification for the actions of law enforcement against LaVoy and his fellow protesters, who were protesting peacefully, even if they had “taken” Malheur. People were initially able to come and go freely, until the protesters started blocking entrance from fear of federal government infiltration aimed at arresting and removing them, before they achieved their goals. LaVoy certainly wasn’t so dangerous or violent a man that he had to be so sorely mistreated and ultimately executed.

Whether he was armed or not is irrelevant. We regularly see many militiamen at peaceful protests all over America, both socialists and conservatives, going armed with long guns and pistols. Going armed at a protest, as is Constitutionally protected from many legal perspectives, isn’t a death warrant, or at least it shouldn’t be. Our Constitution doesn’t state that anyone must allow themselves to be abused by government agents, or anyone else, and it doesn’t prevent any American from engaging in a proper and lawful act of self-defense, especially if one is defending themselves against government tyranny.

Passenger Shawna Cox captured the entire miserable and dastardly event on her cell phone, and I have watched the video with sound, that captured the moment of LaVoy’s death, so many numerous times, often choking back my own angry tears, to think that people sworn to protect and defend the Constitution could so casually ignore it in this or any case; and, each time, I can only conclude this was a planned execution.

From the first roadblock stop and the shot that hit LaVoy’s driver side mirror to the second roadblock, it becomes well and beyond apparent that this was a planned execution. The bullets were flying at LaVoy’s vehicle before he could even come to a complete stop on the slippery snow-covered road, as the video does show, in fact, a bullet piercing the truck ceiling; and, as he exited the vehicle with hands raised, he was immediately hit in the side by a round, that caused him to flinch to that side — offering the assassins their excuse “he was reaching for a gun” — and multiple rounds then hit him and his life was ended.

Several FBI agents and Oregon Highway Patrol fired on LaVoy, but it was Casey Codding, of the Oregon Highway Patrol, who fired on the vehicle before it ever stopped. FBI agent Joseph Astarita fired the first shot after LaVoy jumped from the vehicle, to divert law enforcement’s attention away from his friends, and in the course of the execution, Codding shot LaVoy in the back twice, just like a coward, even though LaVoy was not brandishing a firearm or any other weapon — even though they knew that LaVoy was an innocent, peaceful rancher without any criminal history who had told them he was on his way to a meeting with the Sheriff of Grant County — even though they knew he had a large family of eleven children and was a good man who had never threatened anyone.

Most good police officers go their entire career without ever having to kill anyone. Codding has killed three people, including a teenager, “in the line of duty”. He’s also one of LaVoy’s murderers.

Whatever happened to “protect and serve”? Who has police forces across the country so indoctrinated and so intensely concerned to the point they see ranchers and family men as the greatest enemy to their country?

There wasn’t even one attempt to peacefully negotiate with the Malheur group and LaVoy Finicum, even though all LaVoy did at the refuge was speak to authorities in a non-threatening manner. It should deeply trouble all Americans that law enforcement had so little conscience and lack of reservation, they could easily shoot LaVoy with his hands raised; equally troubling, they didn’t even check him for a pulse, until they had walked around his body for fifteen minutes, as they placed their lack of respect for human life on full display before the American people.

Far too many law enforcement don’t even understand what it really means to defend the Constitution and freedom, as they set about destroying the freedoms of the American people in an out-of-control display of power at the behest of mayors and governors using them to acquire greater influence and power, i.e. as we currently see unfolding in Virginia via Governor Northam and the Democrat majority in the Virginia legislature regarding proposed gun control measures. Wicked “leaders” could not so subvert our freedoms without willing murderers like Casey Codding.

Today, all Americans must face the certain fact that our federal government is out-of-control and corrupt, nearly beyond the point of salvation. It will kill its own citizens if we try to live too freely, or so it does seem, of late. Who can ever remove the image from their mind, of Vicky Weaver being shot through the head, as she held her baby in her arms in the doorway of her husband’s cabin on Ruby Ridge? An innocent American shot dead by FBI sniper, Lon Horiuchi, on August 21st 1992; look at Waco, Texas in 1993 and the overreaction of the ATF; one incident after another, until the standoff at Cliven Bundy’s ranch, when armed patriots came to his defense and said “No More”.

What has happened to this America I love so well, that one can barely distinguish between the Bad Guys and the Good Guys, in the ranks of those charged to protect and defend society? This case and the recent soft coup against the President indicate a great evil courses through their ranks today.

Throughout the history of the FBI, how many times has anyone in America seen any rancher draw his firearm on an FBI agent, or any other law enforcement agent? These ranchers aren’t common low-down thugs. They are fine Americans, the salt of the earth.

Has there ever been an FBI agent who defended or aided or stood alongside a rancher, because it was the right thing to do and it kept with their oath to defend the Constitutional rights of those in their care? Has any FBI agent ever stepped outside his role as a government pawn protecting special interests, to actually protect the people he was supposedly hired to serve and protect?

LaVoy had stated, time and again, a desire to make sure that the standoff ended peacefully, and up until the day of the ambush, there wasn’t any reason to believe that it wouldn’t, since LaVoy had been in constant contact with Sheriff Glenn Palmer, who was quite sympathetic to the cowboy’s cause. These men weren’t “anti-government”; they were anti-tyranny. LaVoy would be alive and well at home, with his family today, acquitted of all wrong-doing, just as many other defendants associated with the stand off have been, if the FBI and the Oregon Highway Patrol had not escalated the situation.

Ironically, LaVoy wrote a book entitled ‘Only By Blood and Suffering”, originally published in 2015, that foreshadowed his own death. The protagonist, a cowboy, dies in a shootout with the federal government, just as LaVoy finally did.

Real American patriots, such as Robert LaVoy Finicum, are far and few between these days, especially in the ranks of our elected officials, since so many so-called conservatives claim to stand for the Constitution against the federal government’s overreach, as they stand by silent and meek, in the wake of its insistent and continuous assaults against ‘We the People’ and our rights to life, liberty, property and freedom from the restrictions of arbitrary force. The faux conservatives are far too willing to allow federal power grabs to go unopposed, as a large, meddlesome, intrusive state and its progressive operated institutions undermine our private economy, economic liberty and the freedom to own property and allocate our own resources, enervating the country’s civic character; but LaVoy Finicum was wiling to go all the way, sacrificing himself and giving his life, in his fight against the Bureau of Land Management, in order to preserve those values that were established centuries ago that respect our God-given rights.

Twenty-one short months of LaVoy’s life passed, between the time he showed up alone at the Bundy Ranch in 2014 and the moment he died a leader of the Malheur occupation in 2016. He died as he had lived, trying to make a difference and protecting the ideas and people he loved; he died a martyr in defense of freedom and liberty.

1401, 2020

A Resolute Defense of America

January 14th, 2020|0 Comments

War is a fearsome thing and nobody understands that better than men who have heard the whine of a bullet pass by their ear, but given man’s nature, it is all too often a reality. America does have valid concerns in the Middle East, with the primary one being the unimpeded flow of commerce through the Straits of Hormuz. All others are beginning to take a back seat, as the U.S. becomes increasingly energy independent and is making a gradually withdrawal from Middle Eastern conflicts firing, not firing to enter more wars.

Whatever anyone thinks about America’s past military actions, this one was well delivered and righteous, unless the one analyzing it is a quivering, spineless coward, who still longs for Mommy’s teat.

Making a fine and righteous decision, President Donald J. Trump gave the order https://www.defense.gov/Newsroom/Releases/Release/Article/2049534/statement-by-the-department-of-defense/ for an airstrike, conducted near Baghdad International Airport on January 3rd 2020, in retaliation for the U.S. contractor killed at the K1 Iraqi base by Kata’ib Hezbollah, and the President’s quick response sent Iran’s Quds Force General Qassem Suleimani to the hell he had earned here on earth, as the leader of the world’s largest terrorist organization, tearing his body apart. The strike also took Iraq’s Abu al-Muhandis, deputy commander of Iran-backed militias in Iraq — the Popular Mobilization Forces — and twenty-five others, including the PMF protocol officer, Mohammed Reda. This was an end that was far from anything resembling justice, because it was much too swift and much too humane for a monster, and his fellow terrorists, who had caused so much destruction, misery and death around the globe, including the deaths of at least 603 U.S. soldiers; however, it did deliver a hard blow to international terrorism.

After the PMF had failed in an attempt to overrun the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, on New Year’s Eve, President Trump delivered a threat to Iran to cease its efforts to destabilize the area or prepare to “be held fully responsible for lives lost, or damage incurred, at any of our facilities,” and “pay a very Big Price. This is not a warning, it is a Threat. Happy New Year!”

“You can’t do anything,” responded Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader. The next day, President Trump showed him different.

Shortly after the airstrike, President Trump took to the airways to deliver the news to the American people. In part, his message read as follows: “We took the action last night to stop war. We did not take the action to start a war. I have deep respect for the Iranian people. They are a remarkable people with an incredible heritage and unlimited potential. We do not seek regime change. However, the Iranian regime’s aggression in the region, including the use of proxy fighters to destabilize its neighbors must end and it must end now. The future belongs to the people of Iran, those who seek peaceful coexistence and cooperation, not the terrorist warlords, who plunder their nation to finance bloodshed abroad.”

Many of the Leftist Democrats, such as Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer were deeply distressed that they weren’t notified that the President was preparing to take such action. However, as Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) noted on Fox News: The last group of people you want to talk to about this is Democrats in Congress, Republicans in Congress … To all those Democrats who are criticizing the President, I was aware of what his options were. They were about to unleash holy hell on our people in Iraq and throughout the region, and the President took decisive action.”

Quick as a hard rain, a number of the usual critics, leftist Trump haters and anti-interventionist Trump supporters, decried the action, as a move that will result in a significantly fearsome Iranian retaliation against America and its allies and a possible recklessly risked all-out war with Iran. They assume the U.S. will be drawn into a broader conflict similar to what unfolded in Afghanistan and Iraq; but, these people have obviously been stranded on a deserted island for the past four decades, because Iran has really been at war with the U.S. since 1979.

Since the Islamic Republic of Iran was created in 1979, the Quds Force has actively wreaked havoc across the globe, in countries like Bosnia, Kenya, Turkey, Bahrain, Germany, and it was even the bad actor behind the brazen failed plot in 2011 to assassinate the Saudi Arabian Ambassador on U.S. soil, just as its IED’s maimed and killed hundreds of U.S. soldiers and Marines in both Afghanistan and Iraq at the peak of the wars, as Iran worked against our efforts there, initially; it was also responsible for the bombing of the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia, in 1996, that took the lives of nineteen Americans; and, the Quds Force has planned bombings in Kenya and Germany, just to name a few of the many acts of terrorism that have the Quds Force’s signature.

The Supreme Leader and General Qassem Suliemani, who was more powerful than Iran’s president in foreign policy matters and controlled billions of dollars in terror financing across the world, were responsible for the only true act of war in this latest Iranian misadventure. They put boots on the ground in Iraq for the purpose of planning and directing attacks against U.S. diplomats and U.S. forces, that are lawfully in country by the authority of Congress and with the Iraqi government’s permission, and those U.S. forces have a right and a duty to defend their positions, against all threats, especially those from enemy commanders directing Iranian backed militias to attack them in a combat zone; they could and they did lawfully remove the threat Suliemani represented, when they killed him, as a legal act against an enemy combatant under the rules of war, and President Trump’s action was Constitutionally legitimate and a stunning counter-move, not an assassination.

A cold-blooded killer, the hardliner of hardliners, a constant shadowy figure in the Middle East, and Iran’s indispensable man, Qassem Suleimani had enormous control over the entire global Islamic terror network, overseeing operations and executing Iran’s geopolitical vision, since he also ran proxies in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon, appearing where conflicts rage and disappearing just as quickly. Between 2011 and 2013 alone, he had planned thirty separate terror attacks, and prior to this, he had orchestrated terror attacks in Thailand, New Delhi, Lagos and Nairobi, honing his skills with ruthless cunning. And taken in its entirety, as the head of the Quds Force’s irregular warfare and intelligence arm, Suleiman’s death was bigger than that of Osama bin Laden and Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, and his killing marks a major escalation with Tehran, that has been long overdue, and it signifies a new era in U.S. relations with Iran.

On January 2nd 2020, telling reporters that Islamic violence by Iranian backed Shiite militias in Iraq will be met with U.S. force and countermeasures, Defense Secretary Mark Esper declared, “The game has changed.”

In an interview with Fox News on January 3rd 2020, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated: “We don’t seek war with Iran. But we, at the same time, are not going to stand by and watch the Iranians escalate and continue to put American lives at risk without responding in a way that disrupts, defends, deters and creates an opportunity to de-escalate the situation.”

The leadership hierarchy of Iran condemned the attack, as Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif called Suleiman’s killing “an act of international terrorism.” The Supreme Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said, “A severe retaliation awaits the murderers who have the blood of Suleiman and that of the other martyrs on their hands”, and according to Iran’s state-owned newspaper, Hamshari, for the first time ever, Khamenei took part in an emergency meeting of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council, vowing to avenge Suleiman’s killing.

In reality, nobody knows for certain what happens from this point on, not even those in making the decisions, who are weighing out the costs and the benefits to some of their next steps. Make no mistake. The Iranian ayatollahs and mullahs are not completely suicidal, although that dynamic is at play; but in the course of waging their jihad against the West, they are mostly calculating and strategic, so the chances for an all-out direct war between Iran and the United States is low, at the present time.

Although President Trump’s hardened sanctions are now bringing some real economic pain to Iran and its leaders, Iran has paid a very small price for all the innocent blood it has shed over the past four decades, while it increased its global reach and influence and achieved greater military capabilities, as it developed a nuclear weapons program and acted aggressively, belligerently and violently against America and Her Allies. The strike that ended General Qassem Suleiman’s life has rocked the Iranian regime to its core.

Over the decades, past administrations have been overly patient with Iran and engaged them only through proxies in Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Israel, and although President Trump followed with substantial restraint and respect for the Iranian regime, always leaving the door open to negotiations towards better relations, that restraint was viewed by Tehran as proof of the Trump administration’s lack of will to respond. Their miscalculations and overreach in Iraq resulted in Suleiman’s death, as President Trump engaged them directly for the first time, since the Reagan administration, and he proved America will meet their attacks with overwhelming force, when deemed necessary, without fighting proxy wars.

Reported by Victor Garcia on January 4th [Fox News], President Trump made a statement that read: “Iran is talking very boldly about targeting certain USA assets as revenge for our ridding the world of their terrorist leader who had just killed and American [and] badly wounded many others, not to mention all of the people he had killed over his lifetime, including recently hundreds of Iranian protesters. [Suleiman] was already attacking our Embassy, and preparing for additional hits in other locations. Iran has been nothing but problems for many years. Let this serve as a WARNING that if Iran strikes any Americans, or American assets, we have targeted 52 Iranian sites (representing the 52 American hostages taken by Iran many years ago) some at a very high level [and] important to Iran [and] the Iranian culture, and Iran itself, WILL BE HIT VERY FAST AND VERY HARD. The USA wants no more threats!”

Iran does have sleeper agents in America, and it also holds the largest arsenal of all types of missiles capable of striking our forces anywhere in the region, but these facts should not make us throw up our hands in surrender and let Iran intimidate us into meekly accepting whatever Iran seeks to do there and elsewhere in the world, because the policies of appeasement are precisely what has led to the current reality. Those hysterical voices adamantly asserting President Trump’s airstrike has set us on a path of all-out war are the same voices in the Middle East who were directly responsible for aiding and enabling Iran to the point that Iran could now pose such a dire threat.

Three days after Suleiman was killed Iran answered with 22 missiles targeting bases housing U.S. Armed Forces at Al Asad and Irbil, and no casualties were sustained by Iraqis or Americans, largely due to Iranian chatter on the airways that provided several hours forewarning. This forewarning is thought to have been intentional, as a way for Iran to still “counter attack” and save face with the regime’s supporters.

Many arm-chair military experts will assess this event for some time, but Iran’s delivery of 22 missiles fired at targets without killing anyone, seems to be more like a primarily symbolic operation than the incompetence of its target acquisition people. So, although the Ayatollahs are telling their people they won a great victory, they have actually sent a message to President Trump and America that they don’t want a larger fight.

In an address to all America, from multiple news affiliates, on January 8th, President Trump stated, Iran appears to be standing down”, and he confirmed that no casualties resulted from the January 7th attack. He also suggested that the U.S. military will not respond further unless Iran escalates the situation, as he added “the United States is ready to embrace peace with all who seek it.” He did note that additional sanctions would now be placed on an already struggling Iranian economy.

Normally averse to war, President Trump has obviously been prepared for this moment for much of his presidency, and the American people should not overact to the notion of an escalation, since Iran’s economy is shot and its military power, both in conventional and terrorist ranks, is eroding. While President Trump can effectively use America’s massive military power, he has only ever sought to prevent Iran from dramatically escalating hostilities to the point of a catastrophic response, such as Iran now understands it will face; and, regardless of how Suleimani’s death has changed Iran’s strategic calculations, President Trump’s actions demonstrate he is intent on bringing peace through strength and a resolute defense of U.S. interests and America against any who threaten Her.

Americans should note the incongruity and the hypocrisy, the double standard employed by Democrats, who castigated President Trump’s decision not to intervene in Turkey’s genocide against the Kurds and now harshly damn him for properly reacting in Iraq to protect Americans. President Trump faced a determined enemy and sent their blood-thirsty commander to hell, no virgins in paradise, by way of the fire and fury of an American MQ-9 Reaper drone.

1301, 2020

America’s slow death by a thousand cuts

January 13th, 2020|0 Comments

“In an ever-changing, incomprehensible world the masses had reached the point where they would, at the same time, believe everything and nothing, think that everything was possible and that nothing was true. The ideal subject of totalitarian rule is not the convinced Nazi or the dedicated communist, but people for whom the distinction between fact and fiction, true and false, no longer exists.” ~ Hannah Arendt

President Donald J. Trump has done some fine things in the domestic and foreign policy arenas, but even so, despite what the nearly 63 million Americans who voted for him believe, President Trump is not the best thing in America to have come along since sliced white-bread. Unfortunately, with each passing day, he has proven himself to be the Big Spending, Big Government fascist that I knew him to be in 2015. Regardless of his “good deeds”, any American, who stays silent in the face of this president’s current harmful executive orders and signed pieces of legislation, such as the recent Omnibus bill that he signed on December 20th 2019, is not a conservative or a patriot, and their silence does the nation a great disservice, no matter how “great” anyone may view Trump at this moment in history, and no matter Trump’s claim of the “conservative mantel”.

America has also just witnessed the passage of the worst so-called “trade agreement” ever negotiated in U.S. history on December 19th 2019 — the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement — with President Trump’s enthusiastic support, even though it was negotiated by Obama era bureaucratic holdovers, the same exact negotiators responsible for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The USMCA kills individual liberty in America, facilitates Open Borders and subverts our Constitution and national sovereignty, as it also coincides nearly verbatim with approximately seventy percent of the TPP, an agreement that Trump once called “a fraud” and “one of the worst trade deals”.

If this is an example of President Trump’s great negotiating skills, America’s confidence in him is misplaced.

America was so focused on all the Congressional impeachment drama, that nobody seemed to notice when the so-called “good guys” and “bad guys” sat down to carve up another great portion of America’s wealth. After the House voted completely along party lines to impeach President Trump and the historic dust settled, both the fraudulent champions of Conservatism in the GOP and the Democratic Party Progressives, the mortal enemies of America’s founding, set aside all differences to pass another record breaking spending bill, with a mere 24 hours of review and “discussion”, that is so massive, its 2100 pages had to be split into twelve packages — gifts, if you will — to conceal the fact that President Donald J. Trump, the “Conservative”, has just signed the two largest spending packages in United States History, totaling $1.4 trillion dollars.

Not one Congressman could have had the time to properly review this albatross in a 24 hour period. It isn’t any wonder that so much that is so detrimental to America’s well-being was allowed to creep into U.S. law via this outrageous act.

Although President Trump eradicated thousands of federal regulations, upon taking office, the results of many of his most recent bills are adding thousands more. Some of the detrimental effects will arise in the same way we saw through the struggle over property rights between the Hammond and Bundy Families and the Bureau of Land Management, since both the USMCA and this recent Omnibus bill undermine private property rights.

The Environmental Protection Agency received $9 billion, a $240 million increase over last year, and the Bureau of Land management received a two percent increase. And the Land and Water Conservation Agency received a whopping $500 million, no doubt so they can continue to tell Americans they can’t collect rain-water in barrels, as they have been aligned with UN Agenda 21 mandates for many years, advocating for the same “sustainable development” and the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, also a UN creation, that killed jobs and farming for decades in any area that utilized these policies; these policies are also currently a part of the anti-sovereignty, anti-American USMCA.

John Adams, the second U.S. President, once proclaimed: “The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God, and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence. Property must be secured or liberty cannot exist.”

Exuding an abundance of brilliance and wisdom, James Madison asserted: “Government is instituted to protect property of every sort …. (including personal firearms) …. this being the end of government, that alone is not a just government, …. nor is property secure under it, where the property which a man has in his personal safety and personal liberty is violated by arbitrary seizures of one class of citizens for the service of the rest.”

In light of the Democratic Party majority in Virginia recently stating their intentions to confiscate their citizens’ firearms through newly proposed illegitimate legislation and “law”, all Americans who value freedom and liberty should be highly alarmed by their statements, when viewed in conjunction with two sections of the December 20th Omnibus. In the name of fighting “gun violence”, this bill robs the American taxpayers’ and their grandchildren of $22.5 billion. This money is set aside for the FBI, ATF, DEA and the US Marshall Service, so they can target our right to keep and bear arms.

Neatly hidden within this 2100 page monstrosity are a few lines with ominous implications. Along with granting the ATF and FBI greater finances to “combat gun violence”, the Center for Disease Control and the National Institute of Health are receiving $25 million for their new mission to gather data on gun violence as if it were an epidemic or national health crisis, in order to justify any future advocacy for stricter gun control initiatives and measures. And as the Democrats are salivating and wetting their pants over this new good fortune that’s dropped in their laps, the ATF — the militant branch of firearm control — receives nearly one billion dollars, an increase of $50 million over last year, to target “criminal firearm possession”, something that is ever increasingly becoming more subjective; the FBI will receive $131 million to run background checks, which sounds like far too much to just field calls on firearm purchases.  All of this aligns with Trump’s criminalization of bumpstocks and his amenable attitude to the circumvention of “due process” and “red flag laws”, as these federal agencies are receiving a pretty vague mandate from the Trump White House to “find illegal guns and take them”.

One should also note, although President Trump has been extremely successful at manipulating the economy and keeping America safe from her foreign enemies, he has violated the 4th Amendment by signing H.R. 76, that granted warrantless searches of houses and businesses in proximity to the D.C. Metrorail, and by way of his signature on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Reauthorization, which now allows all U.S. citizens to be placed under NSA surveillance, along with the foreign nationals it was originally created to address, among several other failures regarding the Bill of Rights.

Among many other detrimental edicts, this albatross bill hands the Department of Energy three billion dollars to research more efficient means of producing renewable energy. It also pays additional funds to NASA, the Department of Transportation and the Department of Indian Affairs to purchase the less efficient options already available, in order to give further credence and legitimacy to the bunk science of “climate change”.

Please take note that on March 23rd 2018, after signing his first massive $1.3 trillion Omnibus bill, President Trump stated: “There are a lot of things I’m unhappy about in this bill. There are a lot of things that we shouldn’t have had in this bill, but we were in a sense forced if we want to build our military …. I said to Congress, I will never sign another bill like this again.”

In a manner reminiscent of President George H.W. Bush’s “read my lips, no new taxes” moment and seeming to make peace with The Swamp, President Trump issued the following statement on December 20th 2019, after signing the $1.4 trillion Omnibus: “Taken together, the government funding bills guarantee that critical priorities — investing in the military, ensuring Americans are more prosperous and healthy, delivering border security, engaging in criminal justice reform, and defending life — will be met in the upcoming year …”

It’s funny how fallin’ can feel like flying for a little while.

Far too many American are cheerleading for Trump, when he has actually failed on several of his key campaign promises, such as securing the border and building the wall and ending Obamacare, with one key promise to reduce deficit spending. He could have accomplished all of this, when he had a majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate; however, today, only work replacing 60 miles of old wall and 98 miles of new wall has been completed, and the American taxpayer is still paying for Obamacare taxes and subsidies for the uninsurable, even though the individual mandate was eradicated. And in the meantime, President Trump’s 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act lowered taxes by trillions of dollars without reducing a dime of spending, and as a result, this administration has already added $5.6 trillion to the national debt.

Where is the fight for fiscal restraint? It never existed in the Democratic Party and it certainly no longer can be found in the Republican Party. The vote on this last Omnibus was 89 to 8, with three abstentions.

The “Great Economy” isn’t all a lie, but neither is the underlying truth being told about it. Many ordinary Americans are doing fairly well, as far as it goes, and as America is being hollowed out. Real economic decline is concealed by institutions that measure only areas that can be manipulated to give a positive result, such as the Consumer Price Index, the unemployment rate, Gross Domestic Product, and hundreds of financial numbers associated with net wealth and bank loans among other items.

Does everybody really not see the rise in childcare expenses, college tuition, and rent? They have risen at double-digit rates, while shrinkflation has reduced the quality and quantity of goods, even as the price has remained unchanged, or, in some cases, seen an increase. My own daughter, my youngest, makes a decent salary as an office manager for a great company, but she now pays a hefty $700 per month for daycare for my grandson, in order to be able to work, a significant cut to her salary.

Essentially, official statistics are manipulated to give a rosy picture of the economy, even as the nation’s treasury and the U.S. taxpayer are being robbed blind. Americans everywhere sense the disconnect, however, since significant factors aren’t measured, few objective indicators are documenting the decline all Americans experience in their everyday life.

And so, Americans are regularly told that they are doing fine, with manageable debt and rising incomes, when in the real world, their auto loan defaults are soaring, forty percent of America’s cancer patients are wiped out by the co-pays, and most “middle-class” households are one layoff or job loss away from default and going broke and to the poor house.

In the fiscal year for 2019, the federal government spent $660 billion on interest payments. This amount very nearly equals the U.S. budget for Medicare, and it is more than what the U.S. spends on education, transportation, housing and agriculture combined. Federal debt held by the public is projected to double between today and 2049, rising from 78 percent of the gross domestic product to 144 percent. So, if fancy accounting is all that is hiding negative growth in the U.S. economy, times can’t be all too good.

The Trump tax cuts have really helped big corporations, by granting them subsidies, to help keep them healthy and solvent. This, in part, has benefited ordinary workers by ensuring companies can keep their jobs in place, but salaries have not increased to any significant level over the past decade. This is outrageous, once one considers that in each of the past two years, the U.S. Treasury has written checks of over $100 million checks to Amazon out of our tax dollars.

This helps President Trump grow his political power, because these windfall tax benefits received by large public companies like, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon translate directly into higher stock prices, and in Trump’s own words, “the stock market is my report card”. One can argue whether or not the economy is really doing great, but one can’t argue with a new high for the Dow Jones.

3112, 2019

Refugee Resettlement undermines America

December 31st, 2019|0 Comments

The Unacceptable cost and is not Americas obligation

Americans absolutely have the right to determine who, if anyone, enters the country, and it doesn’t violate any law or the Constitution to reject anyone claiming refugee status. So-called refugees do not have any automatic right to be granted entry, despite many leftist assertions to the contrary, and many of us are sick and tired of hearing our leaders’ cliched platitudes that suggest they have a “Big Heart”, much like Governor Bill Lee (R-TN), while they allow people into the country, who come to America to avoid fighting for their own countries; and, usually, of late, these refugees hold ideas and views so anti-American and so antithetical to the Constitution, that they eventually become a great disruptive factor to any community, as they work to undermine the nation.

On December 18th 2019, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee announced his decision to send a letter of consent to the Trump administration, in order to accept more refugees for resettlement next year. His decision coincides with those of other Republican governors who have also stated their intent to admit more refugees, such as Kim Reynolds of Iowa, Asa Hutchinson of Arkansas, Doug Ducey of Arizona, Kevin Stitt of Oklahoma, Gary Herbert of Utah and Doug Burgum of North Dakota.

And of course, numerous Democratic led states, such as California, New York, Washington, Pennsylvania, Virginia and others have already submitted letters of consent or are making preparations to do so. According to U.S. State Department arrival records, resettlement has occurred in the District of Columbia, every U.S. territory and state since 2003.

The state of Tennessee still has a high-profile Tenth Amendment lawsuit in the works, that Governor Lee has essentially undermined through his consent letter, effectively infuriating legislative leaders who had sued the federal government. The lawsuit questions the constitutionality of the refugee resettlement program.

House Speaker Cameron Sexton and Lt Governor Rand McNally (TN) issued a joint statement: “Our personal preference would have been to exercise the option to hit the pause button on accepting additional refugees in our state.”

While more than a third of Tennessee’s 95 counties are preparing to challenge any refugee resettlement, so too are other counties around America, from North Dakota to Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, and Indiana to Vermont, New Hampshire and Wyoming. Burleigh County North Dakota heard its chairman, Brian Bitner, voice citizens’ concerns, stating: “North Dakota is already the highest per capita state for refugee resettlement in terms of number of citizens, so in the absence of any sort of number, there’s no way we could know the cost to the state or the county, and I simply can’t support that.”

President Trump signed an executive order that allowed all fifty states to decide whether to accept refugees or not, in September of this year, and it requires a written letter of consent. This isn’t any guarantee that refugees won’t settle in an area that initially rejected the refugee resettlement program, since they can travel from state to state and county to county; and regardless of this, many Americans simply don’t want any more anti-American refugees, such as Somalia born Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN), or Representative Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) — American born but raised to hate America by her “palestinian” Muslim mother, given entry to our nation, since they sound and act more like agents of Hamas, the Palestinian Liberation Organization, Hezbollah and Al Shabaab than someone interested in keeping America strong and free.

On August 26th 2019, Representative Ilhan Omar called for the government of Somalia to protect Hormuud Telecom Company, from United Nation peace-keepers, even though HTC has been financing the Al Shabaab terrorist organization for years. This link between Hormuud and Al Shabaab is well documented in the October 19th 2019 report compiled by the International Policy Group, entitled ‘Reaping the Whirlwind — Hormuud Entrepreneurs and the Resurgence of Al Shabaab’.

One should note that 45 Somali Muslims left their homes in Minneapolis to join the Somali based Al Shabaab Islamic terror group or ISIS, in 2007, as documented by FBI statistics. And as of 2018, a dozen more were arrested as they attempted to leave the U.S. for their expressed purpose of fighting for ISIS.

According to Steve Emerson of the Investigative Project, Representative Rashida Tlaib was photographed, in January 2019, with Abbas Hamideh, a Hezbollah supporter, and again in March with Nader Jalajel, a Palestinian activist who mourned the death of a Palestinian terrorist who had murdered a Jewish rabbi the previous year.

America has far too many natural born citizens who seemingly hate Her to be bringing in foreign nationals who hate America too, doesn’t She?

Refugees come from many countries across the globe, fleeing specific danger in their homelands, although the bulk of refugees have been from Iraq, Syria and Somalia since 2015; and a large number is comprised of people who simply wouldn’t fight for their war-torn countries. They come here too often simply from necessity, in their eyes, and safety, and not out of any sense of kindred spirit or love for the American way of life, our freedom and our liberty. And so, they set about life in their own tradition, with the same associated flaws that created the troubles in their country, regardless of its unseemly and foreign nature and cloistered within an American community.

Americans don’t want to see their neighborhoods permanently transformed into United Nations refugee camps filled with welfare dependents, as they now find in Minneapolis where the crime rate has soared exponentially, largely due to the rapid and massive influx of Somali Muslim refugees. According to Steven Camarota’s 2015 study [The High Cost of Resettling Muslim Refugees], it costs taxpayers $64,370 for each Muslim refugee, which is twelve times UN estimates to care for one refugee in surrounding Middle Eastern nations. Even worse, the crime rate rose by fifty-six percent in Minneapolis, between 2010 and 2018, due to criminal activity by Somali Muslim gangs.

For God’s sake, what is wrong with being a bit more discerning in regards of the refugees America accepts? Why can’t we accept more like Ayn Rand, staunch anti-communist defender of liberty, Dith Pran, Pulitzer prize winning photo-journalist and translator for U.S. Military Assistance Command [Cambodia] and Albert Einstein, a genius physicist and Nobel Laureate?

The United States granted an astronomical number of asylum requests in September 2019 to a combined 70,246 Afghan refugees and Special Immigration Visas [Afghan “allies”] and 161,665 Iraqi refugees and SIVs. The war in Iraq ended in 2011, so there really isn’t any excuse for U.S. taxpayers to be funding new lives in America for anyone from Iraq, other than the truly persecuted Christians who are still trapped in the region.

America spent enormous sums of money and lost thousands of fine men and women to give Iraqis a better path forward and a new chance to govern themselves as free men and women. Is there any good reason that justifies moving tens of thousands of Iraqis, or Syrians or Somalians for that matter, to any American town?

President Trump is only willing to give 18,000 refugees entry to America this year, which is the lowest number authorized since the program’s inception in 1980. In contrast, President Barack Obama was willing to accept 110,000 refugees in 2017.

Amid the current anti-open borders sentiment in America, the open borders crowd, the Leftists of America always seem to manage to move U.S. policy in the opposite direction, just as they are currently attempting through a lawsuit filed against President Trump’s executive order on November 21st 2019. Although public support for deceasing the numbers of legal immigration of all kinds is significant, the supporters are not well organized, unlike the Leftist coalition of ethnic churches and organizations that skillfully navigates the political arena in strong opposition to any proposal restricting any segment of legal immigration, including asylum seekers.

The lawsuit was filed in a Maryland federal court by lawyers representing the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society and Church World Service. Shortly afterwards, Krish O’Mara Vignarajah, president of LIRS, stated: “This executive order is unconstitutional and compassionless, and reflects a complete misunderstanding of the refugee resettlement process in this country.”

Over the past decade, Ann Corcoran, a refugee law and policy expert, has given America outstanding briefings on the issue. She outlines in great detail the ultimate conflict of interest, by which refugee contractors’ entire budgets grow commensurate to the number of refugees they resettle. The more communities they get on board with refugee resettlement, the more money they receive, and so their is nearly a knock down dragged out fight over all 3007 counties across America, with the goal of moving them to send letters of consent to the State Department.

Unbelievable as it seems, most Republican politicians are somewhat amenable to the one-sided pressure for all the wrong reasons, and in some cases, they are absolutely in the pockets of Open Borders Inc. And although conservatives have ceded a great deal of America to the Left, the refugee coalition has not ceded a single county; and so, thanks to many complacent and corrupt GOP politicians, refugee resettlement has thrived in the most conservative areas of the nation. The financial and cultural costs of refugee resettlement have been unacceptable and enormous.

On July 5th 2017, a report, entitled ‘The U.S. Refugee Admissions Program: A Roadmap for Reform’, written by policy analyst David Inserra noted that at least sixty-one people who came to the United States as refugees engaged in terrorist activities between 2002 and 2016. The report detailed scores of other refugees who lied or took part in terror plots, as part of a study aimed at reforming the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program. The report concluded there was a need to place strict limits on refugee numbers and restrictions on the refugees themselves.

Surely every knowledgeable American understands full well that there isn’t any universal right to migrate, and resettlement isn’t the solution to mass displacement. Our policymakers have a duty and a responsibility to make certain our nation only accepts as many refugees as can be safely scrutinized, investigated and assimilated. More importantly, America is not obligated to resettle refugees, and the ones we do resettle, America does so from a humane perspective and in hopes that such actions will also benefit our national interests.

So, to all the naive shmucks and corrupt, complicit liars out in Fly-Over-Country, who are playing a dangerous game with American lives, place your “Big Heart” on full display, but ignoring a moral and constitutional duty to place American interests and American lives above those of foreign nationals’ needs is unconscionable and treasonous, at its best. Pressure Saudi Arabia, the United Emirates and Qatar to utilize their millions of dollars to resettle Muslim refugees in their own nations, as America works to facilitate the integration and assimilation of refugees it already has accepted, if and when such a feat is possible.  Don’t let your “Big Heart” drive all common sense from between your ears, while your platitudes set the further destruction of America in motion, since the perpetrators of future Islamic terror attacks are already here: And as such, America would be most wise to, at the very least, halt any more Muslims from coming to America.

2312, 2019

It’s Called TREASON

December 23rd, 2019|0 Comments

Author’s note: Is it any damned wonder America is experiencing such dire and dangerous times, when Her people are saddled with men and women of such astounding ignorance, or a lack of love for this great land of ours???

Well …  By Golly … the more things change, the more they stay the same, and just like FDR’s administration was chock full of communists and traitors to America, so too does it appear that the Trump administration has more than its share of traitors, or ignorant misguided jack-asses who wouldn’t understand the Constitution if they had stared at it from age five to the present day. I have been beyond apoplectic over the latest  developments, regarding the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement for days now.

I spent all morning calling every single representative from Tennessee, and I got one young arrogant fool on the line, a staffer for Congressman Chuck Fleischmann, Republican representative for Tennessee’s 3rd District,, who told me in a manner oozing condescension, that I should call my own representative. I quite forcefully explained to him that I full well understood what I could and could not do and that I had been active on the political scene probably before he was even born, and I concluded by telling him that I was the Congressman’s fellow Tennessean, a fellow American, whether I was his constituent or not; since his decision would affect all of Tennessee and potentially all of America, it was my duty to make him aware of the dangers of this agreement, in defense of this America I love so well.

It didn’t help my naturally cheery disposition to find out that this representative is evidently a RINO, and according to this rude little RINO water-carrying staffer, he intended to vote “Yes” for the USMCA on Thursday December 19th 2019; and unfortunately this egregious bill passed by a vote of 385 to 41, so it will now go to the Senate for final approval and ratification, probably in January of 2020. ~ J.O.S.

President Donald J. Trump, “the Great Negotiator”, is touting the worse “trade agreement” in U.S. history, after he and Democrats reached an agreement on the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement https://ustr.gov/trade-agreements/free-trade-agreements/united-states-mexico-canada-agreement/agreement-between on December 10th 2019, and if this globalist mess is the best he can do, something is dreadfully wrong within his administration. This agreement is the antithesis of America First and merges the worse parts of NAFTA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership that was rejected in 2017, and President Trump has either inadvertently taken his eye off the process, as the globalist wolves entered the hen-house, or he is a willing and complicit actor in a process that destroys U.S. sovereignty.

In a morning tweet, on December 10th, President Trump hailed the prospect of completing one more campaign promise: “America’s great USMCA Trade Bill is looking good.”

Robert Lighthizer, the chief trade official leading negotiations for the U.S., stated: “We have created a deal that will benefit American workers, farmers, and ranchers for years to come. This will be the model for American trade deals going forward.”

This egregious piece of legislation was passed by the House of Representatives on Thursday December 19th 2019, thanks to a House Democratic majority and some Republicans-In-Name-Only, such as Congressman Chuck Fleischmann (R-TN) — Tennessee 3rd District, who voted in favor of its passage. As an aside, I made sure to tell Rep. Fleischmann’s staffer that I would in fact travel to his area and work against him, if he votes for this deeply flawed, anti-American piece of ill-conceived crap.

Americans have continuously been told that this renegotiated deal is all about trade and improving life for all North Americans and Mexicans, but it is more than clear that it is really about control. This “deal” is about the total control of all things and all people that fall under its jurisdiction.

A page by page comparison of the 2325 page USMCA and the TPP reveals an extensive overlap. Nearly all the exact same problems inherent in the TPP also are found in the USMCA, in the manifest erosion of national sovereignty, the unrestricted movement of foreign nationals and the defacto facilitation of illegal immigration, collective bargaining for workers and measures to combat climate change.

According to this study  https://www.amchamvietnam.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/SSRN-TPP-USMCA.pdf How much of the Transpacific Partnership is in the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement? [June 26th 2019] — conducted by researchers from the University at Ottawa, fifty-seven percent of the text of the USMCA ia copied from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a treaty repeatedly described as a “horrible deal” by President Trump. Twenty-nine out of thirty chapters have equivalents in the USMCA and seventy-two percent of the matched USMCA chapters are found in both agreements. Many of the chapter titles are identical and so too are the various articles and clauses they each contain. And upon deep analysis, the textual similarity between the USMCA and the TPP reveal that have a great deal in common; they are of the same generation of treaties, and they do not mark a fundamental rupture in U.S. practices, despite President Trump’s rhetoric.

Within days of the release of the first text of the USMCA, Richard Haass, a globalist proponent of the New World Order and president of the Council on Foreign Relations, praised the USMCA due to its alignment with the TPP. According to Haass, “USMCA is NAFTA plus TPP plus a few tweaks”.

Take an in depth look at the agreement, and one will discover Chapter 30 establishes a new governing bureaucracy under a Free Trade Commission of unelected and unaccountable men and women overseeing various lower regional committees. Just as initially set forth in the TPP Commission, the Free Trade Commission can make changes to the USMCA without the consent of Congress, and this fact, in and of itself, completely undermines Article I Section 8 of the Constitution and Congressional authority and power to regulate trade with foreign nations.

The United States already has enough problems with an illegal alien invasion of between 22 to 40 million illegals without compounding it by relinquishing any sovereignty and decision making in this regard to an unelected Commission of the USMCA, which very well could be the consequence, if this treaty is ratified by the Senate, after the House passes it. Illegal immigration is certain to be further facilitated by Article 23.8 (Chapter 23) on Migrant Workers and a requirement to “ensure that migrant workers are protected under its [each respective nation’s] labor laws, whether they are nationals or non-nationals” [read “illegal aliens” and “foreign nationals”]. This would serve to circumvent any determinations by our Congress and federal judiciary regarding the arrival of caravans of illegal aliens from Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador, as well as a final determination on DACA. And making it plain in language identical to language in the TPP, Article 15.5 of the USMCA states: “No party shall adopt or maintain … a measure that … imposes a limitation on … the total number of natural persons that may be employed in a particular financial service sector or that a financial institution or cross-border service supplier may employ … in the form of numerical quotas or the requirement of an economic needs test.” This opens the door for any number of people to be brought across the border for any reason deemed necessary by one or more Parties involved, flooding America with radical Central American socialists.

Staying true to other globalist anti-American schemes, the USMCA also forces signatories to submit to international concerns, such as the International Labor Organization, the World Trade Organization and United Nations mandates like the Law of the Sea, that the United States refused to ratify in 1982, along with “sustainable development” — mentioned no less than nine times in the chapter on the environment — and International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives directives and edicts, that many of the U.S. states have fought to eradicate over the past decade, after experiencing years of their oppressive nature.

Although the original NAFTA agreement did not contain any directive on the environment in 1994, the USMCA contains a thirty pages in Chapter 24 dedicated to the environment, that mentions “sustainable development” nine times. Page two of this chapter states: “The Parties recognize that a healthy environment is an integral element of sustainable development and recognize the contribution that trade makes to sustainable development.” Other similar points address “sustainable fisheries” and the “sustainable use of biodiversity”, both of which are aligned with and straight from the United Nation’s Agenda 2030; and, it also contains the North American Agreement on Environmental Cooperation among the Governments of the United States, Canada and the United Mexican States, that has a subsidiary called the Commission for Environ