I remember a morning, some years back, I walked to the diner where I have my morning coffee and start my day.

When I sat down I noticed a lady bug was sitting on my left sleeve . Carefully I took it outside and set it on a flowering bush nearby. “That’s good luck,” I commented to a friend of mine. 

When I sat back down a memory came to me of a television playlet I had seen years ago when I was a child. The program had told the story of a little French boy, Benny, (played by an actor named Michael Petit) and his efforts to be a chess champion even including going up against a computerized robot. Those were much earlier days of technology and the robot was played, almost benignly, by the classic “Robby the Robot.” 

Another chess player was hoping to see little “Benny” fail in his quest against the unbeatable robot but as fate would have it a little lady bug who Benny had liberated earlier with the words “Lady bug, Ladybug, fly away home, your house is on fire and your children will burn….” flies onto the robot’s helmet and getting access to the robot’s circuitry causes a massive short-out which wins Benny the game. 

To me there was a wonderful message in this little fable. A message more relevant now than when the play first appeared. Wrongful Technology can be beaten by the natural. However, it is bent out of shape by the greedy to work against us there are still forces in the natural world that will even things out, 

GMO’s that hurt our health, Surveillance equipment that siphon our freedoms, plans, starting in Belgium to OK euthanasia for old people and little children, efforts of greedy scientists to own our very DNA. These plans will, ultimately fail as avarice usually fails in the lessons we’ve learned from history. Nature and the human spirit can only be bent so far in the wrong direction until, like grass growing through cement, they make their way back toward the sun. 

I’m thankful for ladybugs. Both the one on my arm and the one in the story.