Dear Editor:
About three dozen House Democrats have signed a letter asking Biden to renounce his sole authority to launch nuclear weapons. This is probably even unconstitutional since it would mean the President is no longer the Commander and Chief of the military. The letter written by California Democrat Jimmy Panetta stated: “Vesting one person with this authority entails real risks.” It further said: “Past presidents have threatened to attack other countries with nuclear weapons or exhibited behavior that caused other officials to express concern about the president’s judgment.”
This doesn’t sound like a vote of confidence for the supposed most popular president since Obama and sliced white-bread, the guy who supposedly received 80 million votes. I suspect that when the truth comes out, the Democratic Party will have to face some pretty harsh music.
This is precisely on point concerning Biden’s mental abilities when he is 78 now and will be 82 by 2024. While it was a conspiracy theory to question if Biden was displaying dementia before the election, now we have the truth starting to surface from the Democratic side of the fence.
They now seem to admit that they knowingly placed a mentally unfit man in the highest office of the land.
The facade is falling apart and won’t hold much longer, perhaps a few more weeks, possibly a month or two more, if that. By way of a manufactured STOLEN ELECTION these Democratic Party Communists have handed America an Empty Suite, a Blank Cartridge, a Mannequin of a Man Who Isn’t Quite All There. If all the millions of adults over the age of 35, these Red, Radical Rat Bastards picked this Empty Talking Head to lead America in a year of crisis.
All America must understand by now that something more than just weird is going on within our government, something pretty damned diabolical and Machiavellian, if the Democrats themselves now say that Biden can’t be trusted with the nuclear codes. It leaves one to wonder exactly just who is the current power behind the Green Curtain.
Who’s calling the shots behind this false front? Some committee chaired by Susan Rice? With directives coming into the Oval Office by messenger from Barack Obama, with, say, Eric Holder, Rahm Emmanuel, David Axelrod, John Brennan, and a few others handing down marching orders on the daily play-by-play?
The day they use the 25th Amendment to remove Biden from office, perhaps even a few of the less Communistic — more moderate [if such an animal exists]– Democrats will realize they got scammed and hustled and could have and should have had Bernie or Ol’ Liz instead. Even they might get pissed off and demand to know exactly how this happened, even though We Conservatives have screamed to the rooftops about the TREASONOUS MEANS AND METHODS That STOLE The ELECTION On His Behalf.
Things will get extremely interesting when they attempt to seat Kamala as the first female president. What a feat that will be, since nobody in the Democratic Communist Party supposedly believes there are only two sexes, male and female, or that anyone should use gender specific nouns and pronouns.
America has been had. But then, CONSERVATIVE AMERICA KNEW THIS ON NOVEMBER 3rd 2020.
Now … What are we going to do about it?!!!?
Justin O. Smith, Murfreesboro, TN