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Democrats Hurting Working People!

Letter to the Editor  Dear Editor: Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the Democrats who follow them are hurting working people by stalling on a new stimulus package. One of my friends has been furloughed from [...]

To the Editor: I’ve been torn about how to react to news of the killing of the 5 year-old little North Carolina boy that’s making the rounds on social media. As he rode his bicycle, [...]


Now, I understand the main issues in the 2020 election! Joe Biden and the Democrats are for mobs. Donald Trump and the Republicans are for jobs. Jobs are always better than mobs! Woodrow Wilcox, Griffith, [...]

Radical Democrats Are “Soft-in-the-Head”

Editor's Note: Trying a little humor with the real problems of today's America... To The Editor: It’s hard to figure. We've all seen thousands of all these people busting up store windows, because they want Social [...]