Days Gone By

by Geoffrey Jones

Everyone has used page markers at one time or another. They are the slips of paper we place in books to mark quotations or ideas that are our particular favorites or are otherwise important to us. They also can mark the spot we leave off in a story.

In many ways we mark our life with similar markers. Everyone who was around when John Kennedy was shot remembers what he or she was doing when the news came. I remember I was going to be in a masquerade party and was trying on my mask. My father came walking in and said “The president has been shot!…” That marker has been in place ever since.

Page markers of many kinds continue on through life. Discovering a favorite author or book is big on my list. I still remember staying up all night reading “The Martian Chronicles” when I discovered Ray Bradbury. In music memories, I remember how amazing Bob Dylan was when I first heard his off beat voice. And I remember how, after I had gotten used to his sound how interesting his complex lyrics proved to be. The first time seeing a great movie, like “Gone With The Wind” or “Titanic” is a fine example. All those emotions we felt on the first seeing made that a great day. 

The day we met our wife or husband. The day our child was born. The day we met our best friend. Each and every one has its own special marker. 

When I think about it our book of life is bulging with these markers. And each and every one is worth returning to at intervals, with appreciation for what we have learned and gratefulness for all of our blessings.!

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