Not too far back, a political figure introduced a concept which stated in its starkest form, implied putting our senior citizens out into dangerous positions, during this pandemic, as potential sacrifices to preserve our economy.

I must say I was proud to see the utter disdain with which this concept was met. Years of computer generated horror cartoons and general dumbing down have still not dulled the human spirit to the point where such eugenical concepts are allowed a hearing.

It brought to mind a classic film from the 1970s

The 1976 film, Logan’s Run, is set in the year 2274. The film depicts a dystopian world in which the remaining inhabitants of Earth reside in a protected, domed city where they live only for pleasure (we are not told what catastrophe caused them to be so quarantined).

They have been dumbed down by computer programmed “Education” to the point that they do not realize their lives are pointless and that all they have to look forward to is a uniform death at age 30 in order to mathematically balance things and avoid over population.

The rules of the civilization have been programmed into a computer (presumably by the now extinct ancestors of the present generation as some sort of “benign” way of continuing the species). Rebirth is handled by laboratory technicians in an artificial way. Real love and family are unknown (the AI left to guard the coming generations has apparently gone amuck and degenerated into the destructive device the film depicts).

The computers give ongoing orders to the populace and the death squads (known as sandmen). The sandmen are the only citizens who carry firearms and they use them to assassinate “Runners” (those who try to avoid the ecologically correct, prescribed death at age 30), and to police the other members of society who must attend “Carousel” on their 30th birthdays.

On carousel, which is shown as a festive occasion, the people are neutralized by massive lasers, killing every last one  (though they have been falsely told that they will likely “renew”  and continue living).

The cheering audience have no real understanding of what is happening before their very eyes. A young woman, Jessica 6, (Jenny Agutter) and a Sandman named Logan 5 (Michael York) begin to have an understanding of things and choose to become runners rather than be “terminated.”

Logan has already been instructed to play the part of a runner by the computer. His directive is to follow runners to a place called “Sanctuary”  and destroy it to discourage future runners.

Running is difficult to accomplish as all citizens have computer identification crystals implanted in their hand at birth by the computer instructed medical teams; these crystals serve as identification plus time clocks to measure the amount of lifetime allowed and tracking devices to be monitored by the sandmens GPS trackers.

Logan and Jessica pass through several outer areas of the city including a ruined area called  ‘Cathedral” (probably a reference to the displacement of religious concepts by AI concepts).

Cathedral appears to be occupied mostly by youthful street urchins. The couple eventually use an Ankh shaped key, taken off a dead runner, and pass through tunnels into the outer world. (where they are greeted by a view of the sun, which they have never seen).

Shortly after they begin their trek in the outside they sight a ruin in the distance, and take this to be the mythical “sanctuary”  (it is in fact, whats left of Washington DC).

Walking there over rough terrain, they finally arrive and find an elderly man (played by Peter Ustinov) living in one of the buildings. Ustinovs character is a sweet old man with many cats who quotes T.S.Eliot  off and on.  He shows them a cemetery and explains the meaning of family terms like “Beloved Husband” and “Beloved Wife.”

The two become fond of the old man and are entranced by hearing his memories of the nuclear family and other earlier value systems. They like the thought of returning to such systems.

A former sandman friend of Logans (Francis 7) follows them to the ruined city and tries to assassinate them but is killed by Logan using what is left of an ancient American flag and pole as a club. While dying the friend looks at Logans now clear hand clock and smiling says “Logan, you, renewed,” (the identification clocks dont work outside the quarantine walls of the dome).

In the final scenes the couple return to the domed city bringing the old man with them as proof that one can live a normal lifespan.

After reentering they have encounters with sandmen and the central computer but succeed in disorienting the computer and unlocking the city.

When the occupants of the city go outside and see the old man they are amazed and delighted at the realization of the larger world.

We are left to conjecture on the rebuilding of society following all this but the last moments of the film bode well.

I leave it up to you to consider parallels in this story with our present-day world experiences.