Program participant David Dean created and displayed his own sign to show his gratitude.


Program participate Dauflin Jordine greeted everyone with a big smile.

Photos courtesy of PaulaVision Productions

Many people with dementia rely on routine and familiarity, which is why the “stay-at-home” directive has been unsettling for them. The Mindful Care Adult Day Services program, of which these people are participants, has been closed for more than a month due to the pandemic and will remain closed at least through May. The nonprofit decided to do something about the disconnect.

“Sonic was the perfect place to meet,” Tom Tozer, Mindful Care board chair, said. “Everyone parked near a speaker and still maintained the proper distance between one another.” Program staff and board members stood on the sidewalk and displayed signs that read “We miss you,” “We love you,” and “Big hug.” Participants and caregivers stayed in their cars.

“It was wonderful to see our people,” Keneshia Sweet, Mindful Care program director, said. “We miss them just as much as they miss us.” The caregivers expressed their gratitude for the outing, including lunch, which was covered by Mindful Care. Nine participants and their caregivers attended the event.

Mindful Care Adult Day Services operates five days a week, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., in donated space provided by New Vision Baptist Church in Murfreesboro.  Its mission is to provide the highest possible quality of life for those with early-onset to mid-stage Alzheimer’s and other memory impairments, while, at the same time, giving caregivers a much-needed break. Participants engage in cognitive and physical activities and enjoy the friendship and socialization.

Please visit There will be openings available on select days when the program starts up again. Presently Mindful Care is closed through May. For more information, call 615-542-4371