Dear Editor:

We are witnessing a blatant, organized attack on America through schools that are teaching our children to hate America.

These “educators” need to be fired immediately. These anti-American Marxists & Maoists within our school systems should be taken out in the back 40 and tarred and feathered.

Those amerikkans so intent on tearing apart America and destroying America’s Founding, culture and heritage and the Republic itself are traitors to the Country and should be viewed and treated as such.

Think You can “compromise” with them? Good Luck. “Compromise” is what got Us to this point. Now what? They see compromise as We surrender, they accept. Where was there any compromise when they were burning down our cities and destroying our communities?

Keep thinking You can win their hearts and minds or temper their radical demands and You’ll be talking still, as their jackbooted storm troopers start running the country through the Democratic Party Communists diktats, with the Constitution laying in the trash in shreds.

So far, we’ve allowed the Communists of this country to use violence, at a level unseen prior to the Civil War, to threaten and intimidate the nation into bowing to their anti-Freedom, anti-Liberty demands that have no basis in anything righteous or “the rule of law”. We have allowed lawlessness to become “the rule”, and as such, we have allowed them to set our nation’s destruction in motion.

If violence is their language – the only language they understand – perhaps Conservative America needs to reply in kind, and soon, in order to stop the further descent into the ever deepening abyss of tyranny currently being revealed.
Justin Smith, Murfreesboro, TN