by Cathy Hinners
So you think the radical freaks and their leftist handlers are going to magically disappear if Biden beats President Trump? Think again. Meet RootsAction. Another “grassroots” group of basement dwellers  that think socialism is the answer. Their goal is not only to vote Trump out, but to start  a campaign against Biden, similar to what the last four years for Trump has been like. “If Biden wins, we’ll be at his door on day one, demanding the kinds of structural reforms that advance racial, economic, and environmental justice,” the statement continues. “But before that, it’s clear what we have to do: This November, we have to #VoteTrumpOut in swing states.”
They don’t want Kamala Harris either, calling her a “political weathervane”
RootsAction has partnered with Progressive Democrats with the goal to assure Trump loses in swing states. Their agenda is clear, as they state this is their pledge: “RootsAction pledges to resist the policies of the Republican regime at every turn, while confronting the Democratic Party’s tendency to give ground to extremist proposals in the name of “bipartisanship.”
With the emphasis on “swing states”, it is highly likely to see protests get larger, with bouts of rioting as the November election gets closer. Currently, RootsAction is looking for volunteers to “bury” Trump in Wisconsin, Michigan and Arizona. Gee, ya think  maybe Kenosha is the spark they needed? Detroit and Phoenix have also had weeks of protests.
Pay attention folks, there is a reason these riots are occurring where they are. As Kamala Harris stated herself, “these are  not going to end”. Wonder if she knows they’ll come after her too!