Scripture Text: Psalm 112 Title: Praise and Blessing!

Question of the Day: What are the blessings that are poured out on the life of a righteous man when he praises God?

Thirty four times in 31 different verses in Psalms the phrase “Praise the LORD” appears, and it appears 42 times in 39 verses throughout all of the Scriptures. When my heart is ignited to praise the LORD often, then what results come to my life in the form of blessings? How is a person’s life described who is richly blessed by God? Verse 1: he has learned to have a reverential fear of God. Verse 1: he delights in God’s commands. So here’s a question we can ask ourselves, what is my attitude when I hear of another command from God that I must obey? Verse 2: His children and grandchildren will be mighty in their country. Verse 2: because of their upright (righteous) lives, each generation will be richly blessed. Verse 3: he will have wealth and riches in his house. Verse 3: his righteous life and the effects of that life will last forever! Verse 4: light will come to all the dark places of life when he continues to live an upright life. Verse 4: he will be gracious, merciful, and righteous. Verse 5: he will become a man who deals generously with others and lends to them. Verse 5: he will conduct the affairs of his life with ultimate justice in the way he deals with others. Verse 6: He will be the epitome of a righteous man whose life will never be moved. Verse 6: his righteous life will always be remembered. Verse 7: he is not afraid of bad news—in fact, he wonders how God will make something good out of that! Verse 7: his heart always firmly trusts in the LORD. Verse 8: his heart is firm and steady in his trust in the LORD. Verse 8: he will never fear until he looks with triumph on his enemies and adversaries. Verse 9: he distributes what God has given him freely. Verse 9: when he sees a poor person, his heart is moved with compassion and he gives freely to them. Verse 9: the effects of his righteous life will last forever. Verse 9: he will be highly honored by his generation.

Wow! What a life this man lives! In this psalm the outline for a godly and righteous man is given and the resulting blessings of God that are poured out on his life. These results are breathtaking—especially in light of the wicked world that we live in and fact that as we look around us, the wicked person’s life is being destroyed through the results of their evil life, as mentioned in verse 10. Wicked people are dumbfounded when they watch the life of a righteous person who lives in the same world that they live in, yet they seem to rise above every trial and temptation and devastating circumstance that life throws their way. And that is all the more reason for a believer to learn to give praise to the LORD no matter what is happening in his life. To praise the LORD as we are instructed to do is to focus our existence, not on the temporal here and now, but on the eternal—and specifically on the eternal God. He is worthy of all of our praise!

Prayer: O God, we give praise to You and to You alone! Your blessings remind us many times a day that to praise You is the eternal occupation of the believer. In fact, as every knee will bow, everyone who has ever lived will, in one way or another, give praise to You. Right now in this life we see godly men and women who have great influence in our world, and we know that it is because of Your blessing—so we praise You. Praise the LORD! Amen!

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