Dear Editor:

(Editor’s note: This is in reference to the pictures in the newspapers of this week’s engagements with protestors.)

This is my department. Proud to work here and call these people friends and co-workers.

Yes, I’m a LEO. But as you can see, we’re ALL just regular people, human beings.  We have the same flaws as all humans. We also have families and loved ones.

Do we have some bad ones? Absolutely! Every entity and occupation does. The priority is to remove them when we see bad.  To hold THEM accountable.

To hold all of us accountable for one man’s tragic misjudgment, misconduct and misrepresentation of the badge is outrageous. It would be like holding all pastors, preachers, priests and clergy responsible for one priest who molests a child.
You get the picture.

What needs to change is how we treat one another. The Covid slogan is “we’re all in this together.” Well, I submit that we’re all in this life together and we should treat each other with dignity and respect.  For those that don’t, we call them out. Fix the problem.

Everything going on around the country is insane and needs to stop.  People are getting hurt. People’s livelihoods are being destroyed. Property damaged. There’s an agenda that some are driving for several reasons. But if all Americans, true patriots who love this country, would come together all this could be a nightmare that’s in the past.

Dialogue.  It’s a start.

Patrick Doughtie, Murfreesboro, TN