Dear Editor:
The City Cafe in Murfreesboro, TN just closed, “due to Covid,” after 120 years in operation. I can’t feel sorry for anyone who committed economic suicide upon the illegal commands of executives in government.
It’s similar to being in a war and watching people die from enemy bullets in the surrounding countryside, and so you say, “well … an enemy bullet might get me, so I may as well shoot myself now.” And so, you pull your .44 and shoot yourself in the head.
And now, the owners of City Cafe have created a “Go Fund Me” account for its former employees, so they might survive better “until the next stimulus is passed next year,” as if their decision to close and those newly unemployed should now somehow be the nation’s concern. But the overarching issue at hand is they are really saying “We need the government to take care of us now,” due to consequences from bad government decisions.
Excuse me … but the only thing these people can do is work in a restaurant? I’m certain there is still work ongoing. As a matter of fact, we know there is. The Big Corporate operations such as Walmart are rolling along never missing a beat, as though nothing has happened, even though they demand you wear a mask to shop their stores. Covid Crisis? What Crisis?
I’ve heard several local news reports recounting that some in the community say they are saddened by the City Cafe’s closing and “it’s almost like losing a member of the family,” and to that I say “What a load of B.S.” I’d be a whole lot more saddened over the death of one of my family than anything of material, inanimate substance. And, at present, I’m more deeply troubled, disgusted, angered and saddened to see so many Americans following Fat Ass Ignorant, Lazy, Incompetent, Lying and Corrupt Bureaucrats off a cliff to their own financial ruin and demise and Helping to Destroy America in the process.
But do I feel bad that these people are losing their jobs and are struggling now? Sure, I feel bad for their situation. It’s never pleasant to see anyone suffer for any reason, especially one’s neighbors and members of the community, and one’s fellow countrymen everywhere.
Bad things have happened to humanity from time beginning, and people didn’t simply give up, give in, surrender and quit hunting or plowing and lay down and die, due to some crisis or disease.
But the left would have us all stay home while more businesses are forced to close, until all America is begging to be placed on The Government Teat and the Communists can take hold under a feeble, mentally deficient “president” Joe, ushering in more of their liberty and soul killing policy and creating an authoritarian hell.
Already, America has seen one in five businesses forced to close from the effects of the First Lockdown. No one will survive if you are putting your survival in the hands of people intent on controlling you rather than truly helping you.
Your survival as a business and your actual physical survival is actually up to you and better served by you. To place one’s survival during any crisis in the complete control of some ignorant, self-serving bureaucrat is to beg for disaster, from a business perspective and an overall holistic perspective as it pertains to life in general.
Your life will be as you make it. Your life depends upon your own individual choices.
If we become sick, most of us have sense enough to get to a doctor, where matters proceed, once again by choices we make, by our own free will.
To put Your life completely on hold over a much hyped virus with a 99.62% survival rate to the point you lose your business and damage your life beyond repair for many years to come is SHEER LUNACY & IDIOCY.
Should New Lockdown Orders Come Down the Pike — No Matter Their Origin — REFUSE TO SUBMIT TO THEM. REFUSE TO COMPLY.
~ Justin O Smith, Murfreesboro, TN