by Geoffrey Jones

Sean Connery had passed away. People whose work has  played this big a part in our lives seem to have already become immortal. Having such news come to us we lapse a moment but then slip back to the comfortable acceptance of his place in the ages.

We remember his role as the sporty James Bond but even in that role he showed his regal Knight like presence so well demonstrated in his “Highlander” character.

One of my favorite films of his is “Finding Forrester.” Another film like Field of Dreams where a J.D. Salinger recluse is suggested. In this film Connery does a superb job of portraying both a crusty and stubborn person laced with gentle understanding and the desire to teach and mentor promise where it is obviously present. Any of you who haven’t seen that film in awhile I suggest pulling it off the shelf for a replay.

My favorite is The Last Crusade! I feel a real kinship here because my father was an historian and part time archaeologist. We went on many a dig and my love of historical mystery all comes from him.

I’m glad for youtube and any other ways we preserve films these days. Tangible is best and DVDs are my favorites.

A good time to replay all our favorites. An amazing person and an amazing actor. We are fortunate to have his wonderful work to keep on enjoying into the future !

Appreciate your comments