Dear Editor:

To those National Guardsmen that chose a side in Nashville last night, your duty is to provide support to our law enforcement.

You are there to ensure they are not injured.

You are there to show a united alliance with those standing on the front lines. However, you neglected your duty, you chose to stand with protestors.

Did you not hear the chants “no justice no peace?” Or “ black lives matter?”

Did you know one of the protestors standing right in front of you was arrested last year for throwing hot coffee on our state legislators on an elevator?

Do you understand while you laid down your shields you left officers vulnerable as they would have had to protect you if violence broke out?

Do you not understand those shields are your equipment, that protestors would love to have to use against you? Who gave you that order? What you did was send a message. The wrong message. If you can not control your ability to remain neutral, resign.

You have just lost respect and trust.

Cathy Hinners, Tennessee