“Slice of Life” is a term you hear quite often. It’s an expression we use, I think, not often enough considering its meaning. A slice of life is a big slice. Largely because life itself is big. Big in scope big in meaning big in spirituality.
I get a lot of ideas from books and movies. I watched a movie the other evening called “Judy Berlin,”  a “slice of Life” Drama about a small town’s inhabitants during a solar eclipse. Somehow the gentle shock of the eclipse loosens thoughts and allows the townsfolk to speak much more openly to each other. They are saying the same human things but in bolder and less inhibited ways.
Sometimes it takes a kind of shock therapy like this to cause us to say the extra things we often talk around. Hopefully we don’t have to wait for illness or the loss of a loved one to play that part.
The main characters in the movie are Judy Berlin herself and a former boyfriend who has returned from California dis-illusioned just as she is heading there to pursue an acting career.
At first the the young man discourages her, but then as they walk, his own imagination takes hold and he returns to a more positive outlook. He begins to see how he can move his own life forward too. Their talk at the train station is a good one. They have gained by finding each other again.
We hold all these qualities, fear, hope, determination at all times. We can’t always expect an eclipse to get us back on the right path. But love and conscience can stand in pretty well. I appreciated being reminded of it.
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