by Geoffrey Jones

(Written in 2015. Interesting to compare with now.)
We’re halfway into 2015 and we see around us, in the news, and everywhere, tokens of what to expect.

Not much different game than we finished up in 2014.
One difference we ourselves can make, however, is to be more aware. We can read the headlines and mini-headlines with a new understanding. We can learn to tell when we are reading a factual news account and when we are being led.

If an article leads off with something like “learned professor explains how Americans have mis-understood freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution..” we can strongly suspect we are being led.

When we actually read the article we can be certain we are.

Often leading articles are sugar coated with concepts of decor, such as one I saw with a title something like ’12 different ways to decorate with old fashioned books.” Books were shown stacked to make table legs. Glued to walls as plaques, under stair steps to kick the backs of your feet against. etc. A new trend is to rip pages from books for decoration. The subliminal message of course, is to illustrate the small value of tangible books in this “modern digital age.”

Likewise we are often reminded by helpful articles how little time we have for “old fashioned” concepts like writing personal letters to each other. The card is forced with wording like “Of course old handwritten letters were attractive when people had time for such things” implying that a good spell check and tablet have the intimate and personal touch beat all hollow.

Education is constantly the brunt of attack by people who benignly claim to be defending it. “The global, digital future will have much less use for old time history, literature, and creative thinking.” “The markets for commerce will be much better served with math skills.” Implying again the “Old fashionedness” of a well rounded education.

These are the sort of things I watch out for, and I take a common sense pill every time I read one. (Needless to say, I take a lot of common sense pills). I hammer away at all this because I need to remind myself of this pattern in modern life that slowly is robbing us or turning us away from our heritage as spiritual human beings. As a new part of our lives is chipped away we must rebuild the damage. Thinking about it keeps me on my toes. I suspect it keeps you on yours, also.