He’s our president now

by: David Horowitz, frontpagemag.com

Yes, Joe Biden – and it isn’t even close. Of course, Biden is widely regarded as an endangered species, a status that serves to protect him from criticism that would be directed at a younger, more mentally stable individual. Even his political opponents are somewhat wary of saying what a catastrophe and menace Biden and his presidency represent. Meanwhile, the whoring intellectual left at the Times and the Washington Post fawn all over this empty suit almost to the same degree that they have slandered Donald Trump for four years as an unrivaled serial liar.

Fortunately, these smears persuade only dedicated Trump haters, who pretend to be horrified because he exaggerated the size of his inaugural crowd. To those not afflicted with Trump-phobia, a politician who can draw 50,000 people on a winter’s night to Butler Pennsylvania (Pop. 1357) is actually insulated from this kind of slander because the reality is clear enough. Trump has the largest and most devoted following of any politician in our lifetimes. His crowd was as large as Joe Bidens are small.

In any case, how is this exaggeration unique to Trump, not to mention sinister? What politician does not inflate their crowd sizes? Trump’s problem was not that he exaggerated. Like any successful salesman, he did. His problem was that he was a businessman new to politics and had not mastered the art of spinning and getting away with it. During the 1960 presidential election, for example, John F. Kennedy was also accused by the press of inflating the size of his campaign crowds. When they asked him how he arrived at his numbers, which didn’t square with theirs, he answered: “Porky [which was Kennedy’s nickname for his aide Pierre Salinger] counts the number of nuns and multiplies by 10.” Situation defused.

The fact this storm of false accusations and cover-ups obscures is that no presidential candidate – no president ever – has been so brazen and malicious at telling political lies as Joe Biden. Before an audience of 70 or 80 million viewers of the final presidential debate, for example, Biden accused Trump of being a mass murderer, of killing hundreds of thousands of coronavirus patients because he “did nothing” to fight the virus. Vote for me, Biden appealed to his audience, because if elected, I will rescue you from the clutches of a villain who doesn’t have a “plan” and doesn’t care how many innocent people die. As president I will change that. I have a “plan.”

This was Biden’s opening salvo in the presidential debate – the “one thing” he wanted voters to remember and take to heart. It was also a monstrous lie. Biden had no plan that would affect the course of the pandemic. He conceded this after the election when one of the first announcements he made as president was: “There is nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months.” No apologies to Trump. No apologies to the people he deceived into voting for him. No apologies at all.

Actually, Biden’s accusation that “Trump did nothing” to fight the epidemic was multiple monstrous lies in one. From the outset, and throughout the pandemic, Trump did not control a single health care policy that would affect infection rates in the fifty states. We are governed by a federal system in which those policies, whether it is mask mandates or business shutdowns, or who gets put in nursing homes, are formulated and executed by the respective governors of those states.

Trump supplied those governors – Democrats and Republicans equally – with record numbers of ventilators, masks, testing kits, swabs and other medical equipment, held daily briefings alongside officials of the Centers for Disease Control, and produced two vaccines in record time which are saving millions of lives. No apologies, let alone thank yous, from President Biden. Just more of the oblivion in which he is allowed to forget he had ever called Trump a mass murderer in order to deceive people into voting Democrat.

While this may have set a new low for dirty political tricks, it probably was not the worst transgression committed by Biden in terms of its impact on the nation’s crisis – the deepening political division between the two parties and the alarming progress towards a First Amendment-free, one-party state in which questioning Democrat orthodoxy is regarded as “domestic terrorism.”

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