Geoffrey Jones
Days Gone By

Five years ago we had a big week for the DNA “Good Guys.” These resourceful scientists announced not one but two important breakthrough . Interestingly enough both announcements came the same day.

In the first story we are informed, glibly, that a group of American scientists had been creatively working with healthy human embryos and had succeeded in altering them in a laboratory so that if carried full term they would be free of certain illnesses. (The illness approach certainly makes the whole thing seem so benign, nothing up the sleeves of these hard working do-gooders.) They really never intended all this as more than an inquisitive experiment; certainly no thoughts of creating future “designer babies” or an elite super race. Farthest thing from their minds. No “Gattaca” and “Logan’s run” concepts here, surely not.

A little later in the day more DNA good guys announced that sad as it may be they are hard at work proving the Bible wrong. God didn’t harshly judge Sodom and Gomorrah. DNA scraped from ancient bones found at digs in the Lebanon area “prove” that current Lebanese are similar to the Canaanites. So the work of those wanting to design us to fit their prescribed ideas need not be hampered by any old fashioned Biblical notions of morals and ethics. It’s all disproven by modern science, they imply. They trust the science.

They are forgetting perhaps that archaeological digs also discovered the ruin of Numeira near the dead sea which WAS definitely burned to a crisp thousands of years ago leaving bodies buried where they fell and undoubtedly igniting nearby brimstone deposits. These would have caught fire as a result of the flames and explosions that destroyed that spot. It’s pretty obvious these people want to have their cake and eat it too, by appearing good guys while their vile work goes on, but I must say that the way they release news stories their agenda is pretty clearly showing.